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Google Play Games Services crashes briefly after loadPlayerCenteredScores
Sounds like maybe you're running into the same problem described in the public bug tracker. If so, a fix is inbound and things should be working again Real Soon Now[tm].

Categories : Android

Upgraded to iOS 7 beta / Xcode 5 beta and receiving warning "CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS specified without a valid Developer Signing Identity for iOS"
The problem is not with the Code Signing Entitlements. The problem is most probably with the Code Signing Identity. In Xcode 4 the automatic profile selector was looking for a profile named: iPhone Developer. However, it seems in Xcode 5 the automatic profile selector is looking for a profile named: iOS Developer (as it can be seen in your screenshot) which most probably doesn't exist. In order to fix this problem try manually selecting an existing profile from the Code Signing Identity drop-down list.

Categories : Xcode

Rejection handler in latest ember-data (beta 1 and beta 2)
To do that application-wide you should use the global error handling capabilities of the router. App.ApplicationRoute = Ember.Route.extend({ actions: { error: function(error, transition) { //If error was a 401, do something... } } }); See How to do cool stuff with the new Router API

Categories : Ember Js

Beta testing an iOS app with iOS 7 beta
General Notes Might I recommend you look into http://www.testflightapp.com? Among other things, it will ensure: You have his UUID without error He can download your app You can collect feedback, crash reports, and "checkpoint" information about his usage. You can enlist the help of others as well using this (and similar) services, making this whole problem a lot easier to manage now and in the future. How to enable iOS Beta version installs: Once you're sure you have his UUID, put it into your developer account's device list using the Apple Developer Portal, and he will be able to install iOS 7 Beta using iTunes. You may want to either add his apple ID to your developer account so he can download the beta, or otherwise arrange to get the .DMG to him. How to distribute your app:

Categories : Iphone

OracleJDBC Driver : Does driver commits on close() by default even if conn.setAutoCommit is False?
When a Connection is closed, it needs to either rollback or commit the current transaction. IIRC, the JDBC specification allows an implementation to choose either as long as it is consistent in its behavior (always commit or always rollback on close). So yes, the behavior is allowed and so it is correct. If it is the best choice is debatable: you can argue that committing on close makes sure no information is lost, on the other hand you didn't explicitly commit, so maybe you didn't want the info to be persisted.

Categories : Oracle

Error: The path to the driver executable must be set by the webdriver.chrome.driver system property
Using selenium-server-standalone-*.jar from here, you can pass webdriver.chrome.driver property when launching it like so: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.35.0.jar -Dwebdriver.chrome.driver="D:devchromedriver.exe" This eliminates the error; Java command line option -Dproperty=value sets a system property value as expected.

Categories : Node Js

How to resolve [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
When I copy and paste your code into Eclipse I get the error message you mention. That is because the driver name is malformed. Instead of... String database = "jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb,*.accdb)};DBQ="+fn+".accdb;"; ...you need to use... String database = "jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};DBQ="+fn+".accdb;"; Note the single spaces in ... Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)...

Categories : Java

Easiest driver for a Linux Device Driver newbie
You should start by studying the basics of Loadable Kernel Modules. First few chapters of LKMPG by Salzman will be a good start And the easiest driver, IMHO, is a simpleton driver that uses memory as a device and reads/write to it. One such driver is beautifully explained in third chapter of LDD3e. You would also need to increase your knowledge of the Linux Kernel itself in order to advance towards relatively hard drivers. The better you understand Kernel's subsystems the easier it will be for you to develop device drivers around them.

Categories : Linux

Error loading driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
I'll assume you don't have the MySQL driver JDBC JAR in your CLASSPATH when you run. There's not enough information to tell. Show how you invoke this class. Do you know how to use the java.exe command line tool?

