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What is this pics-label tag doing?

(You probably know this, but for all readers: PICS has been superseded by POWDER.)

What you got there:

  • pics-1.1 gives the version number of the PICS specification.

  • http://www.icra.org/ratingsv02.html is the service identifier (which is a unique identifier for the chosen rating service).

  • l is a shorthand for labels.

  • gen true for "…" means that the following label can be applied to any URL that starts with <domain> (i.e., the URL is used as a prefix, similar to robots.txt’s Disallow).

  • r is a shorthand for ratings, which gets followed by a parenthesized list of categories and values.

So your PICS meta element contains 4 general labels, where each label is an ICRA rating. Why 4? Probably because the site URL design requires it (but maybe those general labels were used here unnecessarily).

I have no idea what this rating is actually saying, as the ICRA labeling engine has been discontinued.

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