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how to copy the folder in my home directory to the external hard drive

As reported by mount, your drive is mounted in /var/run/media/martin/32_00_00 not /var/run/media/martin/32_00_00/a_backup_martin_samsung. You can copy your whole directory to that mounted directory with

cp -a martin /var/run/media/martin/32_00_00/

Or if you want it copied as a renamed folder granting that /var/run/media/martin/32_00_00/a_backup_martin_samsung does not exist:

cp -a martin

Or you can rename it to another more meaningful name:

cp -a martin
"/var/run/media/martin/32_00_00/martin-backup-$(date +%F)"

Which would copy /home/martin as something like /var/run/media/martin/32_00_00/martin-backup-2014-07-26.

And I recommend using -a over -r as it doesn't dereference links and it preserves all properties.

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