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Which permissions are required in order to use geolocation in Google Maps API v3?
Did you try adding these to your AndroidManifest.xml? Try adding them and then re-build the project. You can find the file in the native folder of the Worklight app. <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION"/> <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"/>

Categories : Android

FBSession.activeSession.permissions does not appear to accurately depict the valid granted permissions
If you were using iOS SDK 3.0, then this was due to a bug in the SDK. See the bug report for more details. Symptom summary: After authorizing user with openActiveSessionWithPermissions method, the sessions variable in callback method contains extended permissions that were not allowed by a user.

Categories : IOS

How to set world permissions to be the same as group permissions?
From the chmod(1) man page (relevant parts extracted): -R Change the modes of the file hierarchies rooted in the files instead of just the files themselves. And: The symbolic mode is described by the following grammar: who ::= a | u | g | o op ::= + | - | = perm ::= r | s | t | w | x | X | u | g | o The who symbols "u", "g", and "o" specify the user, group, and other parts of the mode bits, respectively. The who symbol a is equivalent to ugo. The perm symbols represent the portions of the mode bits as follows: g The group permission bits in the original mode of the file. So for you: chmod -R o=g * Example: $ ls -l total 0 drwxr-x--- 2 carl staff 68 Jun 28 10:25 example.d -rw-r----- 1 carl staff 0 Jun 28 10

Categories : Bash

MVC data model Drop down list validation says id is required, how do I change to say name is required?
Add: [DisplayName("Name")] to the declaration of TypeID in your view model or change your label to: @Html.LabelFor(model => model.TypeID, "Name")

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

HTML input required attribute or ASP.NET MVC Data Annotations required decorator
Old browsers do not support HTML input require attribute. http://caniuse.com/#search=required http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_input_required.asp

Categories : HTML

Is it possible to check required input with the HTML required attribute without actually submitting the form?
The OnClick event handler needs to run script code that checks the individual form fields for data, and then returns true only if the data is acceptable, otherwise returns false to abort the submission. Update: rather than using an OnClick event handler on the submit button, you should instead use an OnSubmit event handler on the form itself. That way, having the validation script return true/false has more meaning.

Categories : HTML

Why class required default constructor but structure dont required?
Because the default constructor of a class (reference type) is only exposed if an explicit one is not implemented (that is, it doesn't exist). A struct (value type) doesn't even need to be new'd, so to speak. You can use a variable that represents a struct without it - i.e. it won't be null, anyway (that is, it needn't exist at all).

Categories : C#

Using functions inside scripts required by NodeJS's required()
If it is not a part of module.exports then you can't. For example: web-notification.js function getURL(host, path) { ... } module.exports = exports = { getURL: getURL }; main-js.js var webnotis = require('./modules/web-notification.js'); webnotis.getURL(...);

Categories : Javascript

Is HTTP status code 426 Upgrade Required only meant signal an upgrade to a secure channel is required?
Quoting one of my previous answers: HTTP Upgrade is used to indicate a preference or requirement to switch to a different version of HTTP or to another protocol, if possible: The Upgrade general-header allows the client to specify what additional communication protocols it supports and would like to use if the server finds it appropriate to switch protocols. The server MUST use the Upgrade header field within a 101 (Switching Protocols) response to indicate which protocol(s) are being switched. Upgrade = "Upgrade" ":" 1#product For example, Upgrade: HTTP/2.0, SHTTP/1.3, IRC/6.9, RTA/x11 The Upgrade header field is intended to provide a simple mechanism for transition from HTTP/1.1 to some other, incompatible protocol. According to the IANA regist

Categories : Http

for loop required and dynamic css required through PHP
You can get rid of the ifs by using an array: $styles = array('12,23' => 'r16', '34,45' => 'r17', ... '1516,1617' => 'r29' ); if (isset($styles["$string,$string1"])) { $style = $styles["$string,$string1"]; } You could also use this array to generate the CSS. Make the values associative arrays containing the class name and CSS, e.g. $styles = array('12,23' => array('class' => 'r16', 'css' => 'text-align: left;padding-left: 100px; border: solid 1px #CCCCCC; margin: 10px 490px 0px 285px;'), ...

