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Can I handover sessions from Laravel to my simple MVC?

Laravel already has a pretty good session abstraction so I don't think you needed to use session_start(), $_SESSION etc directly. Sharing an session across two applications is a bit tricky. If you are tied to using the cookie approach, then you have to make sure that the session driver in use is the cookie one. You would also need to ensure that the restrictions on the cookie aren't such that your other application isn't being sent them by the user's browser.

By default, PHP will use a file cookie driver. In this case, what you would have to do in your other application is to read the "PHPSESSID" cookie, set the session ID using session_id() to this and only then would you have access to the session data using the $_SESSION variable in the other application.

This is all pretty hacky though. I would recommend that if you need to share sessions that you make use of a database session driver instead. This way, you are able to share arbitrary session data across applications using a standard interface. In this case, you would just read the "laravel_session" cookie instead to be able to look up the session in the database. There would be many hidden pitfalls if you then wanted to also modify this data from the other application as well though.

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