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Downloads from China?
Well, I suppose you're talking about Android app/game. As an Android user from china, I can tell you something I know. I don't know whether you know the fact that the google app store is blocked in China by the goverment, and all the legal device sold in market are not allow to install the goole pay market, don't ask me why about it. For those who want to download app from the google offical market, they need to get root authority of their device, and bear the low download speed and sometimes need to set the proxy to get the access. So it's quite not easy for most user to get the app from the offical market. Per your question, there are lots of third part local market exist in China, you can get the most popular from here, and as I know, they are also the largest, and also you can get m

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China to AWS Multi-Master Replication
I have a third option for you: pay for DataStax Enterprise and its integrated Solr search on Cassandra.

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Android Push Notifications in China
in china use other push service,like: pushy(https://pushy.me), igetui(http://www.igetui.com/)、jpush(https://www.jpush.cn/)、baidu(http://developer.baidu.com/wiki/index.php?title=docs/cplat/push)... the google push sometimes don't work. i'm chinese,if you need help ,message to me.

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How to switch to a map that is centered on the China instead of the default set in R ?
Your example picture seems to be centered around 0 lat, 150 lon. The following seems to roughly generate you example picture: library(maps) map("world",orientation=c(90, 150,0), projection="mollweide", wrap=TRUE) For some reason it appears you need to add 90 to your longitude.

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Paypal sandbox accounts for China & New Zealand
Login to developer.paypal.com with your usual account. After login, goto sandbox.paypal.com directly in a second tab/window in your browser. Click on SignUp and select the country/language combinations to create a test account in sandbox env. Once it's created it will be linked with your developer.paypal.com account automatically. Keep in mind - it's little painful process than creating a test account from developer.paypal.com as you would need to provide all the data like address, credit and bank accounts, etc.

Categories : IOS

How to test if google app engine web application will work in China?
I've used http://www.greatfirewallofchina.org/ before, and it seems to work well. Your app will probably not be accessible from China. I get around this by using nginx as a reverse proxy on Amazon EC2. That way I have my own dedicated IP address that isn't affected by other applications. http://blog.magicalhobo.com/2011/04/11/running-a-reverse-proxy-for-app-engine-on-amazon-ec2/

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Finalizing a Cursor that has not been deactivated or closed or database not closed error
When you are done with the cursor, you need to call Cursor.close(). Leaving it not closed leads to memory leaks. E.g.: Cursor cursor = null; try { cursor = getContentResolver().query(myUri, MY_PROJECTION, null, null, null); if (cursor != null && cursor.moveToFirst()) { // moar code } } finally { if (cursor != null) { cursor.close(); } }

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Application gets closed when terminal is closed, how to stop this?
Use nohup to prevent child processes from being killed when the terminal closes. spawn nohup /usr/bin/firefox https://www.google.com/ I assume there's more to the script, since there's no need to use Expect just to start firefox.

Categories : Python

Can I use Neudesic Azure Storage Explorer to access Azure China?
My guess is that Azure Storage Explorer has hard coded URL endpoints for storage. Which when they were all the same, that made sense. I'm ASSUMING that storage endpoints in China are different from all the others. Which would lead me to think that the Storage Explorer tool would need an update to handle the Chinese locations.

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Creating great circles map with R
I see that you index your loop with i but dont include that anywhere inside the loop. I imagine that you want to loop over the rows of your data. So change the index range to 1:nrow(data), and include the index for the row you want do draw for each i. for( i in 1:nrow(data)){ inter <- gcIntermediate(c(data$LONG[i], data$LAT[i]), c(lon_me, lat_me), n=50, addStartEnd=TRUE) ... }

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QML: Communicating with great grandparents through signals
In secondPage.qml you have access to your background element directly because children have access to any of its parents in the hierarchy. Another possibility is to declare a signal in your secondPage component, and then to connect the signal from this component to a signal in your great-grandparent in the onLoaded handler of your Loader. It makes it easier and cleaner if you want your component to be re-usable multiple times in your app without assu,ing what is parent is.

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Great Plains query to get GL codes
The GP back end is not the most stright forward to query as every company is in a unique database. select ACTINDX , ACTNUMBR_1 , ACTNUMBR_2 , ACTNUMBR_3 , ACTNUMBR_4 , ACTNUMBR_5 , ACTALIAS , MNACSGMT , ACCTTYPE , ACTDESCR from GL00100 The above code will give you the GL account listing in addition the the ACTINDX (OID). I'd recommend starting with the following links as a starting resource for more complex queries: http://www.gp-dynamics.com/dynamics-gp-tips-and-tricks.asp http://victoriayudin.com/gp-tables/

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The Great Tree list recursion program
assuming you have a simple tree of 3 nodes B <--- A ---> C walk down the left and right sides, get the pointers for each node, then have B -> C B <- C Since your tree is binary, it will be composed of 3 node "subtrees" that can recursively use this strategy.

