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How to make layouts grow and shrink?

You need to create xml files for different screen sizes


design your XML files to use references instead of hardcoded strings. You can then assign a reference to layouts, buttons and so on which has a different value depending on screen sizes. (use android:padding="@dimen/pagepadding" instead of android:padding="16dp" and define the dp in values/dimens.xml like this: <dimen name="pagepadding">16dp</dimen>)

To do that you have to create new folders in your Project like values-sw600dp for devices with 600dp smallest width (like Nexus 7 I believe) or values-sw720dp-land for devices with the smallest width of 720dp (10 inch tablets I believe) in landscape.

Do some reading on the developer page and on the internet for that. It's not too difficult

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