Categories : Java

Selenium Web Driver seems to skip driver.get() intermittently
No problem, change code to something like this instead: Wait<WebDriver> wait = new FluentWait<WebDriver>(driver) .withTimeout(30, SECONDS) .pollingEvery(5, SECONDS) .ignoring(NoSuchElementException.class, ElementNotFoundException.class); wait.until(ExpectedConditions.visibilityOfElementLocated(By.linkText("Liferay"))); driver.get(baseUrl + "/user/tm2/so/dashboard"); driver.findElement(By.xpath("//h3[contains(., 'Not Found')]"));

Categories : Java

Replacing firefox driver with htmlunit driver
HtmlUnit driver <> FirefoxDriver "If you test javascript using HtmlUnit the results may differ significantly from those browsers" Take a look here

Categories : CSS

Error creating Session: org.hibernate.HibernateException: Specified JDBC Driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver class not found
The error message you got from Hibernate Error creating Session: org.hibernate.HibernateException: Specified JDBC Driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver class not found occurs because the class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver is missing from your classpath, ie. the jar containing it should be in WEB-INF/lib. Add the mysql connector jar to that folder.

Categories : Java

Maybe you ignoring the upper/lower case? Also use like You can use this: SELECT * FROM games WHERE (LOWER(genre) like 'indie') OR (LOWER(title) like 'indie')

Categories : Mysql

why can't I run my games in python
You have to include pygame.init() in your code before you do anything with video. Hope that fixes the problem. I wouldn't learn Python by starting with pygame. Try watching Bucky's tutorials at TheNewBoston on Python. They will teach you about basic python syntax. Although he does a pretty good job at teaching the Python basics, I advice you to look through the python documentation and read about useful modules, features, etc. When you feel ready to do graphics, check his tutorials on game development (pygame). After that, just make something.

Categories : Python

How to debug windows device driver and what to debug if driver is installed on VM?
On target, disable the driver meanwhile keep the VS into running debug mode onto host. Then restart the target, enable the driver as soon as enable the driver onto target it will jump to VS running into debug mode onto host at the already settled breakpoint. then after just press F5 and go ahead. regards matt

Categories : Windows

XA Datasource in Microsoft JDBC driver and jTDS JDBC Driver
Found the answer after digging in jTDS driver distribution. It has README.XA file saying it all. Copying the content below. XA support in jTDS ================== This version of jTDS includes a XADataSource class which allows the driver to be used with J2EE servers that only support XA JDBC connections. The class name is net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbcx.JtdsDataSource. By default the driver will emulate distributed transactions fooling the J2EE environment into believing that two phase commit is supported. This emulation has the serious drawback that when used in a true distributed environment, the driver may not be able to commit or rollback when requested by the transaction manager. In this situation data loss or corruption can occur. In general this emulation is safe to use when jTDS is t

Categories : Sql Server

MongoDB Java Driver: How to insert into any collection from Java Driver
Sample: DBCollection coll = db.getCollection("collection"); /* { "name" : "MongoDB", "type" : "database", "count" : 1, "info" : { x : 203, y : 102 } } */ BasicDBObject doc = new BasicDBObject("name", "MongoDB"). append("type", "database"). append("count", 1). append("info", new BasicDBObject("x", 203).append("y", 102)); coll.insert(doc);

Categories : Java

Specified JDBC Driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver class not found
Try to add the connector to build path as external jar OR , create a lib folder and put connector jar in it and then Add Library to your build path and give that connector lib folder path.

Categories : Java

Spring JDBC Could not load JDBC driver class [oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver]
Make sure that you have ojdbc.jar gets added into your class path. If you want, you can also double check it by opening .classpath file and look for ojdbc.jar entry. If you don't have it, download it from the the maven repo as mentioned below: <dependency> <groupId>com.oracle</groupId> <artifactId>ojdbc6</artifactId> <version></version> </dependency> ....... <repositories> <repository> <id>codelds</id> <url>https://code.lds.org/nexus/content/groups/main-repo</url> </repository> </repositories>

Categories : Spring

Playhavan more games widget
On the PlayHaven dashboard, edit your "More Games Button" and make sure the "Enable Featured Game Preroll" is uncheck. Can't insert image to my answer but heres the link for the screenshot. http://screencast.com/t/VDNsb7rY

Categories : Iphone

Getting all games with the same category as a chosen game
How about this ? SELECT * FROM jogos WHERE intCategoria = ( SELECT intCategoria FROM jogos WHERE idGames = $currentGameId ) Where $currentGameId is the id of the game being played.

