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Jquery Dialog Not Working in Dual Monitor - Follow Up

The problem is that jQuery dialog is an object part of the browser. Therefore - it is really complex and/or impossible to split it across two browsers on dual monitors.

I really recommend that you'd better be working with it as it is intended, or reconsider using an <iframe>. More info about it here: Link

I provided you with an example containing a simple click() function that renders up a new <iframe> window with another jsfiddle link I made containing a jQuery dialog. This way you could work with having dialogs on embedded documents and call them from your existing window using iframes.

$("#clickme").click(function () {
    var url = "http://fiddle.jshell.net/urbz/4b1j2ab4/1/show/";
    $('<iframe />', {
        name: 'frame',
        id: 'frame',
        src: url
        width: '1000px',
        height: '1000px'

JsFiddle Example

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