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Visual Studio Express 2012 : Windows Phone 7 ->Upgrade to windows phone8 ( Windows.Phone.Controls.Toolkit)

Solved issue with below answer from mSpot Inc http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/wpapps/en-US/f4fb6ea7-417b-41a6-9239-a917c35d1dc7/visual-studio-express-2012-windows-phone-7-upgrade-to-windows-phone8-?forum=wpdevelop&prof=required

First make sure the Toolkit is completely removed from your solution and project.

Using NuGet, uninstall the Toolkit Check the project Reference folder. If it still has a reference to the Toolkit, delete it. In Windows, look for the packages folder in your solution folder. If you aren't using any other NuGet packages, delete the packages folder. Delete any Toolkit dll files in the solution and project subfolders. Then reinstall the Toolkit with NuGet.

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