Categories : PHP

Static .lib required for compiling library is also required for library users?
Looks like you want partial linking (see --relocatable flag in ld manual page). As I can see from the sources, cabal uses partial linking only libraries, compiled for ghci. From Distribution.Simple.GHC (buildLib function): whenVanillaLib False $ do (arProg, _) <- requireProgram verbosity arProgram (withPrograms lbi) Ar.createArLibArchive verbosity arProg vanillaLibFilePath staticObjectFiles whenProfLib $ do (arProg, _) <- requireProgram verbosity arProgram (withPrograms lbi) Ar.createArLibArchive verbosity arProg profileLibFilePath profObjectFiles whenGHCiLib $ do (ldProg, _) <- requireProgram verbosity ldProgram (withPrograms lbi) Ld.combineObjectFiles verbosity ldProg ghciLibFilePath ghciObjFiles whenSharedLib False $ runGhcProg ghcSharedLinkArgs

Categories : Haskell

Why is YUI.add required when specifying YUI modules and if it is required how can non-YUI modules work?
It's important to distinguish between custom modules that utilize YUI3 features (sandboxed Y.Lang, etc) and completely external code. In the first case, the YUI.add() wrapper is always necessary, because the sandbox Y variable isn't available outside the module callback (the second argument to YUI.add()). The repetition of module configuration is unfortunately necessary in hand-written modules due to constraints within Y.Loader (where the combo-loading magic happens). Modules that employ YUI's build tools have the wrapper and metadata added automagically. With completely external code, you only need to provide the fullpath config property, and YUI will do the right thing. Internally, YUI knows when a given <script> request finishes, and associates that success with the configured m

Categories : Javascript

Permissions in Excel
You can select the cells with vba or manually and set the locked property to false before locking the sheet. This will allow the user to edit those range/cells. You can use conditional formatting to identify these locked cells. Select your range (ctrl-A for all the cells). Conditional formatting formula is: =CELL("protect",A1)=0

Categories : Vba

Same permissions, different rights?
The Apache server is installed within a Linux distribution with SELinux enabled. SELinux by default denies Apache to read files in /home folders. By using ls -Z one can check SELinux labels of files. In my case, while usual (DAC) permissions were the same and there were no ACLs set, SELinux context was different: Next one is readable from Apache daemon and scripts: unconfined_u:object_r:httpd_sys_content_t: Next one is the file that SELinux denies access to Apache: unconfined_u:object_r:user_home_t

Categories : Python

ANT setting ACL permissions
Ok, got it: <exec executable="chmod" dir="webroot" failonerror="true"> <arg line="+a '_www allow delete,write,append,file_inherit,directory_inherit' app/cache app/logs" /> </exec>

Categories : Symfony2

No permissions for notifications
The notifications permission does not propagate to the content script. Add an event page to your extension, and send a message to open the notification from the event page.

Categories : Google Chrome

Using GAC assemblies needs permissions
Can you be more specific about which assemblies and what your code is trying to do?... Giving admin privelidges is kind of a catchall... there's more likely a certain permission required that you have not provided... e.g. here's a little ditty about the same issue for SharePoint where the SSRSSvcAccount account did not have read permission for the GAC, which was solved using cacls.exe %windir%/assembly /e /t /p DOMAINSSRSSvcAccount:R

Categories : C#

Linux binary permissions
Set the permissions of the original to 511 or 711 (o+r), then before the copy, do umask 666 to remove these permissions from newly created files. The copy will then have permissions 0711 & ~0666 == 0111.

Categories : Linux

Permissions error in my application
I had this problem in my last project and the approach we had to end up using, also according to Google's way to handle this issue was to pop up the Setting->Mobile Networks Activity in front of the user, so he could explicitly enable it, not only for requirement reasons but also for Legal Term issues because if your app consumes 3G data making the user spend money without his knowledge, you can get in legal problems... Regards!

