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What is the difference between misc drivers and char drivers?
Edit: I thought you were talking about drivers/misc drivers, but I see you're refering to character drivers using misc_register (and all the API in drivers/char/misc.c). You should specify this in your question. In this case, the misc API seems to make your life easier when you're writing a small character driver and do not want to need to allocate a new major number only to use one minor number, for example. It simplifies things, but all the file operations are still available using the fops member of struct miscdevice. The basic difference is you only get one minor number per misc device. My previous, unrelated answer was, for the record: Have a quick look at drivers/misc: you won't find any "misc core" out there. This means: misc is not a device class; it's just a bunch of drivers th

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codeigniter drivers
Here's two: http://codebyjeff.com/blog/2012/01/forms-with-less-pain-using-ci-drivers http://www.kevinphillips.co.nz/news/codeigniter-drivers-tutorial/ Driver feature isn't exactly "new" :-)

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Safety of the drivers
You shouldn't be exposing mongodb to the internet. Instead your mobile app should talk to a server app, which, in turn, will talk to private instance of mongodb (not available to the world, only to the server app). And in that server app you can make necessary authentication and checks.

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Which Oracle drivers do I need for ASP.NET 4.5?
The ODAC112021Xcopy_x64.zip might give you the dll's and client you'll need. Take a look at this previous answer for more detail about deployment of the application.

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Difference between HAL and Drivers
From this doc HAL The hardware abstraction layer defines the standard interface that the camera service calls into and that you must implement to have your camera hardware function correctly. Kernel driver The camera's driver interacts with the actual camera hardware and your implementation of the HAL. The camera and driver must support YV12 and NV21 image formats to provide support for previewing the camera image on the display and video recording.

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Laravel Session Drivers?
It's quite easy. Driver defines where session data will be stored. native - session will be handled by internal PHP rutines cookie - session will be stored in cookies database - session will be stored in database (by default in table sessions) memcached/redis - use one of this daemons as a session storage array - session will be stored in a plain array (it's handled by MockArraySessionStorage) array driver means that session is only per request (stored during PHP runtime), and after that it disappears :)

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How to install CUDA 5.5 drivers in FC18?
If you are on 64-bit FC18, and you are having trouble with the RPM method, just use the installer method instead. You can find the CUDA 5.5 kits here. Here is the direct link to the installer. Don't forget the getting started guide. After you've finished with the installer, if it puts a driver version that you don't want on your system, you can go back and re-install your 319.32 driver. Or you can just opt-out of the driver install step when using the installer method. I would check to see if the cuda 5.5 installed driver works before switching back to 319.32. My sense is that 319.32 should be OK with CUDA 5.5, but you may need to find a newer NVIDIA driver that works with your video card and also works with CUDA. The driver that comes with CUDA 5.5 should work with most or all GPU

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Listing drivers in ring0/kernel?
If you REALLY want to write your own code for this, then here's a "Device Driver Information" page on Microsfts website. From that, you should be able to pull together the pieces (it's pretty similar to listing the currently running processes).

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Linux Device Drivers 3rd Ed and 3.2 kernel
I like LDD3. The teaching style is outstanding. I see the most references to that text in SO, LWN etc. I tried just reading it, that had limited value. It was better to get the examples built and running, play some e.g. with scull, then study the text hard to see how the code was really working. But, to do that with modern kernels, you need updated code. I found martinezjavier code built OK with 3.1 kernel (I deleted tty from Makefile, and added simple_open() definition) then life was great. Also I found some nice work from cs.fsu, including online cross-reference. Cooperstein text also exists, and has exercise solutions with multiple kernel versions, but I haven't used this text.

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How can I setup Fluentlenium to run in different browser drivers?
Have an abstract createDriver() function that is overridden by each type of driver. Each driver should return a correctly configured driver, which is then stored, and returned when you call getDefaultDriver();

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VirtualBox - How to write Drivers/Plugins?
The network handling in a VMM ("Virtual Machine Monitor" or "Hypervisor") is typically done by a simple interface that "pretends" to be a network card towards the VM and that is a bridge or switch type interface towards the host's network connection. I suspect you will not be able to easily attach to that, and almost certain that there is no "SDK" interface to it - I haven't worked with VirtualBox, but I have worked on Xen Hypervisor (which is open source, but even then, there's no easy interface to intercept packets in a meaningful way). Your best bet is probably to implement this on the host's side of the bridge or switch interface that the VMM provides. Most OS's have ways to hook into a network flow on the native side for firewall purposes. (I'm still waiting for the SDK document

