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Should this be done with bash script or automator or applescript?

The last line in your script sudo reboot now would make any sort of loop meaningless.

However, if you insist, use may a loop:

fpath=$(dirname "$0")

for i in {2000119..3000119}; do
  sudo nvram tbt-options=4
  sudo /usr/sbin/bless -mount / -firmware "$fpath/ThorUtilDevice.efi"
-payload "$fpath/$ee_image" -options "-o -ej 1 -blast
  sudo reboot now

This would loop through mlr-2000119.bin to mlr-3000119. You can also consider passing an argument to the script in which case you can use your original script with the ee_image line as


and invoke bash /path/to/your/script.sh 2000119

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