Categories : Android

File permissions are not being preserved while after zip
It looks like you will need to try a different archive format. Perhaps tar --preserve-permissions. The other option would be to save the permissions separately and the reapply them upon decompression. You could add a .saved_permissions file to the archive. There are some examples of scripts that can do this on StackOverflow.

Categories : Java

JUnit needs special permissions?
HTTP permission denied has nothing to do with JUnit. You probably need to set your credentials while making the request in the code itself. Show us some code. Also, unit testing is not really meant to access the internet. Its purpose is for testing small, concise parts of your code which shouldn't rely on any external factors. Integration tests should cover that. If you can, try to mock your network requests using EasyMock or PowerMock and make them return a resource you would load from your local resources folder (e.g. test/resources).

Categories : Maven

User with no permissions can still SELECT
During my testing, I created a schema called 'test'. Unknown to me, 'test', is actually some sort of reserved database schema name for MySQL. Anonymous users can use it, etc. As a result, the stuff I was creating in there for testing purposes didn't have certain permission restrictions that other databases would have done. I can't really find any information on this beyond this page: http://www.greensql.com/content/mysql-security-best-practices-hardening-mysql-tips That page says that it comes with it, but I'm pretty sure my installation didn't have it by default. Either way, even with deleting it and then recreating it, if it has the name 'test', it will always be accessible to anonymous users, etc. I hope this helps someone, I spent too long puzzling over this!

Categories : Mysql

Basic permissions error in MR2
The solution, simply change the /tmp/hadoop-yarn permissions: sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chmod -R 777 /tmp/hadoop-yarn Leaves to the imagination how it is that this directory could end up with incorrect permissions given that it was entirely created by hadoop's internal lifecycle. (Comments would be appreciated)

Categories : Hadoop

Amazon AWS Permissions Per User
A couple of things. Firstly, please for the love of God, migrate to AWS SDK for PHP 2. SDK 1.x is on the way out, and hasn't received any updates in a while. Having done that, you can use S3Client::putBucketPolicy() to grant access to a bucket by Canonical User ID (a.k.a., Account ID). That way, you push the responsibility of managing access control back onto the S3 service. When a user tries to access the object, they'll either get a 200 (201, 204, 304, 307), or a 403 if they're not allowed to access it. If you choose to stay on SDK 1.x, the equivalent method is AmazonS3::set_bucket_policy().

Categories : PHP

Directory permissions to a php file
try this <?php chmod("/somedir/somefile", 755); // decimal; probably incorrect chmod("/somedir/somefile", "u+rwx,go+rx"); // string; incorrect chmod("/somedir/somefile", 0755); // octal; correct value of mode ?> here /somedir/somefile is your file path and read this article

Categories : PHP

Permissions directive with angular
Only looking at the specific problem, of not having $rootScope in your directive's compile function: you can inject it into your directive instead of into your compile function as follows: app.directive('xLimitAccess', function ($rootScope) { }. The compile function does not support injection—it gets passed a set of values directly.

Categories : Javascript

Linux Group Permissions
Unix Rule #1) Don't use root in vain I'd recommend that you just sudo to root and change the owner and group of the directory to what you want it to be man chown man chgrp

Categories : Linux

Do Grant permissions Cascade?
It depends on how you define your procedure, specifically the AUTHID property: The AUTHID property of a stored PL/SQL unit affects the name resolution and privilege checking of SQL statements that the unit issues at run time. By default the procedures are created with a AUTHID value of DEFINER (definer's right) ,the functions are executed as if the caller were temporarily given the rights of the definer. With a value of CURRENT_USER, the AUTHID property will make the procedures check the privileges of the caller at run-time. In your case, the scenario you describe would fit with the property value of DEFINER (the default): the users will only be able to call the procedures and functions without direct access to the underlying tables. A similar scenario is described in the document

Categories : Oracle

Sitecore permissions issue
Does IUSR have "Read" permissions on the Website folder and on all descendants? Additionally, you may want to look at the Sitecore logs under the Datalogs folder. You may be having a database connectivity issue that may show up there.

