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I have this assignment for my vb.net course. Whats wrong?
A delegate defines the signature that implementers must use. In your case, you defined a method that takes a string as input parameter and returned nothing. In order to use that, your implementing methods must agree with that signature. For example, a greeting method (BTW, spell your methods correctly), would need to be as follows if you want it to behave like a GreetingDelegate: Public Sub Greeting(msgString As String) ' Do something with msgString End Sub Alternatively, if you don't need the input string, your delegate could be declared as follows, but realize that all methods that you are defining of this delegate type would also not allow input string parameters either (because they wouldn't agree with the declared signatures). Public Delegate Sub GreetingDelegate()

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Whats wrong with this code?
Well, we don't know what line is it exactly, but I guess it's happening in this line: System.out.println("Searching for " + args[0] + " in file..."); It happens because you don't pass any program arguments to the application when you start it. Try: java SearchForFile word

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whats wrong with this send.php?
$message = "First Name:" $_POST['one']; "Last Name:" $_POST['two']; "Email:" $_POST['three']; "Password:" $_POST['four']; "Phone:" $_POST['five']; "Address 1:" $_POST['six']; "Address 2:" $_POST['seven']; "Pick Up City:" $_POST['eight']; "State:" $_POST['nine']; should be: $message = "First Name:" . $_POST['one'] . " " . "Last Name:" . $_POST['two'] . " " . "Email:" . $_POST['three'] . " " . "Password:" . $_POST['four'] . " " . "Phone:" . $_POST['five'] . " " . "Address 1:" . $_POST['six'] . " " . "Address 2:" . $_POST['seven'] . " " .

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Whats wrong with my typeahead,js example?
Checking the console for error. The script you added to the fiddle cannot be loaded: Refused to execute script from 'https://raw.github.com/twitter/typeahead.js/master/src/typeahead.js' because its MIME type ('text/plain') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled. So change it to this one: http://twitter.github.io/typeahead.js/releases/latest/typeahead.js Check out: http://jsfiddle.net/A8P3C/5/

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whats wrong with this syntax??
You are not closing your document ready function properly: var myFunction; $j(document).ready(function () { //Show and hide the Loading icon on Ajax start/end myFunction = function () { $j('.bwbps_uploadform').submit(function () { $j('#bwbps_message').html(''); bwbpsAjaxLoadImage(this); return false; }); } });

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Whats wrong with my mySQL_query?
As @Maverick is telling you. Test the sentence in PHPMyAdmin. The easiest way to test your SQL statements is to use a variable for it, eg: $sql = "UPDATE users SET first_name='".$first_name."', last_name='".$last_name."', email='".$email."', bio='".$bio."' WHERE id='".$id."'"; and then use mysql_query($sql); afterwards. It seems like more code, but the trick here is that you can comment out your header(), insert an echo in front of the $sql variable to print it to the screen (when you run the file again), copy the printed string into PHPMyAdmin and see if there should be any MySQL errors that aren't being caught by PHP. Also you will quickly discover if there are any mis Also I would look into MySQLi, it will give you both more features when working with MySQL and give you more abili

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Whats wrong with my AngularJS directive
You can't bind ngModel directly to a string in an array. You'll need to store an array of objects inside of multiVal: $scope.multiVal = [{property: "A"}]; Demonstrated here: http://jsfiddle.net/YMJzN/ Btw, you'll also want to adjust $scope.addRow to do the same... $scope.addRow = function() { $scope.multiVal.push({property:'new'}); }

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whats wrong with my pygame application?
You should probably replace: # This checks if x == 0. It obviously isn't but it has no real effect x == 0 with # This will assign 0 to x variable if x >= 500 x = 0

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whats wrong in getting transit direction?
When requesting transit directions, one of departure_time or arrival_time must be specified. These times are expressed in seconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC. The following URL requests transit directions from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower departing at noon on Sunday, September 29, 2013. http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/directions/json?origin=48.8611,2.3364&destination=48.8582,2.2945&mode=transit&sensor=false&region=fr&departure_time=1380456000 Here's the JSON response: { "routes" : [ { "bounds" : { "northeast" : { "lat" : 48.862972, "lng" : 2.3367707 }, "southwest" : { "lat" : 48.855014, "lng" : 2.2890295 } }, "

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whats wrong with my php mail() function
Your mail method is fine, your local server isn't. It is attempting to send the email but there is no SMTP server setup on your local server to send the email. You can install programs like Tomcat or Mercury which can handle the sending of the emails. You will just have to provide it some credentials to authenticate. I used my Gmail account's SMTP for example to send emails from my local server.

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Whats wrong in preg_match("/