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While Sending Html Mails from my web application Recieved Mails contains Symbols like &ldquo,&rdquo, ‘
Check with another constructor for htmlView: ContentType mimeType = new System.Net.Mime.ContentType("text/html"); var htmlView = AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(bodyMessage, mimeType);

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

Stop script inside an other script - Adobe Javascript
If you return false from the submit handler it will cancel the submit event. You can change your DateDiff.inDays call to into: if (!DateDiff.inDays(d2, d1)) { return false; }

Categories : Javascript

Using Angular.js expressions inside script tags: is it possible or should I just use a directive?
Sounds like you could use $interpolate. From their website: var $interpolate = ...; // injected var exp = $interpolate('Hello {{name}}!'); var output = exp({name:'Angular'}); Read more here: http://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng.$interpolate

Categories : Angularjs

How to use Django template tags inside Java Script without for loop
Step 1 - Never EVER mix JavaScript and Django template language. It's a setup for disaster. Step 2 - Refactor Refactor first step: Create a new view that outputs a JSON'd dict of dates. (I'm not coding your application but I'll give you the pointers on how to improve) def date_view(request): stats = Stats.objects.all().order_by('month') #do some other stuff that you already have done. return {'january':stats.january, and so forth...} Step b) - Refactor your current code to something along the lines of this: var dataForChart = { labels: [months], datasets: [{ fillColor: ..., strokeColor: ..., data: null, }] } $.get('/myStatsViewUrl', function(data) { dataForChart["data"] = data; }); Step c) Rejoice that you now have decoupled Djangos template from

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 and  tags to display a javascript script
Remove script tag: <body> <div style="color:#000000"> <pre> <code> $('#inputField').hide(); </code> </pre> </div> </body>

Categories : Javascript

Unable to access JavaScript variables in ColdFusion tags in script
CFML is parsed on the ColdFusion server; Javascript runs on the client browser. The two never "exist" in the same space. I recommend you read my blog article describing how CF participates in a request. What you need to do is to read up on data binding in ColdFusion (or in general), which is fairly well documented, so there's little point in replicating it here.

Categories : Javascript

Run a line of script via a variable based on a value inside the worksheet - google apps script
One option may be to use eval(), but remember you have to be careful with this function. ... var doThat = ss.getRange("A1").getValue(); eval(doThat); ...

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Retrieve exit status from php script inside of shell script
The $output parameter of the exec command can be used to get the output of another PHP program: callee.php <?php echo "my return string "; echo "another return value "; exit(20); caller.php <?php exec("php callee.php", $output, $return_var); print_r(array($output, $return_var)); Running caller.php will output the following: Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => my return string [1] => another return value ) [1] => 20 ) Note the exit status must be number in the range of 0-254. See exit for more info on return status codes.

Categories : PHP

how to add inside a text box?
I want to alert('test'); in an input type text but it should not execute the alert(alert prompt). <input type="text" value="<script>alert('test');</script>" /> Produces: You can do this programatically via JavaScript. First obtain a reference to the input element, then set the value attribute. var inputElement = document.querySelector("input"); inputElement.value = "<script>alert('test');</script>";

Categories : Javascript

How to put a log in username and password script inside a csh script?
You could use sudo for this. Add something like this to your /etc/sudoers youruser ALL = (root) NOPASSWORD: /path/to/yourscript.csh Then call the script via cron or by hand like this: sudo /path/to/yourscript.csh And it should be executed as root without the need for a password.

Categories : Linux

Shell Script inside perl script
Is this what you are looking for? $exec_string = <<EXEC; echo this is my shell script ls > tmp1 ls > tmp2 EXEC system($exec_string) EXEC can be substituted by any word (e.g. SHELL, SCRIPT, whatever).

Categories : Perl

How to source a csh script from inside a bash script
WARNING : don't put the following script in your .bashrc, it will reload bash and so reload .bashrc again and again (stopable with C-c anyway) Use preferable this script in your kit/CDS stuff startup script. (cadence presumably) WARNING 2 : if anything in your file2source fails, the whole 'trick' stops. Call this script : cshWrapper.csh #! /bin/csh # to launch using # exec cshWrapper.csh file2source.sh source $1 exec $SHELL -i and launch it using exec ./cshWrapper.csh file2source.sh it will : launch csh, source your file and came back to the same parrent bash shell Example : $> ps PID TTY TIME CMD 7065 pts/0 00:00:02 bash $>exec ./cshWrapper.csh toggle.csh file sourced 1 $> echo $$ 7065 where in my case i use the file toggle.csh #! /bin/csh # source

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Is it possible to have tag. Javascript issue
Do the other way round, via JS (using jQuery): <script type="text/javascript"> $(".muted").html(getGenericObjName("{{n.news_type}}",{{n.news.object_id}})); </script> HTML: <span class="muted"></span>

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Invoking a Javascript funcion in a complied script in Java's Script API
I found the answer to my question. It is actually a very simple change. This line: Invocable inv = (Invocable) compiledScripts.get(filename); Needs to change to: Invocable inv = (Invocable) compiledScripts.get(filename).getEngine(); This returns the engine the compiled script is getting run in, thus letting us call functions from the compiled script.

Categories : Java

is there any way of calling javascript function in