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How to hide deleted files from GitHub for windows
When a file is shown as 'deleted' in GitHub for windows, the application is trying to tell you that you've deleted a certain file since you've cloned the repository. You can't hide the files coming up as 'deleted', as they're changes that need to be committed, however, you can untick the files by clicking the checkbox next to the file name in GitHub for windows, which will stop you committing the deleted files to the Git repository. In future, if you wish to stop changes that have been made to a specific folder or file type from appearing in GitHub for windows, you can add a .gitignore file to the root directory of the Git repository, with the file extensions and folder names of the files you want to ignore. More information about gitignore files can be found at https://help.github.com/

Categories : Windows

installing a console application as a windows service in windows server 2003
Now I want to install this console app using the installutil.exe as a service. You need to convert it to a Windows Service application instead of a console application. See the Walkthrough: Creating a Windows Service on MSDN for details. The other option would be to use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule the system to run your Console Application. This can behave very similarly to a service without actually creating a service, as you can schedule the application to run on any schedule you choose.

Categories : C#

Deploying MVC 3 website on Windows Server 2003 with Windows Authentication
What is the version of IIS you are using ? Could you try to force NTLM authentication and see whether it will change anything ? Followin technet article will tell you how to change to NTML http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/WindowsServer2003/Library/IIS/7258232a-5e16-4a83-b76e-11e07c3f2615.mspx?mfr=true. Please backup the server/iis configs before attempting any modifications to the metabase

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

Nodejs on Windows Server 2003
Your firewall settings blocks incoming requests on port 1337 if its not configured. You may have do chances in firewall settings, you need to add firewall inbound rule on this port to allow access to it. Otherwise you may try changing the port to 8080 or 8000 which firewall mostly allows. (updated as per the suggestions form adam-stanley) If you want to look how to add port to firewall on Windows, here is the link

Categories : Windows

Most Efficient Way To Export Access 2003 Listbox RowSource (query) To Excel 2003
Try generating a XML file. Here an example: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/brian_jones/archive/2005/06/27/433152.aspx P.S. About first method. To avoid users clicks you can hide Excel. Also you can speed up Excel (see functions below). Use Prepare() before putting data and Ended() after it or in case of error. Public Sub Prepare() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False ActiveSheet.DisplayPageBreaks = False Application.DisplayStatusBar = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False End Sub Public Sub Ended() Application.ScreenUpdating = True Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic Application.EnableEvents = True ActiveSheet.DisplayPageBreaks = True Application.DisplayStatus

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Detect windows 2003 and XP using batch file
try this: @echo off setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion ::Identify OS for /F "delims=" %%a in ('ver') do set ver=%%a set Version= for %%a in (95=95 98=98 ME=ME NT=NT 2000=2000 5.1.=XP 5.2.=2003 6.0.=Vista 6.1.=7 6.2.=8) do ( if "!Version!" equ "this" ( set Version=Windows %%a ) else if "!ver: %%a=!" neq "%ver%" ( set Version=this ) ) ::Identify bit if exist "%SYSTEMDRIVE%Program Files (x86)" ( set Type=64 bit ) else ( set Type=32 bit ) ::Display result echo %Version% %Type% goto :eof ::Goto right version goto %Version: =_% :Windows_8 echo Windows 8 :Windows_7 echo Windows 7 © Aacini

Categories : Batch File

WPF Visibility Issue Windows Server 2003
You are using different versions of .NET (4.5) on you dev machine, which is only impersontating 4.0 version. It turns out there are some incompatibilities between those two versions (errors which were fixed in 4.5 would not occur even if you are downtargetting 4.0). In my work with .NET 4.0 (which you are using on your 2003 server), I've found that sometimes StaticResource malfunctions in DataTemplates. This issue was fixed with 4.5 release, so thats why you do not get those problems. You should change: EDIT: Following is not working because Converter is not a dependency property. Visibility="{Binding ShowSearch, Converter={StaticResource Bvc}}" to Visibility="{Binding ShowSearch, Converter={DynamicResource Bvc}}"

Categories : C#

Get-ScheduledTask in PowerShell on Windows Server 2003
You'll find all the informations you need about the missing COM object in Working with scheduled tasks from Windows PowerShell. Using Windows Server 2012 you can use Scheduled Tasks Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell.

