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d3.js traverse hierarchical data

First you probably want to create a group inside a svg element. If you do that, you can create the main group first, and for each element, create the subgroups, binding the subProperties attribute to this subgroups:

var svg = d3.select('#chart').append('svg')
  .attr('width', 100)
 .attr('height', 100);

var data = [
  {node : 1, subProperties : ["A", "B", "C"]},
  {node : 2, subProperties : ["D", "E", "F"]}

var mainGroups = svg.selectAll('g.main')
 .classed('main', true);

 .data(function(d) { return d.subProperties; })
 .classed('sub', true);

I wrote a jsfiddle with the code here. Regards.

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