Categories : Algorithm

Great Circle Destination formula for Python
I'm pretty sure there's no such thing in the standard library. I'm pretty sure there'd be a python GIS library that have similar functions, but there are many different ways to do this calculation depending on which model of the earth you uses (e.g. spherical earth or ellipsoid earth or something more complex), so you probably would want to check out the source code of the Perl module and translate that to python. If you want to implement it yourself, you might want to look in this page for a formula for Destination point given distance and bearing from start point: http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html It shouldn't be too difficult to translate that formula to python: R = ... Radius of earth ... def great_circle_destination(lon1, lat1, bearing, dist): lat2 = math.asi

Categories : Python

What makes Spring a great framework (features)?
To understand edge of Spring framework over others, you first have to learn Java EE (specifically JSP and Servlets). Earlier EJB was used to create Enterprise Java EE applications, but today 2/3rd of Enterprise applications are created in Spring. If you know both of them (EJB and Spring), then you can compare and understand the edge easily.

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How to draw closed spline 3D (closed curve 3d) through unordered list of points3D. How to arrange points3D?
It sounds like you're looking for the Concave Hull of the data set. Unfortunately, I don't know of any pre-canned algorithms, but the link references a paper that another developer was starting from, as well as some sample code, so maybe that'll help you in the right direction.

Categories : C#

Webgl and three.js running great on chrome but HORRIBLE on firefox
Maybe your graphics card is in our blacklist. There is usually a note about this towards the bottom of about:support. Cards can be blacklisted for various reasons, missing drivers / features, occasional crashes ... see: http://www.sitepoint.com/firefox-enable-webgl-blacklisted-graphics-card/ To enable WebGL, set webgl.force-enabled to true. To enable Layers Acceleration, set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true To enable Direct2D in Windows Vista/7, set gfx.direct2d.force-enabled to true

Categories : Performance

jQuery UI selectable dblclick not firing in IE9 (works great in FF)
Well, I did look in a lot of places before making the above post. Laughably, one of the first posts I looked at contained the answer and I just didn't pick up on it. I basically added: cancel: '.ui-selected' within .selectable({ as directed here: How to enable dblclick event on elements which was binded with JQuery UI Selectable plugin?

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Why does changing the block and grid sizes have such great impact on runtime?
Neither of the grid/block configuration is recommended. The first one is not scale-able because the number of threads per block is limited for the GPU therefore it will eventually fail for larger image size. The second one is a poor choice because there is only 1 thread per block which is not recommended as the GPU occupancy would be very low. You can verify it through the GPU Occupancy Calculator included with the CUDA Toolkit. The recommended block size should be a multiple of GPU warp size (16 or 32) depending on the GPU. A general and scale-able approach for 2D grid and block size in your case would be something like this: const dim3 blockSize(16, 16, 1); const dim3 gridSize((numCols + blockSize.x - 1)/blockSize.x, (numRows + blockSize.y - 1)/blockSize.y , 1); You can change the bl

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Finding the great circle distance between three points using the Google Maps API v3
The following code uses Googles geometry library to calculate distances between points.The locations are stored in this case in an array, but can be obtained from textboxes etc. The distances are given in metres . <script type="text/javascript" src="//maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?libraries=geometry&sensor=false"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var coords = [ [35.733972, -5.881999], [35.734077, -5.881033], [35.736898, -5.877771], ]; function calcDistance() { var first = new google.maps.LatLng(coords[0][0],coords[0][1]); var second = new google.maps.LatLng(coords[1][0],coords[1][1]); var third = new google.maps.LatLng(coords[2][0],coords[2][1]); var distance1 = google.maps.geometry.spherical.computeDistanceBetween(first, second)

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firewall: 2-way UDP communication possible?
Yes this is called NAT traversal (or UDP punch through) and works in a similar way to TCP - the stateful NAT device is aware you recently sent a UDP packet from a certain end point internally to a certain end point outside and for a period will accept UDP packets from the same outside endpoint and forward them to the same internal end point. I always prefer the IETF docs than the plethora of conflicting information out there (including on this site): http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5128

Categories : Networking

how the FireWall knows if the transportation is UDP or TCP?
The header of the packets are completely different, TCP is much bigger for example. A stateful firewall needs to intercept the TCP headers to map the packets to its state table, but also stateless firewalls sometimes have techniques implemented to recognize valid TCP or UDP headers. Most home routers (broadband/wireless) make use of this when you are using port forwarding to distinguish between both protocol versions.

