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408 Request Timeout Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client
I just fixed it now using the below links http://buddypress.org/support/topic/bp-default-sidebar-login-not-working/#post-166903 http://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5080 bp-default theme itself having this issue in current buddypress version 1.8.

Categories : Wordpress

Why doesn't requests.get() return? What is the default timeout that requests.get() uses?
What is the default timeout that get uses? I believe the timeout is None, which means it'll wait (hang) until the connection is closed. What happens when you pass in a timeout value? r = requests.get( 'http://www.justdial.com', proxies={'http': ''}, timeout=5 )

Categories : Python

Python GAE Requests not returning cookies after get request
I tried urlfetch it seems to be showing the cookie headers: import logging from google.appengine.api import urlfetch response = urlfetch.fetch(url) logging.info(response.headers)

Categories : Python

Bad Request (400) error while trying to access REST API using requests in python
auth argument is to set Authorization header (basic http authentication by default). The API expects credentials in the body: r = request.post(url, data=xml, headers={'Content-Type': 'application/xml'}) where xml=b"<authCommand><userID>sdm@company.com</authCommand>...".

Categories : Python

Print a formatted POST request URL using Python requests
You can add the following to print out debug info about all your requests: import logging logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG) You'll get output like INFO:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTPS connection (1): <URL> DEBUG:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:"POST /oauth/token HTTP/1.1" 200 None If you want to print other information, you can print out the objects you're passing in or implement some of the requests event hooks.

Categories : Python

Uploading multiple files in a single request using python requests module
Multiple files with different key values can be uploaded by adding multiple dictionary entries: files = {'file1': open('report.xls', 'rb'), 'file2': open('otherthing.txt', 'rb')} r = requests.post('http://httpbin.org/post', files=files)

Categories : Misc

How to set timeout for http.Get() requests in golang?
A quick and dirty way: http.DefaultTransport.(*http.Transport).ResponseHeaderTimeout = time.Second * 45 This is mutating global state w/o any coordination. Yet it might be possibly okay for your url fetcher. Otherwise create a private instance of http.RoundTripper: var myTransport http.RoundTripper = &http.Transport{ Proxy: http.ProxyFromEnvironment, ResponseHeaderTimeout: time.Second * 45, } var myClient = &http.Client{Transport: myTransport} resp, err := myClient.Get(url) ... Nothing above was tested.

Categories : Http

Google translate API (Paid Api) Request Error for few requests randomly while sending multiple request in Asp.net
Increase quota of Google Translator API by increasing characters/second/user Limit. https://code.google.com/apis/console/#project:149xxxxxxx84:quotas

Categories : C#

Timeout issue for long requests on ajax POST
It looks like on your local network to external azure site, you are going out through a proxy/gateway server. Does your company have any block-lists or white-lists for allowed/disallowed websites that might be intercepting and blocking the request?

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

Restkit RKObjectManager requests timeout when downloading a lot of files
Set the maximum number of concurrent operation on the queue to some reasonable value like 5. [objectManager.HTTPClient.operationQueue setMaxConcurrentOperationCount:5]; (before you start any requests)

Categories : IOS

python-requests returning unicode Exception message (or how to set requests locale)
You can try os.strerror, but it would probably return nothing or the same non-English string. This hard-coded English was scraped from here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/819124 ENGLISH_WINDOWS_SOCKET_MESSAGES = { 10004: "Interrupted function call.", 10013: "Permission denied.", 10014: "Bad address.", 10022: "Invalid argument.", 10024: "Too many open files.", 10035: "Resource temporarily unavailable.", 10036: "Operation now in progress.", 10037: "Operation already in progress.", 10038: "Socket operation on nonsocket.", 10039: "Destination address required.", 10040: "Message too long.", 10041: "Protocol wrong type for socket.", 10042: "Bad protocol option.", 10043: "Protocol not supported.", 10044: "Socket type not supported.",

Categories : Python

How to limit download rate of HTTP requests in requests python library?
There are several approaches to rate limiting; one of them is token bucket, for which you can find a recipe here and another one here. Usually you would want to do throttling or rate limiting on socket.send() and socket.recv(). You could play with socket-throttle and see if it does what you need. This is not to be confused with x-ratelimit rate limiting response headers, which are related to a number of requests rather than a download / transfer rate.