Categories : PHP

A local repository to update games?
Version Control Systems work with revisions, yes, that counts for either SVN and git. In case of new program versions it naturally makes sense to put them into revisions, as they are usually only a snapshot of XYZ in a certain point in time. XYZ being whatever want it to be, binary programs, images, files, etc. But to make it really part of a revision you would also need to commit the newly fetched changes. That in the end makes a new revision of your (let's say) games tree. Those revisions then can be fetched from the client computers. That can happen either by scripts that automatically check the server every couple of minutes (cronjobs?) for changes or manually. The benefit of that workflow is quite obvious, in case your new versions are not what you want (e.g. later you notice they

Categories : GIT

Can I make desktop-only games using libGDX?
Checkout this, here you see that you use your core project to put all the non-specific platform code, and the desktop project is the project you run when you want to run for the desktop.

Categories : Java

Database schema for two-player games
I would definitely do one row per score (i.e. 2 rows per game). I would store the player, and points, and if I wanted the opponent player/points, I'd look that up separately. I would almost certainly have a separate table for each game, which would mention things like when it was played, etc No redundant data, everything is easy to gather etc.

Categories : SQL

Android Games specifically bitmaps
Depending on how dynamic your bitmaps render will be, you should go for either GLSurfaceView or SurfaceView, for something simple as just bitmaps i would recommend you to use SurfaceView as "renderer" where you can get the canvas from and of course you can draw on the whole screen if your surfaceview match the screen size. TouchListener should be completely separated handled on its own listener promoting encapsulation and reuse of code for future apps that you want to do. I've found this quiet helpful for the last games i've developed asingning a surface view as renderer and just creating Objects which takes the canvas as parameter and drawing them self into it, the only thing you have to take on count is the bitmap resource management, but if you are careful of releasing and creating the

Categories : Android

Debugging UDK games with Visual Studio
Try nFringe, or one of these: http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/940192-UnrealScript-IDE-for-Sublime-Text-2-NEW-Debugger http://forums.epicgames.com/threads/749655-Unreal-Script-IDE-Editor-Debugger-Ini-Editor

Categories : Visual Studio 2012

Static fields and online games
It's "local" to the ClassLoader which defines the class. It's unconnected to any instances of the class - for example, the variable can still be used even if there are no instances of the class. But it won't automatically be shared between different JVMs or even different ClassLoaders within the same JVM.

Categories : Java

Application marked as using Play Games
Quoting my answer from another question: http://stackoverflow.com/a/17633229/226508 Implementing the Google Play Game Services features is not sufficient, your users have to use the service for you to get the badges. Let me quote from this video from Google I/O 2013: Practical Android Games Development http://youtu.be/ZbQWf7C5ymU?t=23m39s "As you get more users you will get badges. [...] However, they are not just given out because you put them in the config, and we don't snoop your APK to see if you are making API calls from there. We verify how much the feature is being used and if you meet certain threshold we give you a badge. So you need to actually integrate it, it is not a token thing that you can put there to get more eyeballs in the store."

Categories : Android

Converting Flash based games to Apk's
Of course yes. You can create a new mobile project in flashDevelop or flashBuilder, put all the libraries and classes to a new project, check out the pathes and compile. Of course, if you game is platformer with control from the keyboard, you will need to add buttons directly on the screen or other means of control character. Must take into account the nuances of devices, screen sizes, management, and the performance

Categories : Android

What is a smart movement system for games? (2D)
Are you doing a real time game or per turn. Any case manage a lifecycle for those variable. supposing you use a turn based game, bullets have a licycle of infinity until collisions and movements of 1 game cycle

Categories : C++

Developing Html5 and Mobile Games
HTML5 is still new, so there are a lot of emerging engines and development tools. Unfortunately, this means there are a lot of 'fly-by-the-night' engines that don't last long. The two companies with the most funding to work with are Game Closure and Turbulenz, so those are making more of a push for the 'professional' game developer audience. Funding doesn't always mean reliability however - they have more demand to reach for a higher exit for the company, and if they're not able to raise secondary rounds, they will be dead in the water. An alternative suggestion would be something like ImpactJS, which, while developed primarily by one person, has been reliably updated over the course of 2 and a half years. You can find more HTML5 game engine options on this site (full disclosure: I bu

Categories : Android

NanoHTTPD stopped when I play games
It'll get killed by the Android system unless you place it into a Service and make it a foreground service.

