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remove nginx-naxsi, nginx-naxsi-dbg, nginx-naxsi-ui for v.1.6.0-1

It's ok. I found the solution myself. all I had to do is to enter the following command lines one after another...

apt-get -f install

Then any package that is unnecessary will be either removed or updated.

After that I re-installed nginx "the new version 1.6.0" to make sure things are working fine...

so I run this command to see what packages are on:

sudo dpkg -l | grep nginx

since all necessary packages for Nginx are installed, I had to use this command to remove all at once:

apt-get remove --purge nginx-common

This way all new version 1.6.0 of Nginx are removed!!

I hope this answer is going to be useful for anyone who run into such issue.

Good luck!!

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