Categories : Python

GetWebResponse() throws timeout exceptions after a few requests on Mono/Linux
I would try these possible alternatives to try to solve the problem: Upgrade Mono to 3.0.x. There have been a lot of fixes in the last months around WebRequests. If the above doesn't help, try Mono 3.2 (as it defaults to use a new garbage collector, much faster, called SGEN). If the above doesn't help, build your own Mono (master branch), as this important pull request has been merged recently. If the above doesn't help, use the "--server" flag when calling your mono executable (this feature is only available in the last version of mono, which you need to compile from the master branch). If all the above doesn't help, then CC yourself in this bug, as I think I'll have time in August to implement a fix for it, and maybe it helps you.

Categories : Linux

Consecutive requests with python Requests.Session() not working
In the lastest version of requests, he sessions object is with Cookie Persistence, look the requests Sessions ojbects docs. So you don't need add the cookie artificialy. Just import requests s=requests.Session() login_data = dict(userName='user', password='pwd') ra=s.post('http://example/checklogin.php', data=login_data) print ra.content print ra.headers ans = dict(answer='5') r=s.post('http://example/level1.php',data=ans) print r.content Just print the cookie to look up wheather you were logged. for cookie in s.cookies: print (cookie.name, cookie.value) And is the example site is yours? If not maybe the site reject the bot/crawler ! And you can change your requests's user-agent as looks likes you are using a browser. For example: import requests s=requests.Session() headers

Categories : Python

Connection Timeout - Get Request
You are probably over the request limit (cf. https://developers.google.com/maps/faq?hl=en#usagelimits). Try registering a an API key.

Categories : Google Maps

Node.JS HTTP Request Timeout
You could just subscribe to your own "runAgain" event that you are emitting, maybe keep a counter around or something: self.madeSecondaryRequest = false; self.on("runAgain", function() { if(!self.madeSecondaryRequest) { console.log("Hey I could make my request again!"); self.madeSecondaryRequest = true; } });

Categories : Node Js

timeout handling with web request using async await
The easiest way to do async HTTP requests is to use HttpClient rather than WebRequest, and HttpClient has a Timeout property you can set.

Categories : C#

Ruby - increasing proxy request timeout
When you call get_response on the Proxy(HTTP) class, you get a Net::HTTPResponse instance, and it doesn't respond to start or open_timeout=. Use Net::HTTP::Proxy to create an proxied HTTP class, create an instance of that class, and then modify the timeout settings on that instance. And then you can use the instance to fetch contents from behind a proxy. proxy_http = Net::HTTP.Proxy(proxy_ip, proxy_port).new(uri.host) proxy_http.open_timeout = 5 proxy_http.read_timeout = 10 response = proxy_http.get(uri.path)

Categories : Ruby On Rails

How to debug a Heroku request timeout error
you can try sending request to site(www.goodwordlabs.com) from heroku console. Run heroku console with this heroku run rails console or try sending request with same parameters from Curl of terminal

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Azure ASP.NET MVC: avoiding ~3 minute Request Timeout?
You could try to increase the execution timeout in the web.config. The following changes the timeout to 1 hour (3600 seconds): <system.web> <httpRuntime executionTimeout="3600" /> The default is 110 seconds

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

Socket read timeout on ajax request: any workaround?
I thought about it for a while and since I cannot in any way increase this timeout (sysadmin said no), I had to resign and go for another option : recursive ajax call. Here is the code. Controller: public function myajaxAction() { $request = $this->getRequest(); $turn = $request->getParam('turn'); $myModel = new MyModel(); $someData = $myModel->fetchAll(null, null, 50, $turn * 50); $response = array(); foreach ($someData as $dataElement) { $result = call_to_remote_client($dataElement['ID']); $response[] = $result; } $this->_helper->layout()->disableLayout(); $this->_helper->viewRenderer->setNoRender(true); echo json_encode($response); } Ajax call: var recurseajax = function(turn) { $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: '/myzend/a

Categories : PHP

node.js http-proxy how to set timeout and a handler on request
You may want to try this : proxy.on('error', function(err, preq, pres){ pres.writeHead(500, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain' }); pres.write("An error happened at server. Please contact your administrator."); pres.end(); });

Categories : Node Js

How to set a server side request timeout in CXF/Spring Servlets?
It's possible by using HTTPClientPolicy and setReceiveTimeout method. Here you can find details information how to configure it on a server side.