Categories : Android

How to secure Flash Games from Cheat Engine?
You can't. It's unavoidable. Abandon all hope. Your game is client-side and can be tampered with. The score is sent from the client which can be intercepted and changed before it is sent to the server. Anything you do to try encode the score will fail because your SWF can be decompiled and the algorithm reverse-engineered. Even if you put yourself through hell to obfuscate your SWF and the logic used to encode a decode a score, you will not prevail. All you can do is make it not worthwhile to cheat by maximising the difficulty of sending faux scores; make the criteria of a valid score strict and hard to determine e.g. a multiple of a given number minus x.

Categories : Actionscript

SQL joins - Games where Users can place Bets
have you tried this one? SELECT a.id GameID, b.id BetID FROM Games a LEFT JOIN bets b ON a.id = b.game_id AND b.user_id = 1 -- <<== ID of the User ORDER BY a.ID ASC

Categories : SQL

Can my app load only the games installed on users device?
In Android, you cannot set your app as "Game Type" so you cannot filter applications by this category. I think, a solution to this would be to find all games packages from Google Play and put that list in your app and frequently update it. It needs uninterrupted internet connection so that you could send found apps list to server and server will return back games from that list. So, you need to write server code for that.

Categories : Android

How are Optimzed graphics games developed in Android
OpenGL ES is probably the most popular solution because it is pretty fast and supports 3D drawing. Not to mention iOS supports OpenGL ES too (AFAIK) which allows one to develop a cross-platform graphics layer. AndEngine is a popular platform for developing games on Android that sits on top of OpenGL ES, and the example apps show off some pretty cool graphics.

Categories : Android

Why is Audio such an issue in HTML5 Games and how soon will it be corrected?
You have to understand that different browsers support different types of audio files as shown on this website http://html5doctor.com/html5-audio-the-state-of-play/ This is mainly due to the lack of regulations and standards surrounding HTML 5, users and developers may find it difficult to support all audio formats on all browsers. I've read somewhere that you can add in different audio formats and if one fails, it will play the other format but I can't find the link again. Sorry :( Good Luck

Categories : HTML

How iPhone games/apps can connect to other iphones
Check out the tutorials under Network programming at Ray Wenderlich's site. They are nicely done and should help you grasp the main concepts.

Categories : Iphone

Server side validation for 'active' games
Not sure how many games used a shared client/server model but it's probably a fair share of action games these days. Basically the server and client share most of the codebase and both simulate the game simultaneously (it helps if your methods are all deterministic, but it doesn't matter for things like graphical effects such as sparks/explosions, which don't affect the core gameplay) The server sends updates to the client to tell it what's actually happening and the client corrects for errors. This is why in some action games when you have a network spike where you drop some packets, you can carry on running around shooting at people, and then suddenly the server re-establishes communications and puts you back where you were 5 seconds ago! The server controls all important interactions

Categories : Validation

Steam API getOwnedGames showing games not in library
One possibility is to filter 'games' that have "playtime_forever": 0. As an example, this would filter appids 9, 92, 211 from the below snippet. { "appid": 9, "playtime_forever": 0 }, { "appid": 92, "playtime_forever": 0 }, { "appid": 211, "playtime_forever": 0 }, { "appid": 440, "playtime_2weeks": 188, "playtime_forever": 107307 }, This is going to catch everything for you though, because people that have 'played' these games will have play time. So, for the above you would have filtered out the Source SDK, but for another user that has used it the SDK would appear.

Categories : Java

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