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WebStorm and PHPStorm debug php and js at same time
Solution: As LazyOne suggested I should use "zero configuration" option inside PhpStorm, complete instructions at jetbrains/... Below is a description of the steps: Install Xdebug (sudo apt-get install php5-xdebug) Add inside /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini the lines: [Xdebug] zend_extension=/usr/lib/php5/20100525+lfs/xdebug.so xdebug.remote_enable=1 xdebug.remote_host=localhost xdebug.remote_port=9000 restart apache: "service apache2 restart" check Xdebug is enabled "php --version" should show "with xDebug vx.x" Toggle the “Listen debugger connections” button., this will listen for incoming connections to the test.php script Set a breakpoint in the test.php source code Activate the xdebug debugger, to do this we need to set a special GET/POST or COOKIE paramete

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WebStorm debug mode doesn't hit breakpoints
I have the same situation as yours, except that I'm building my app using Backbone.js and RequireJs and the app is running on localhost. My app can run in debug mode in Chrome but the breakpoints cannot be hit. I solve the problem by mapping the Remote URL and my local directory. You can define this in your JavaScript debug configuration profile in the Run->Edit Configurations. You can refer to this wonderful tutorial: Debugging your JavaScript app using WebStorm. Happy debugging!

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How do you set up Webstorm 6.0 to breakpoint debug a nodejs application?
I use webstorm and it's great. Having looked at that documentation, I agree. If you're just starting out, you don't need all the remote and attach to existing processes options. The easiest option would be to rightclick on your main js file and choose debug. Setting breakpoints is the same as in most editors these days, just click left of the line. If you don't get the debug option when you right click then you need to make a run/debug configuration which sounds worse than it is. Select "Run" -> "Edit configurations". Click the plus sign. Choose "Node.js" Click on the browse ... button on the Path to Node App js file and choose the file you want to debug Click Ok. Click on the bug!

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WebStorm - Node.JS project
it's not currently supported - please vote for WEB-1173 and WEB-8333

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Webstorm don't recognize node.js third party modules
It seems that the '..params' module is exporting a constructor function that constructs an object which has kioskParams as an attribute. And the constructor itself doesn't have an attribute called kioskParams. It can be easier understood if you write it like this: var SyParams = require('../params'); // The module exports a constructor ... var syParams = new SyParams(); // You construct the actual object syParams.kioskParams; //Then you access its members

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How to debug Json between Local IIS Website and Local
Let's back up. Fiddler's a proxy server; it sees all of the traffic that is sent to it. Generally speaking (unless you're using it as a Reverse Proxy) you never want to configure Fiddler to run on port 80; instead leave it up at port 8888 where it runs by default. You instead configure your client to proxy its traffic through Fiddler. Now, what "reading around on the Internet" did you do that caused you to modify your machine.config or web.config file (you didn't mention which you edited)? If your goal is to watch traffic with Fiddler, you need to point the ASP.NET proxy settings at Fiddler, not at whatever "PH.api" is (e.g. use "" and set bypassOnLocal to false). The further complexity arises in that System.NET bypasses the proxy for any request to "localhost" or "127.0.0

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MVC CDN Bundle not using local copy in debug
Ok, I've found the answer to this. I have removed this line from my code. BundleTable.EnableOptimizations = true Now when running with debug=false in my web.config, Bundling is enabled and the Cdn is used. An unexpected side-effect (unexpected to me at least) of setting debug back to debug=false with EnableOptimizations = false is that bundling is also ignored. It would be nice to be able to keep Optimizations enabled in debug mode but to disable CDN requests. Does anyone if this is possible?

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How Can I debug Classic ASP in Visual Studio 2010 with out local IIS installed?
If you can run it, the "Team Remote ASP Debugger" mentioned in this answer to a related question may be of help. It claims to be able to run without special permissions, etc. - but having not tried it myself, I couldn't say if it works for sure.

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Can Intellij debug javascript code served by a local web server
Sure you can - you need using the JavaScript Remote debug configuration, set your 'http://localhost:50036/src/index.html' as 'URL to open' and specify remote URL mapping for your project folder (usually it's your web server root url + web path on server) See http://wiki.jetbrains.net/intellij/Remote_JavaScript_debugging_with_WebStorm_and_PHPStorm#Installing_and_configuring_Apache_Web_server for more info Note that as of WebStorm 7 there is only one run configuration for JS debugging, and the run configuration created from right-click menu (action "Create/Debug" html file) uses the url on built-in http server instead of file url

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Is it possible to debug a currently running production Node application?
Yes, you just need to follow a few steps from node inspector's README: node-inspector has to be running on the machine with the node process you are trying to debug. So, you must be able to install this there. Presumably your production process did not start with the --debug flag. You can send a signal to achieve this though: kill -s USR1 <pid>. (pid can be obtained with something like ps aux | grep node.) Make sure port 8080 is exposed to your local machine from your production machine. Point your browser as normal; you're all set up.

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