Categories : Powershell

WPF:DataGridTemplateColumn on Windows server 2003/2008
Finally tested RelativeSource instead of ElementName. And after a day of time wasting worked fine on Win Server!! Solution !!: <DataGridTemplateColumn CellStyle="{x:Null}" Width="85" Header="{Extentions:DisplayName Type=Type:StandardClass, PropertyName=ProductKind}"> <DataGridTemplateColumn.CellEditingTemplate> <DataTemplate> <ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Path=DataContext.ProductKindCollection,RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType=DataGrid}}" DisplayMemberPath="Title" Style="{x:Null}" SelectedValue="{Binding ProductKind, ValidatesOnDataErrors=True, ValidatesOnExceptions=True, Upd

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MySQL Error Number 2003 on windows 8
The server not starting mostly happens with permission issues or installation errors. Please check if there is any permission issues or try to reinstall mysql. Please check the following link for more info Can't connect to [local] MySQL server

Categories : Mysql

Write excel 2003 files from python 3.x
Open them with Excel 2007 and save them as Excel 2003. You can do it with a simple VBA macro, or from Python, without even showing the Excel application to the user. The only problem is that you need Excel in your computer. Here is the VBA code: Sub ConvertTo2003(FileName As String) Dim WB As Workbook Set WB = Workbooks.Open(FileName, ReadOnly:=True) WB.SaveAs Replace(FileName, ".xlsx", ".xls"), FileFormat:=xlExcel8 WB.Close End Sub Here is the Python code: xlApp = Excel.ExcelApp(False) xlApp.convertTo2003('FileName.xlsx') class ExcelApp(object): def __init__(self, visible): self.app = win32com.client.Dispatch('Excel.Application') if visible: self.app.Visible = True def __exit__(self): self.app.Quit() def __del__(self):

Categories : Excel

Installing PHP 5 on Windows Server 2003 - %1 is not a valid Win32 application
Try running PHP directly from command line to see if you receive the same error. If it is, the issue may be that a dependency cannot be found. PHP has a dependency on the Visual C++ Redistributable - from http://windows.php.net/download/ : The VC9 builds require you to have the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 x86 or x64 installed. The VC11 builds require to have the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 x86 or x64 installed. if this doesn't help, run the Microsoft utility Depends.exe from http://www.dependencywalker.com/ to find out what might be the issue.

Categories : PHP

Batch File Cannot Execute command in Windows 2003 server
You need to either change to the proper drive and folder to execute sm first, or call it directly using a full path. In either case, you need to quote the path because it contains spaces. Changing drive and directory first: cd /d "D:Program Files(x86)PHCheck This 7.11ASDABC" sm -reportlic > D:srini est1.txt Using a full path: "D:Program Files(x86)PHCheck This 7.11ASDABC>sm" -reportlic > D:srini est1.txt

Categories : Batch File

New SDK drop... how to instruct git that certain files are moved?
git does not track moves so you can't do this directly. git tries to identify moved files on the fly by looking to see if a file that was added is a lot like a file that was deleted. So just git rm the old files and git add the new files and see what git status says. You can modify the behaviour of rename detection in git log, here's a copy of the relevant section from git help log. -M[<n>], --find-renames[=<n>] If generating diffs, detect and report renames for each commit. For following files across renames while traversing history, see --follow. If n is specified, it is a threshold on the similarity index (i.e. amount of addition/deletions compared to the file’s size). For example, -M90% means git should consider a delete/add pair to be a rename if more

Categories : GIT

Moved Xcode project has missing files from other libraries
you can download the missing file from the link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/au2irnctslcpjih/libz.dylib and paste it in your iOS Simulator folder. I hope it will work .

Categories : IOS

Windows 2003 Server Crash - Now on 2008 - MySQL IBData1 File Shows Default Tables Only
I'm not sure if I actually need to ask, but are you sure you're putting the files in the correct directory? The fact that you've replaced the IBData1 file and you've still got the old users after server restart... As far as I know too, information_schema and performance_schema are actually views built from non-file sources, so won't be part of the IBData1 file. Although I have more experience with Linux systems, I know MySQL is fussy about ownership and permissions of the data files. Also, I would move the log files away from the data dir (while the server is stopped) as the current ones will probably be no use anyway and new ones will be zero-filled on mysql start anyway. If you've already checked the permissions and ownership, also have a look at if innodb_file_per_table is set in

Categories : PHP

Tomcat jar files in sub dirs of lib are automatically moved into lib folder on deployment?
The only thing I can think of is that you have entries in the deployment assembly which causes this. Select the project, right click and select Properties then go to the MyEclipse->Deployment Assembly page. Check the entries and remove or edit the offending entries. If you don't have a Deployment Assembly page then you may be using quite an old release of MyEclipse, in which case, I can't think what the problem might be.

Categories : Java

Unable to make remote connection to Ms Sql Server 2008 R2 in windows 2003 server
MSSQL 2008 has a utility called a "Surface Area Configuration Manager" that actually blocks the TCP port to external network interfaces, by default. Check that out, and I'm betting it will solve your problem.

