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How to send the public key to the server?

You're right, for reasons unknown to me the EC keytype is not supported/not working on webkit (which both Chrome and Safari are) and the only one I was able to get working in Chrome was the default RSA type. E.g.:

<keygen name="RSA public key" challenge="123456789"

On Firefox however the RSA, DSA and EC are all supported as expected. Especially with new features like this it's a good idea to always check in different browsers (and safari is not worth testing in, as they either support less or the same as Chrome).

And beyond that you should realize that w3schools has nothing to do with w3 and is a terrible source of information. (Just checked their <keygen> page). You are far better of checking <keygen> on MDN, although even that article is a bit limited to my taste.

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