Categories : Spring

Google Docs Viewer - File Request Timeout
If its PDF only, you can also just use pdfjs from Mozilla directly. Then you should check your URL encoding. If the issue remains, check out https://code.google.com/p/google-api-php-client/ for converting your docs in-place. Opening them with pdfjs is still recommended to bypass Google-Doc-Viewer problems, at least that is how I could get this working properly.

Categories : Joomla

Can I set a timeout and number of retries on a specific pipeline request?
With the configuration file I use Spray 1.2.0 in an Akka system. Inside my actor, I import the existing Akka system so I can use the default Akka configuration file. implicit val system = context.system import context.dispatcher val pipeline: HttpRequest => Future[HttpResponse] = sendReceive Now you can change the configuration in application.conf. spray.can.host-connector { max-connections = 10 max-retries = 3 max-redirects = 0 pipelining = off idle-timeout = 30 s client = ${spray.can.client} } In code It is possible to change the settings in code using the HostConnectorSetup, but you have to define all parameters. (Based on the spray usage example.) val pipeline: Future[SendReceive] = for ( Http.HostConnectorInfo(connector, _) <- IO(Http) ? Htt

Categories : Scala

Heroku H12 Request timeout when running Ruby Anemone
Can you just run it in the background and send the user an alert when it is ready? I've used delayed_jobs and sidekiq for things like this in the past. Take a look at some of the background job gem.

Categories : Ruby

Android volley - Override Cache Timeout for JSON request
You might subclass the JsonObjectRequest class and overwrite parseNetworkResponse. You will notice the call to HttpHeaderParser.parseCacheHeaders - it's a good place to start :] just wrap this call or replace it and provide your own dummy Cache header configuration object [with your proprietary clientside cache time] to Response.success. In my implementation it looks like this: parseNetworkResponse return Response.success(payload, enforceClientCaching(HttpHeaderParser.parseCacheHeaders(response), response)); with enforceClientCaching related members being protected static final int defaultClientCacheExpiry = 1000 * 60 * 60; // milliseconds; = 1 hour protected Cache.Entry enforceClientCaching(Cache.Entry entry, NetworkResponse response) { if (getClientCacheExpiry() == null) retur

Categories : Android

Long running background thread causes HTTP request to timeout
If I were you, I would do few things differently: See if you want to use a external cache. In the past, I had some success with using Project Voldemort (http://www.project-voldemort.com/voldemort/), there are other alternatives. If you externalize your cache, then, restart of Tomcat will not require reloading of cache. Build a separate application whose job is to load the cache. See if you want to process the request, if the entry you are looking for is not available in cache, by directly looking it from DB. Do not use your own Threads in application containers like Tomcat. Tomcat has its own thread management logic built into it, and creating a user threads is a BIG-NO.

Categories : Multithreading

1 request vs 2 requests to web service from iphone
The first step is to design a web service API. That may sound simple, but the opposite is the case. The "client" never makes such decisions, rather it "adapts". Once the web service API is set in stone, you try your best to implement the corresponding client API on iOS. So, your task at the end of the day would possibly be to send a POST request whose content is JSON: { "member_id": 1234567, "event_id": 7654321 } What that JSON contains is defined by the web service API. Don't bother what the web service is doing with it - just give it what it requires.

