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How do software updates for windows work?

Basically there is a server somewhere on the interwebz that the game knows how to find (via IP address or whatever). When the game loads, it connects to that server and tells it the game's current version information, the server responds with whether or not a new update is available and whatever other info is needed. After that the game display that an update is available and downloads the update from that server.

That is the basic idea anyway, without getting too technical.


To put it in a possibly better perspective, think about how you manually update things. First you open your web browser, then you navigate to a URL that you know. Once the page is open you can see their latest download version and check if your version is up to date, if it isn't then you click the link to download it and then update it.

Now think of yourself as the game and the webpage as the server. The same concept applies.

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