Categories : Sql Server

sqlsrv error while connecting to mssql server 2008 on windows 2003 server
Two ways to try, first to check if the Native driver has the right version - is your server really a 32bit Version and not 84bit? The other thing is, to check if the extensions are actually loaded. To check that, create a file like "phpinfo.php" and put it in you folder for .htdocs. <?php // show phpinfo file phpinfo(); ?> The easy way is to search for it in the phpinfo-Page with Ctrl+F and "extension=php_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9.dll"

Categories : PHP

Powershell log deleted files
First you will need a log-message type function in your script that will log the message to a .log file. Then chekc if the file exists and if not then create a file. Then just before you delete your file with Remove-Item command you can use Log-Message function to log message to the log file. % { (Log-Message "Deleting File $_"); $_ } Complete script $path = "C: est1" $keep = 3 $strLogFileName = "c: estyourlogfile.log"; function Log-Message { Param ([string]$logtext) Add-content $strLogFileName -value $logtext } $dirs = Get-ChildItem -Path $path -Recurse | Where-Object {$_.PsIsContainer} foreach ($dir in $dirs) { $files = Get-ChildItem -Path $dir.FullName | Where-Object {-not $_.PsIsContainer -and $_.name -like "*.zip"} if ($files.Count -gt $keep) { $files |

Categories : File

Will git add -A keep the deleted files on disk?
asdf will still exist in the commit history. You can still get logs for it, show its contents (from the history), and restore it. If you want to permanently delete the file from your history, follow the steps in this help guide.

Categories : GIT

ant rebuild when files have been deleted
The issue is that the difference resource collection does the difference based on the absolute paths, not the relative paths. And there is no way to make Ant apply mappers to a full absolute path. It is just works with resource names. The solution is to serialize the fileset into a list of strings, make the appropriate change to that list of strings, and interpret them back as files for the difference. Here is suggested piece of build.xml which should compute the correct list of class files: <fileset id="src" dir="${src.java.dir}" includes="**/*.java"/> <fileset id="build" dir="${build.java.dir}" includes="**/*.class"/> <difference id="targets.todelete"> <resourcelist> <string>${toString:src}</string> <filterchain>

Categories : Ant

Undo deleted files in git?
You can do git reset --hard HEAD^ To move one step back in the version history, effectively undoing the last commit including all deletes. If you have already pushed your changes you can instead do git revert HEAD To create a new commit reverting the delete commit, and then push that. This answer assumes that you did commit the changes, and that was the last commit you did. If you didn't commit the changes, Willy's answer is better.

Categories : GIT

ASP Classic function appears to not work after migration from Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008
Have you run the query on the new server as straight SQL and got the correct results back? Have you performed a simple query using that connection string? Can you do a hello world asp classic example on the server?

Categories : Oracle

Do temporary files get deleted even while the app is running?
You will can test it. Create new app, app write data to file and than internal stroge full. When internal stroge full Android delete applications cache directory which app store above 1Mb. If applications cache dir trashed, Android deleted even while the app is running. Otherwise while app running Android never deleted cache files.

Categories : Android

Are deleted files accessible if behind cloudfront
CloudFront is simply a collection of caches close to your users. Each edge location operates independently. By default, CloudFront obeys your http cache control headers. If you set your headers so a file does not expire for a year, the CloudFront will continue serving that file for a year without checking back to your origin server. Since each edge location operates independently, in your example, New York will continue serving the file, but Moscow will the file as deleted (404). As you can imaging this could lead to different users seeing different content. There are strategies to avoid this problem. From the CloudFront docs (http://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/#details): Object Versioning and Cache Invalidation You have two options to update your files cached at the Amazon CloudFr

Categories : Amazon

After using git clean, I have deleted files being detected as changes?
git clean -fd skips over files that match any of the entries in your .gitignore, which I am assuming is the case. So make sure there is no regex matching foo/bar/whatever.txt in any of your .gitignores. On more thing make sure that the foo/bar/whatever.txt is not locked, which could be preventing the cleaning.

Categories : GIT

Fix numbering on CSV files that have deleted lines
If you need to update the count, then you have to read twice and count the number of rows you are keeping first. You can keep a separate counter to rewrite the first column once you are writing the matched lines: import re numbered = re.compile(r'Nd+').match for fn in fns: # open for counting reader = csv.reader(open(fn,"rb")) count = sum(1 for row in reader if row and not any(r.strip() == 'DIF' for r in row) and numbered(row[0])) # reopen for filtering reader = csv.reader(open(fn,"rb")) with open (os.path.join('out', fn), 'wb') as f: counter = 0 w = csv.writer(f) for row in reader: if row and 'Count' in row[0].strip(): row = ['Count', count] if row and not any(r.strip() == 'DIF' for r in row

Categories : Python

Restore deleted files in eclipse
Answer: You can't.. sorry : If restoring from local history does not work, then you are out of luck i'm afraid.. the point of deleting files, is to DELETE them.. not ever needing them back. my suggestion is be more careful when deleting and use a Source Control Management software like SVN or Git, so you can version your files to prevent things like this from happening again.