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PDO drivers are installed, but connection test says otherwise
http://docs.php.net/manual/de/pdo.construct.php says: PDO::__construct() ( string $dsn, ... [...] In general, a DSN consists of the PDO driver name, followed by a colon, followed by the PDO driver-specific connection syntax try it with (edit: fixed Database= keyword) new pdo( 'sqlsrv:Server=websvrsqlwebdata,1433;Database=xxxx', see also: http://php.net/ref.pdo-sqlsrv.connection

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Use precompiled drivers to build aosp
You should be able to use pre-compiled drivers. Even building AOSP for some of the nexus devices requires downloading the binary blobs and adding them into your source tree so that the images are built and able to interact with some of the hardware like the sensors and camera in some cases. So what you are trying to do should be possible. Hope that helps.

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how to configure a database drivers in java automaticaly
You don't need to create a DSN (Data Source Name) to use an ODBC Driver. You can use a) FILEDSN or b) DSN-less connections. File DSNs are where you put the attribute and value pairs which describe the database connection in a file and pass FILEDSN=c:path_to_file in SQLDriverConnect. DSN-less connections are where you pass all the attribute/value pairs required to SQLDriverConnect and it must contain a DRIVER={whatever the driver is called}.

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How can I determine what drivers are available to use with odbc in php (on a linux system)?
You should have a file called odbcinst.ini (probably in /etc or /usr/local/etc but you can locate it with the command odbcinst -j). This file defines your ODBC drivers. Each driver is named within the [] in each section. You might find Linux ODBC useful as it contains a thorough explanation of unixODBC, how it works and how to define data sources.

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how can I run tests using different capybara drivers on different platforms in rails?
Couldn't you do something along the lines of if RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /mac/ Capybara.javascript_driver = :firefox else Capybara.javascript_driver = :webkit end in spec/support/env.rb? I don't have a mac, so I'm not sure what the value of RUBY_PLATFORM should be, but by running puts RUBY_PLATFORM in irb, I'm sure you can figure out an appropriate value.

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macports apache2 install missing pdo drivers
Here is what worked for me: sudo port install php5-sqlite sudo port install php5 +apache2 +sqlite The second line here didn't seem to do anything, but you never know. After restarting I noticed I didn't have imagemagick, which I thought I already had, so sudo port install php5-imagick Now restarting apache2 the "macports" way: sudo port unload apache2 sudo port load apache2 And looking at phpinfo, I have sqlite2 and sqlite (which, confusingly, is sqlite3) drivers enabled for pdo.

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call LAPACK drivers/functions from python
I only have a little experience wrapping Fortran, but as I understand it, the standard way to wrap LAPACK functions that aren't already included in SciPy is to use the tool f2py that is included with NumPy. Some basic instructions can be found at http://wiki.scipy.org/Cookbook/F2Py#head-9c22e0d6fa6b16650feea2c271233a8c47e8d051 You can also wrap it through Cython. Doing it that way, you compile the Fortran file and link against it as shown at http://fortran90.org/src/best-practices.html#interfacing-with-python There it describes how to use either Cython or ctypes to wrap a Fortran subroutine. That particular example is available online at https://github.com/certik/fortran90_question/tree/master/fcython_mesh Make sure you pay attention to how your array is arranged in memory (C-contiguous v

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do I have odbc/jdbc and their drivers installed and configured by default?
I have used just sql server as db by now but never installed and configured odbc or its driver,what is this? I thought you said you knew what ODBC was? Kind of sounds like you are not not sure? An odbc driver is an open database driver connection which is a generic way to connect to most databases. It might work for basic functionality but it's typically best to get a more specific driver type for the database you're using. do I have them installed and configured by default? You usually have odbc drivers by default (I'm not sure what system you're on or even then how it was set up) but the connections are not configured. You can configure them as environment variables in Windows (if that's what you're using) or within your application as needed. Is it always necessary to

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Is there an equivalent of RegQueryInfoKey for Windows Kernel Mode Drivers?
You can use ZwXxx functions in the kernel mode, in particular, ZwQueryKey with KeyFullInformation parameter. This API is quite similar to its NtXxx analogues, and you can use both API set in the kernel mode. The difference is that ZwXxx doesn't perform some access check and parameters validation, and thus runs a little faster. For more information see this article

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Can't debug correctly Windows drivers with Visual Studio
I recommend to forget using Visual Studio for driver development/debugging because, on my opinion, is not solid enough. But targetting the debugging process, it is better to install VisualDDK and then launch vmmon/vmmon64. In the installed application you will find a folder named "target" with an application named DDKLaunchMonitor.exe, install it in the virtual machine (it will create a boot menu option to activate kernel debugging) When you want to debug your driver, launch vmmon, activate the option to launch windbg at vm startup, start your vm and when windows boots it will load windbg and attach to the vm. The install your driver as desired and learn windbg. I know this answer does not solve you problem with VS but using windbg directly is faster and better.