Categories : Iphone

making many ajax requests instead of one request
You should see two requests : one for $.ajax() one for load() The most likely cause of multiple requests is that the delegated click handler is attached multiple times. It needs to be attached once, not once per row. You may be able to reduce the two requests to one as follows : var $pard_admin = $("#pard_admin").on("click", ".deleteArticle", function(event) { event.preventDefault(); var $row = $(this).closest('tr'); $.ajax({ url: "../pard_site/view/delete.php", type: "POST", data: { "deleteId": $row.find('td:first').text() }, success: function() { $row.remove();//or similar, depending on exactly what should disappear from the interface on successful delete. } }); });

Categories : Jquery

Optimize a SQL request containing sub requests on the same table
You could clean up the first 2 with this, not entirely sure about the third part, it's unclear what you're after, how can the score be greater than the max score from the same table? SELECT MAX(score) AS bestScore , MAX(CASE WHEN player_id = {$l_playerId}) THEN score ELSE '' END) AS playerScore FROM `{$l_tableName}`

Categories : Mysql

"Network request timeout" issue while using in 3G/2G Connectivity Vuforia Cloud Recognition
You can set time-out like this : HttpParams params = httpClient.getParams(); HttpConnectionParams.setSoTimeout(params, 17000); //Waiting time 17 sec(Time in milis) ConnManagerParams.setTimeout(params, 10000); //10 seconds

Categories : Java

How to use POST request in PHP with FullContactAPI for Batch Requests?
can you try removing the single quotes from the request array. "requests" => ["https://api.fullcontact.com/v2/person.json?email=bart@fullcontact.com","htps://api.fullcontact.com/v2/person.json?email=jigarbhatt30893@yahoo.co.in"]

Categories : PHP

how to detect if a network timeout received is due to the request-endpoint or something intermediate (such as a http proxy)
You should be able to rely on the proxy relaying whatever it gets as fast as possible, unless it is a home-grown program, in which case anything is possible. So you should treat all timeouts as originating from the upstream server.

Categories : Networking

Does PHP Validate Requests Against a WSDL Prior to Sending the Request?
It looks like your question is : You are trying to make a SOAP call though PHP on server side and you don't know if the call is made. If you want to check whether or not the call was made , you may replace the SOAP object with a mock object of yours and within the mock object try to see f the call is made.

Categories : PHP

Asynchronous request multiple URLs, and most requests are timed out
Not exactly an answer, but if you have .net 4.5 and VS2012 you can use async await, which is much cleaner. The code would be... var tasks = from url in URLs let request = WebRequest.Create(url) select request.GetRequestStreamAsync(); Stream[] results = Task.WaitAll(tasks); However this isn't a very good way to write code. You should process your streams as quickly as possible, as Windows should limit the number of Http streams your program can have open at the same time.

Categories : C#

Additional requests for images after jQuery ajax request
the task is simple: to load one div from another site and append it to a current website. This is problem number 1. You cannot load content from a 3rd party domain. This is a security feature of all browsers known as the Same Origin Policy.

Categories : Jquery

magento: PayPal NVP gateway errors: Timeout processing request (#10001: Internal Error)
This seems to have been related to the security credentials between Payapal Checkin and Paypal Express Checkout not being set correctly. The error is not appearing anymore after fiddling with the security credentials, and turning sandbox mode off. Hope this helps someone some day.

Categories : Magento

How to convert http Web Request to asynchronous requests using aysnc and await
The absolute easiest way is to replace HttpWebRequest with HttpClient. You'll also want to use an asynchronous method signature: public static async Task<string> LogInAsync(string email, string password)

Categories : C#

Sending one AJAX request, but receiving multiple requests on the controller side
You have multiple rows but assign only one unique ID to bind to? Look in to using classes instead of IDs. IDs should be unique (only one "delete" on the entire page, not one per row). Chances are your biding is getting confused and firing twice because the IDs aren't unique. Also, I'm coming to this conclusion because your binding is $('#delete').click(...) and you only reference id in your AJAX call and not iterate over a collection of ids. Otherwise, a checkbox--per-line would have some form of iterator and multiple AJAX calls (or at the very least bundle the DELETE request so it's sending multiple IDs). Having said that, try something like (excuse my creative liberty on the element structure and how I've stored the IDs): <div class="people"> <div class="person" data-id="1

Categories : Jquery

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