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Requests.exceptions.SSLError: Errno 185090050

The requests module (or actually urllib3 below it) fails to open the CA certificates file.

If you don't want to verify the server's certificate, you can change the call to:

r2 = requests.get('https://www.hitbox.tv/api/chat/servers', 
                  timeout=timeoutDefault, verify=False)

If you care about certificates (and you should), make sure that CA certs file is bundled with your application. According to the requests documentation:

You can also pass verify the path to a CA_BUNDLE file for private certs. You can also set the REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE environment variable.

Requests can also ignore verifying the SSL certificate if you set verify to False.

See here: http://docs.python-requests.org/en/latest/user/advanced/#ssl-cert-verification

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