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Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
I recently stumbled upon the same issue. JavaScript works in IE but not in my C# webbrowser component. The solution was to check HKLMSecurityInternet ExplorerMSHTML registry key. It must be 0 to allow javascript inside webbrowser! Now my code checks and changes this reg key to zero (if not alreday 0) and then calls InitializeComponents(). The key will change the behaviour of the webbrowser in another way too: the arrow keys now do not move the focus from link to link but they scroll the webbrowser view. Hope that helps you too. EDIT: here is a code sample: using System; using System.Linq; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Text; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace WebBrowser { public partial class

Categories : C#

what would be the professional way to get noticed if any field is empty
If you can put fields in an array, you will check them as following var nonEmpty = false; ko.utils.arrayForEach(self.fields, function(field){nonEmpty = nonEmpty || field()});

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Add VB.NET to Visual Studio 2010 Professional
I apologize for my earlier flippant comment, and offer you http://download.cnet.com/Microsoft-Visual-Studio-2010-Professional/3000-2212_4-10618634.html

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Issue Using Flex SDK in Flash Professional (for as3corelib)
Don't know whether you got this one licked or not, but I hit the same thing. Love the library, hate the error messages. I downloaded the Flex SDK from here: Adobe Flex SDK Download Then, I unzipped that into a temporary folder. Then, since I didn't want the whole flex framework lurking about, I created a ./lib directory inside the directory where the .fla file lives. I then moved these swcs from here (Inside the unzipped file structure): mv ~/Downloads/flex_sdk_4.6/frameworks/libs/framework.swc ./lib mv ~/Downloads/flex_sdk_4.6/frameworks/libs/core.swc ./lib mv ~/Downloads/flex_sdk_4.6/frameworks/libs/mx/mx.swc ./lib Not sure why all three were required, but it stopped the compiler complaining (and got the date conversions working). You need to add them to the .fla's library list

Categories : Actionscript

ios application not published using adobe flash professional cc on mac
For a quick solution you can try using IfunBox with install IPA on a non jailbreack phone. By the way i had the same probrem, I was unable to instal my IPA on a non Jailbreack phone but wen i upload to Apple every thing goes fine! One of the reasons of the intalation fail could be that u didnt mach the license id and software name wen um create the IPA.

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flash professional cs 6 include XML file in published swf
Instead of using external XML files you could just create XML variables inside your game code. See the first two examples here about creating an XML object from an XML: Initializing XML variables

Categories : Xml

C# How to Detect excel 2003 professional edition is installed?
Check this in registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp Paths or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp Paths Version numbers are: 7.0 -97 8.0 - 98 9.0 -2000 10.0 -2002 11.0 -2003 12.0 -2007 14.0 -2010 You can also check here: HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftVERSIONCommonInstallRoot Where VERSION is the version of Office you are looking for. EDIT: Answering to your comment. You can get the product version (Standard or Professional) by querying the installed software with WMI: ManagementObjectSearcher mos = new ManagementObjectSearcher("SELECT * FROM Win32_Product"); foreach (ManagementObject mo in mos.Get()) { if (mo["Name"] != null) {

Categories : C#

Library linking in Visual Studio Professional 2010
You're not linking the windows sockets import lib. Their library won't pull it in for you. It needs to be added to your linker-dependencies as well. It looks like their library is actually a static lib that expects your program to be linked as a MT DLL. Add ws2_32.lib to your library list on your linker settings configuration (where you added your 3rd-party library).

Categories : C++

Is it possible to write Windows 8 drivers without Visual Studio professional?
Yeah, now WDK requires MSVC 2012 installed before : see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/hardware/hh852362#_System_Requirements. Also now WDK don`t include toolset (compiler, linker, etc) and i think there are no way to bypass this.

Categories : Misc

"Parasitic Combination Inheritance" in Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
The assignment to "constructor" is not mandatory as the assignment to "prototype" is. The reason to do it is that function prototypes usually come with the "constructor" property set by default. It might be useful for libraries that copy objects since you can get a reference to that object's constructor from the object itself. function Foo(){ } obj = new Foo(); console.log(obj.constructor); //function Foo

Categories : Javascript

azure Visual Studio Professional with MSDN offer
The MSDN Subscriber will have free of charge Windows Azure account that worth 200$ per month. it all depends on your usage, you can use all the resources in one day, one week or even with the best consumption use your resources for the whole month, however if you exceed the limit it will not charge you. the Credit card used here is mainly to provide a guaranteed identity. the offer should be for the whole year of subscription. I hope this helps you let me know if you need anything else.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Font Size doesn't work
WM6.5 comes with new Internet Explorer Mobile (IEM) >=6.1.4. This browser is different to the included browser of WM6.1 and before and all the time the browsers on Windows Mobile are very different to browsers on Windows CE. This new browser tries to re-render the pages optimized for mobile view. There are various settings, if you look at the browsers menu. In example Mobile contra Desktop view, font size setable to small/medium/large etc. All these settings change the view of the page. See also http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb416418.aspx I assume best compatibility should be using Desktop mode. Further on there is one registry setting that makes IEM behave totally different: HKLMSecurityMSHTML:DWORD[0|1], see also Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. Changing the setting makes IE

Categories : CSS

Testing(Ctrl Enter) in adobe flash professional CS6 is extremely slow
I have found that there isn't much that can change this once your code base starts growing. You can help prevent it from getting worse by avoiding the importation of unnecessary classes (like using star imports import flash.display.*;). If possible, break apart your project into smaller projects and then compile them into SWC's. Reference them from your "main" project to link them all together. This will save a lot of time as they have been pre-compiled. The above works with vector objects and bitmaps too. If you have large amounts of different text families and dynamic text-fields, make sure you only embed the necessary glyphs as these eat up time in compiling too.

Categories : Actionscript

Trying to create Rails "application" in the Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional book but stuck on one bit
That book you are referring to is using older version of Rails. In Rails 2, the syntax(as you've shown): map.resources :entries, :collection => { :view_all => :get } In Rails 3, the syntax is: resources :entries do get :view_all, on: :collection end Update: Managed to grab the E-book version of second edition of the book and yes the second edition is using Rails 2.3.2. I think you should work on to find a newer book for yourself since you're using Rails 3 (based on the tag in question). To get an understanding of routes, I think Rails Routing from the Outside In document is pretty verbose.

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Install Web Performance and Load Test Project Template into Visual Studio Professional 2012
I believe you cannot do that. Web performance and load tests are only available within Visual Studio Ultimate edition. See http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/eng/products/compare In summary, there are five version of Visual Studio Express, the free version. Limited in functionality. Does not support extensions. Professional, has most of the development tools. Premium, adds Coded UI testing Ultimate, adds web performance and load testing. Test professional, has some test tools but no development tools.

Categories : Visual Studio

How to bring Classic Text From Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Flash Professional?
I must be doing something wrong because the people at Adobe really cannot be that dumb to force developers to do this every time you move graphics from Illustrator to Flash Pro Haha. Good joke. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stupid things that Adobe software does. In my role I do a lot of Flash banners, and the designers use Fireworks. I've done 500+ banners since starting work and almost every single one has needed the text fields to be readjusted once they're imported. The line and letter spacing is never the same, the size doesn't translate correctly, etc. If you don't actually need to the text to be editable, you could consider outlining it before you import it. This way, you'll have the same result when you copy and paste it. This may not be the best solution

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