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Connecting to multiple databases using same JDBC drivers performance
Opening a database connection is an expensive operation; if possible you should connect to each database once and reuse the connection for all queries made to that database (also known as connection pooling). It's not clear if this is what you're already doing. Another thing that seems strange is that you have made the openConnection method synchronized. I see no need for doing that, and depending on how your code is structured it may mean that only one thread can be opening a connection at a given time. Since connecting takes a long time you'd want each thread to make its connection in parallel.

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Is it possible to write Windows 8 drivers without Visual Studio professional?
Yeah, now WDK requires MSVC 2012 installed before : see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/hardware/hh852362#_System_Requirements. Also now WDK don`t include toolset (compiler, linker, etc) and i think there are no way to bypass this.

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mongod memory leak inserting documents via C++ drivers
When you call clear, it clears the elements, but might not reduce the capacity. This has been answered here Either Old skool; std::vector<T>(v).swap(v); Note that C++11 has shrink_to_fit which might help, but may do nothing.

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Any test tool for the Linux network device drivers testing
Check SymDrive , AutoTest , Linux Driver Verification and Linux Test Project

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Retrieve all drivers software data in visual basic 2010
WMI is your friend. Here's a simple routine that will provide you with all the information you're requesting from all the installed drivers: Dim objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\. ootcimv2") Dim colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_PnPSignedDriver") For Each objItem In colItems Console.WriteLine("Manufacturer: " + objItem.Manufacturer) Console.WriteLine("Name: " & objItem.DeviceName) Console.WriteLine("Version: " & objItem.DriverVersion) Console.WriteLine("Signed: " & objItem.IsSigned) Console.WriteLine() Next For more information about the properties provided by the "Win32_PnPSignedDriver" object, please refer to: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa394354%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

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How to compile ixgbe network drivers on other linux kernel version
Install the kernel-devel rpm for and compile against the new kernel. In Makefile use the Kernel directory as Usually located in /usr/src/kernels/

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MongoDB - Inconsistent representation of binary data using C++ and Java drivers
There is no difference here. The data is the same, only the formatters that make it human readable present it in a different format. [...] print them using the jsonString() method This is the point, your looking at formatted output: "0x80", "80", 128 and -128 can all mean the same thing. Data is always interpreted according to some convention. In the case of "0x80", the "0x"-prefix is a somewhat widespread convention for indicating hexadecimal notation. "80" requires you to know that the data shall be interpreted as hex string and corresponds to a binary value of 1000000, which, for an integer is equal to the decimal value of 128. If the value is interpreted as byte, however, it corresponds to -128. Your code should not look at the formatted output, but compare to a field or propert

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How does Android integrate hardware drivers provided by the phone manufacturer?
You may have to install the drivers on your own for some devices if you are on a PC. You can go to that phone manufacturer's website and they have a download link. Mac seems a little better in finding the device drivers

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Concurrency in the Linux network drivers: probe() VS ndo_open(), ndo_start_xmit() VS NAPI poll()
Wrt the ".ndo_start_xmit VS NAPI poll" qs, well here's how am thinking: the start-xmit method of a network driver is invoked in NET_TX_SOFTIRQ context - it is in a softirq ctx itself. So is the NAPI receive poll method, but of course in the NET_RX_SOFTIRQ context. Now the two softirq's will lock each other out - not race - on any local core. But by design intent, softirq's can certainly run in parallel on SMP; thus, who is to say that these two methods, the ".ndo_start_xmit VS NAPI poll", running in two separate softirq context's, will not ever race? IOW, I guess it could happen. Be safe, use spinlocks to protect global data. Also, with modern TCP offload techniques becoming more prevalent, GSO is/could also be invoked at any point. HTH!

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What dependency scope for Derby JDBC drivers in intergration scope (cayenne)
To ensure that the Derby driver is available during plugin execution (vs during your code compilation), you need to add it as a dependency of the plugin itself: <plugin> <groupId>org.apache.cayenne.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>maven-cayenne-plugin</artifactId> <version>3.2M1</version> <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.derby</groupId> <artifactId>derbyclient</artifactId> <version></version> </dependency> </dependencies> .... </plugin>

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