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How to prevent reloading of a page after clicking on a hyperlink but redirect to that page and work out the necessary code written over there?

You can do that with history.js. Here is an example;


<a href="/delete/1">Delete</a>
<a href="/update/2">Update</a>

<div id="content"></div>


var History = window.History;
if (!History.enabled) {
    return false;

History.Adapter.bind(window, 'statechange', function() {
    var State = History.getState();


$('body').on('click', 'a', function(e) {

    var urlPath = $(this).attr('href');
    var Title = $(this).text();
    History.pushState(null, Title, urlPath);
    return false;

You can see code here: jsfiddle code

You can see demo here: jsfiddle demo

Note: Urls in example cannot be found. You need to update it according to your needs. This simply, loads content in href without refreshing your page.

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