Categories : Java

Another user deleted migration files
As Marek said, assuming you use version control, you can go back to where those changes were made and revert that commit. If you're not using version control, then I think you just received a great lesson in why you should be using version control :)

Categories : Ruby On Rails

VS 2012 MVC - How does file structure of View files affect access to relevant Model / Controller files?
I'm not clear on this line of code: public ActionResult ResourceType() { return View("ResourceType/Index"); } Does this mean that you are loading the resource type view from the Parameters controller? If that's the case, it's not what you want to do. You want to use RedirectToAction. Edit: you could also supply the model in your existing code using a different View() overload. I assume this isn't what you want, though, since you do have a ResourceTypeController. Edit #2 Based on your comment, I then figured that once those sub views were loaded, their own individual controllers would take over? No, it actually works the other way around. The controller loads the view (and passes the model, if one is required). It looks like you are trying to load the view, and expecting

Categories : C#

Getting deleted users by lastknownparent in windows active directory using c#
Maybe I'm a little bit late but I hope this answer will help. Just replace ADEL with \0ADEL in your LDAP query. By the way, this rule applies to every attribute with dn syntax.

Categories : C#

How to remove quoted deleted files in git repository
I got a method how to solve it, using: git commit -am "done" this way, the git delete all the files that are not staged and do the commit but it is not a elegant way I think, does anyone know how to delete it using "git rm"?

Categories : GIT

Netbeans git plugin shows all files deleted
HI I recently had this issue. I was doing some work on a different machine therefore I had to clone the directory. The problem was that whenever I did this git marked several files as deleted however there was no record of me doing this. Reverting the version or pulling a fresh one didn't solve it as they would be unmarked then marked again automatically. I noticed that the .gitignore file was missing from the directory so I created a new .gitignore file and put it in the project root and everything seemed to sort itself out. As far as I can tell its a bug within the Jgit which is the version that netbeans uses which is slightly different to the official git version.

Categories : GIT

Windows Azure Caching get instance of cache item just before it gets deleted
First of all the windows azure cache is not reliable, we had sort of the same issue, so if you want reliability, cache won't provide you with 100%. Secondly, try to increase "Time To Live" in your cloud instance file, and expiration time I would guess "Absolute". You can do that by going to the properties of the cloud instance and then select Caching.

Categories : Caching

How to recover files that have been deleted from shelf in tortoisehg program?
The best way to do this, as you alluded to, is to go into the .hg/Trashcan and copy the shelf file back into the .hg/shelves folder. Obviously if you order or list the trashcan folder by date you should be able to see which was the one you deleted by accident!

Categories : Misc

remove deleted files from git: Argument list too long
xargs will limit the command length to something the shell won't choke on and invoke the command passed as many times as required. git status | grep deleted | awk '{print $3}' | xargs git rm

Categories : Osx

Textmate shows files in the project folder that have been deleted
As per the comments, this is a git issue, and not a textmate issue. Try this: $ git commit -a -m "git comment" $ git push origin master According to the OP, this will also work: $ git add -A Reference: Textmate 2 Alpha showing references for deleted files

Categories : Misc

Git: How to be sure untracked config files aren't silently deleted
The general rule of thumb, for sensitive information, is: don't put sensitive information in git No matter what policy you are following (special branch for sensitive stuff, or some "git update-index --assume-unchanged" tactic), you always have the risk to push something that you shouldn't. Slaven Rezic mentions symlinks: ln -s config.yaml.$username config.yaml But that requires every user to have a proper config file, plus their sensitive data in it. If that file must get new evolutions, it is hard to propagate them across each user's own config (sylinked) file. The other option is to use a content filter driver. It will, on checkout: read a template config file access the sensitive data from a referential outside the git repo (you define your own policy here) generate a (

Categories : GIT

restore uncommitted files from bazaar which have been inadvertently deleted elsewhere
If bzr status says missing rather than removed, then the files were deleted from disk after they had been added but before a commit happened, I'm afraid. Under these circumstances, bzr revert cannot help you; it will restore the working directory (or part of it) to the state of a specific revision. Without a commit, there is no revision to revert from, because the system has no record of your files. If you have backups for your system, you may still be able to recover files from there.

Categories : Misc

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