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Emailing in CakePHP


public function signUp(){ # ... the rest of your code



public function signUp(){ # ... the rest of your code


static App::uses(string $class, string $package)

Classes are lazily loaded in CakePHP, however before the autoloader can find your classes you need to tell App, where it can find the files. By telling App which package a class can be found in, it can properly locate the file and load it the first time a class is used.

Some examples:

App::uses('PostsController', 'Controller');
App::uses('AuthComponent', 'Controller/Component');
App::uses('MyModel', 'Model');

So basically the second param should simply match the folder path of the class file in core or app.

Ps. give Mark some credits. I didn't notice that the answer was already given in the comments.

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