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HTML Introduction, What is HTML

HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language, It’s a Predominant set of Markup tags which used to create design of web pages.

HTML is relatively easy to learn, because of every tag is predefined, and you only need to know the work of tags and its attributes.

How to write and run an HTML

  • Web browsers  (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) is a software to read HTML and display as design output.
  • You can write HTML in any simple editor like Notepad, professionally Adobe Dreamweaver and Sublime Text is used for HTML writing and editing.If you are not using Windows, you can use a similar simple text editor. for example, Pico in Linux or TextEdit in Mac.
  • .html or .htm is the extension of an HTML file.
  • To view HTML design output, you have to open it on web browser.

Online HTML Editor

Run code button available in all examples, you can use it to execute code and view output. Or you can use Online HTML Editor directly to write and run your HTML code online.

HTML Document Example


<title>Title of Page</title>

<h2>This is page heading.</h2>
<p>This is first <strong>paragraph



  • The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration specifying document is using HTML 5
  • The <html> element is main initial element of an HTML document
  • The content between <head> and </head> are the meta information about an HTML document
  • The <title> element used to specifies a title for an HTML document
  • The content between <body> and </body> tag is the visible page content
  • The <h1> element is an large heading of webpage
  • The <p> element is an paragraph text
  • The purpose of the <strong> tag is to define an HTML element that should be displayed as bold.

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