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Fast python GIS library that supports Great Circle Distance and polygon
UPDATE Moving on now to finishing out the other 576 functions in that library not including the two polygon functions that are finished, the three sphere distance algorithms that are done, and two new ones, an angle_box_2d and angle_contains_ray_2d. Also, I switched to the C version so that externs are not needed, simplifies the work. Put the old C++ version in directory old_c++, so its still there. Tested performance, it is identical as listed at the bottom of the answer. UPDATE 2 So just a quick update, I haven't finished the whole library yet (I'm only about 15% of the way through), but I've added these untested functions, in case you need them right away, on github, to add to the old point in polygon and sphere distance algorithms. angle_box_2d angle_contains_ray_2d angle_deg_

Categories : Python

drawing great circle arc with Basemap knowing starting point and a bearing
I think there's no equivalent function for your needs. You could however, derive the lon/lat-values of the end point mathematically (knowing the northpole-referenced bearing) and assign these to the drawgreatcircle()- function.

Categories : Python

C# HttpListener and Windows Firewall
This is because HttpListener is built on top of http.sys which will listen on the port you specified on behalf of your program. I haven't found a way to allow only a single program using HttpListener through the Windows Firewall, but you might want to limit your inbound rule to system components only by: Entering typing system in the field "This program" in the tab "Program and services" Selecting protocol type TCP in the tab "Protocols and Ports" together with the port you will be listening on

Categories : C#

Symfony2 - Logging out of one firewall
Logging out clears the security-context in the session, therefore you are logged out of your second firewall aswell. You should be using roles instead of two different firewalls. ROLE_ADMIN and ROLE_CLIENT - i don't see the need for a second firewall here :)

Categories : Security

C# MYSQL - "Tunnel" past firewall
Microsoft Windows include a firewall which specifically blocks ports. If you plan on using MySQL through a network port then you should open and create an exception for this port before performing the installation. To check and if necessary add an exception to the firewall settings: First ensure that you are logged in as an Administrator or a user with Administrator privileges. Go to the Control Panel, and double click the Windows Firewall icon. Choose the Allow a program through Windows Firewall option and click the Add port button. Enter MySQL into the Name text box and 3306 (or the port of your choice) into the Port number text box. Also ensure that the TCP protocol radio button is selected. If you wish, you can also limit access to the MySQL server by choosing the Change scope butto

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How to add an application as Firewall exception in WiX installer
heat accepts an XSL transform argument to modify its output in any way you need. A simple XSL stylesheet can add an element to a particular File element selected via XPath. This assumes that there is only test.exe in your heat run. If that's not the case, modify the XPath in the match attribute: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" xmlns:wix='http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi' xmlns:fire='http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/FirewallExtension' xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi' exclude-result-prefixes='wix' > <xsl:output method="xml" indent="yes" /> <xsl:template match="//wix:File[contains(@Source,' est.exe')]"> <wix:File>

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How can I log into a firewall first before running fabric commands?
Creating a new task and fabric role should do the trick: from fabric.api import run, task from fabric.decorators import roles from fabric.state import env env.roledefs = {"firewall": ["mybox"]} @roles("firewall") @task def do_stuff_on_firewall_server(): run("some-cmd") You can run this command pretty easily: fab do_stuff_on_firewall_server

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Creating firewall rules using iptables
Yes and no. No because: iptables works by defining how to treat packets based on their categorization into chains (INPUT, OUTPUT, FORWARD, ...) first and only then also on specific characteristics (source or destination address, protocol type, source or destination port, etc). You can never define an iptable rule that does not apply to a specific chain. INPUT, OUTPUT, and FORWARD are the default chains of the iptables system. INPUT addresses everything with destination localhost (i.e. that is addressed to your network device); OUTPUT applies to everything with source localhost (i.e. that comes from your computer). Yes because: You can define custom chains. You can do that like so sudo iptables -N MYCHAIN then you can send packets from both the INPUT and the OUTPUT (and if you like t

