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I want to run a script from another script, use the same version of perl, and reroute IO to a terminal-like textbox

To have both STDIN & STDOUT of a subprocess redirected, you should read the "Bidirectional Communication with Another Process" section of the perlipc man page: http://search.cpan.org/~rjbs/perl-5.18.1/pod/perlipc.pod#Bidirectional_Communication_with_Another_Process

Using the same version of perl works by finding out the name of your perl interpreter, and calling it explicitly. $^X is probably what you want. It may or may not work on different operating systems.

Passing a hash into a subprocess does not work easily. You can print the contents of the hash into a file, and have the subprocess read & parse it. You might get away without using a file, by using the STDIN channel between the two processes, or you could open a separate pipe() for this purpose. Anyway, printing & parsing the data back cannot be avoided when using subprocesses, because the two processes use two perl interpreters, each having its own memory space, and not being able to see each other's variables.

You might avoid using a subprocess, by using fork() + eval() + require(). In that case, no separate perl interpreter will be involved, the forked interpreter will inherit the whole memory of your program with all variables, open file descriptors, sockets, etc. in it, including the hash to be passed. However, I don't see from where your second perl script could get its hash when started from CLI.

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