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How to use both GCM and Urban Airship for Android push notification

As far as I know, urban airship use GCM to send notifications to Android. That means that regardless of who is sending the notification at the server side, a single receiver can receive all the messages. That's why you get two notifications, since both receivers get the same message and display the notification. Your own receiver can handle both the messages sent by you and by Urban Airship.

The only reason to have two different receivers is if you want your app to handle messages from one source differently than messages from the other source. In this case you should use a different sender, and each receiver would have to check the sender of the message to decide whether it should handle it.

Beside that, I don't see how sending messages via Urban Airship would make them arrive faster, since they are also sending the message to GCM servers, which do the actual delivery. The only way Urban Airship can be faster, is if they are using the Cloud Connection Server API while you are using the simpler HTTP API for direct calls to GCM.

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