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How can I install Leiningen packages behind a firewall?
Dependency Tree In order to figure out which jars your project needs you can do: $ lein deps :tree Which will show you something that is called a "dependency tree". It will look similar to: [clj-time "0.5.0"] [joda-time "2.2"] [clojure-complete "0.2.3"] [org.myproject/some-proto "0.0.1-20130523.145830-9"] [org.flatland/protobuf "0.7.2"] [ordered-collections "0.4.0"] [org.flatland/schematic "0.1.0"] [org.flatland/useful "0.9.0"] [com.datomic/datomic-free "0.8.3862"] ... Installing Jars with Lein One simple way to install manually downloaded jars would be to use "lein-localrepo": $ lein localrepo install [-r repo-path] [-p pom-file] <filename> <[groupId/]artifactId>

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How do I make my program ask for firewall permisions
Basicly, Firewall supposed to pop up automatically (in my programs it did), but if it don't you can add firewall rules programatically, as explained here or here. Also, consider asking Administrator authentication: <requestedExecutionLevel level="requireAdministrator" uiAccess="false" /> Good luck!

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The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly wcf service
The first thing i will do is, instead of returning the full list of candidates i will return an empty list. If that works fine, then it is very clear that the size of the data is a problem. To modify the size play with your binding parameters.

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display login form inside firewall
I finally fixed it, I was just confusing firewalls and access control list. As shown in the question, I had created 2 firewalls on the home page, and in symfony2, you cannot be logged in 2 different firewalls - in no way that I know - In this case, if you want to have the login form inside any firewall page, you do not manage it with the firewall, but with the access control list. # Security.yml firewalls: members_area: pattern: ^/ provider: <any_working_entity-based_provider> anonymous: ~ # To allow unauthenticated users to access the firewall --> The login form form_login: login_path: / check_path: /login_check post_only: true default_target_path: / use_referer: false logou

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Add firewall rules to a vApp Network with PowerCli 5.1
I found the answer, here is is for anyone else who needs it. $vAppNet = Get-CIVAPP 111 | Get-CIVAppNetwork vApp_Network $vApp = Get-CIVAPP 111 $networkConfigSection = (Get-CIVapp 111).extensiondata.GetNetworkConfigSection() $vAppNetwork = $networkConfigSection.NetworkConfig | where {$_.networkName -eq "vApp_Network"} $fwService = New-Object vmware.vimautomation.cloud.views.firewallservice $fwService.DefaultAction = "drop" $fwService.LogDefaultAction = $false $fwService.IsEnabled = $true $fwService.FirewallRule = New-Object vmware.vimautomation.cloud.views.firewallrule $fwService.FirewallRule += New-Object vmware.vimautomation.cloud.views.firewallrule #First Rule $fwService.FirewallRule[0].isenabled = $true $fwService.FirewallRule[0].description = "Allow all outgoing traffic" $fwServic

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Can't update/install using composer behind a corporate firewall
I confirm being able to clone/pull/push a GitHub repo behind a firewall. And you do need https_proxy in addition of http_proxy: set http_proxy=http://<login_internet>:<password_internet>@aproxy:aport set https_proxy=http://<login_internet>:<password_internet>@aproxy:aport set no_proxy=.company (the no_proxy part is there to avoid using the proxy for internal url, internal to the company)

Categories : PHP

php can only access from local machine, it does not result from firewall
nginx is only listening to localhost server_name localhost; you need to change that to either server_name *; or server_name youraddress.com;

Categories : PHP

Forward ssh protocol via ssh tunnel | corporate firewall
Disclaimer: If this kind of connection is allowed ask your security people to enable it for you. If it is not allowed and you nevertheless use some tunneling to circumvent the security concept of your company you will get a lot of trouble! Be warned. You already managed to get to your router. In this case I would use ProxyCommand ssh router nc -w1 %h %p in your .ssh/config. This will first open a ssh connection to you router and connect to the actual target host and then start the actual ssh connection. Also git should work with this kind of setup.

Categories : GIT

Jenkins Slave port number for firewall
We had a similar situation, but in our case Infosec agreed to allow any to 1, so we didnt had to fix the slave port, rather fixing the master to high level JNLP port 49187 worked ("Configure Global Security" -> "TCP port for JNLP slave agents"). TCP 49187 - Fixed jnlp port 8080 - jenkins http port Other ports needed to launch slave as a windows service TCP 135 139 445 UDP 137 138

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Symfony2 lock full site with firewall
You need to add an catch-all firewall that requires authentication, like this: - { path: ^/, roles: ROLE_ACTIVE_USER } That will make all pages that aren't explicitely listed to be accessible without authentication (i.e. with IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY) inaccessible. However, since you didn't list your homepage yet, you'll need to add that too. - { path: ^/$, roles: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY } Make sure to put it above the catch-all entry, as Symfony processes entries from top to bottom, and stops when it found a matching entry.

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