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Installing subversion under /apps other than /var/www/ is not working. Centos Linux version

In the httpd.conf file your Document Root Section probally says

<Directory "/var/www">

Also you can give apache ownership of that directory but only if such is placed in the document root. (If I understand you this may not work for you)

chown -R apache.apache /apps

Apache can access items outside the root but that is soemthing I am not familiar with and you can look into the apache Alias

As the comment under your OP says SVNADMIN should be able to create the repo and you should be able to hit it.

mkdir /app/svn
svnadmin create /app/svn/testrepository
chown svn:svn -R /app/svn

Subversion also is very nice about keeping space low since it only stores revisions to projects instead or brand new versions each time.

Setup Walkthrough - Posted in comments

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