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Building realtime app using Laravel and Latchet websocket

I can give you a couple of hints regarding WAMP-CRA, which is the authentication mechnism this is referring:

WAMP-CRA does not send passwords over the wire. It works by a challenge-response scheme. The client and server have a shared secret. To authenticate a client, the server will send a challenge (something random) that the client needs to sign - using the secret. And only the signature is sent back. The client might store the secret in browser local storage. It's never sent.

In a variant of above, the signing of the challenge the server sends is not directly signed within the client, but the client might let the signature be created from an Ajax request. This is useful when the client was authenticated using other means already (e.g. classical cookie based), and the signing can then be done in the classical web app that was authenticating.

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