Categories : Asp Net

Folder permissions with .htaccess
add the following to your rule RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d Meaning only rewrite if the file or directory doesn't exist.

Categories : Htaccess

Zend PDF - save permissions
try for save in Zend app directory $pdf->save("test.pdf"); or for save in Downloads $pdf->save("/Users/myname/Downloads/test.pdf");

Categories : PHP

File permissions and security
That depends. To modify the file, an attacker must be able to execute some kind of code on the server, e.g. have shell access. If this is the case, the permission is your smallest problem. If you are on a shared hosting environment (other customers you don't know use your webserver) these other users possibly can change the file too, if your provider did not setup their security right and they know the path. It is just not considered best practice to set 666 permissions. However most of these kind of attacks happen over your webserver, so restriscting the permission do not solve the problem, as the server needs to have write access. So what you can do: Change the mode to 664 and change the group to that of the webserver is running in - other users may still have write access by using t

Categories : File

Make all new directories have 777 permissions
Put: os.umask(0000) in the Python script before it creates the directory. If you can't change the Python script, put: umask(0000) in the Perl script before it calls the Python script. When a new file or directory is created, the permissions are determined by taking the permissions specified in the call to creat() or mkdir(), and then masking off the bits that are specified in the umask. Typically, applications specify 0666 or 0777 permissions when they call the function (depending on whether they're creating something that should be executable or not). A common value for umask is 022, which turns off group and world write permissions. If you don't want them turned off, use the above umask value to keep the permissions specified in the call.

Categories : Python

Facebook Login Permissions
1 set nothing to "scope", you don't need to know your user's like data in this scenario. 2 I guess you do need to have you own facebook app. 3 You can listen to user like event , and then redirect them wherever you want.

Categories : Facebook

App crashes after permissions are added?
This is the problem of strict mode which is introduce in android 4.0.Accroding to this network work done on background thread not on main thread.To work on main thread define the strict mode permission in activity.

Categories : Android

Why FB.login doesn't ask me for permissions
It doesn't ask me for any permissions, just publishes in my timelime directly. This simply means that you've already authorized your app once. Once authorized, it doesn't ask for the permissions again unless new permissions are added. Delete the app from your Facebook profile and then try again. It will definitely ask for the permissions then.

Categories : Facebook

Android status bar permissions
From what I understand, android.persmissions.STATUS_BAR is a System persmission and can't be used. In android terms it falls under signatureOrSystem permission. The meaning is (taken from Android Manifest DOCS)... A permission that the system grants only to applications that are in the Android system image or that are signed with the same certificate as the application that declared the permission. Please avoid using this option, as the signature protection level should be sufficient for most needs and works regardless of exactly where applications are installed. The "signatureOrSystem" permission is used for certain special situations where multiple vendors have applications built into a system image and need to share specific features explicitly because they are being built together.

Categories : Android

Insufficient Scope Permissions
The token you're using doesn't have the permission for what you're calling for. Authentication docs

Categories : Json

How to set up user roles and permissions?
Well, that's what MY_Controller is all about - you have to make all the checking there - create functions there and call them in the constructor, according to URL and/or GET/POST/SESSION parameters. And if user has no rights to access it, just add some flag or error text in SESSION. And then in your main controllers check only for that SESSION flag.

Categories : PHP

iis permissions and directory access
What you need to do is add a new IIS AppPool identity, not a new system user, and give this new identity full control on the website dir root. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731784%28v=ws.10%29.aspx) Open IIS Manager. In the Connections pane, expand the server node and click Application Pools. On the Application Pools page, in the Actions pane, click Add Application Pool. On the Add Application Pool dialog box, type a friendly name for the application pool in the Name box. From the .NET Framework version list, select the version of the .NET Framework required by your managed applications, modules, and handlers. Or select No Managed Code if the applications that you run in this application pool do not require the .NET Framework. From the Managed pipeline mode list, select o

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