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C++ program needs inputs from stdin, but I want to pipe/send these inputs from shell script

Your C++ program has nothing else to do then reading the data from stdin (or cin for C++). It's your decision on the bash shell to create a temporary object with the data and pass it to the process that runs the executable that have been compiled from the C++ source.

Use a bash script like this

myprog << EOF | tail -n+21 | grep ":" >> logfile.log
2> /dev/null

Please note the exact macth between the end indicator in the last line and behind the <<.

Here a further example:

Harper@AMSEL ~/Documents
$ cat fff
cat << EOF -b | tail >> logfile.log 2>/dev/null
this text is used
these chars too

Harper@AMSEL ~/Documents
$ sh ./fff

Harper@AMSEL ~/Documents
$ cat logfile.log
     1  this text is used
     2  these chars too

Harper@AMSEL ~/Documents

You may have to check what arguments of you command is evaluated locally and what is used with the ssh at the remove machine. Probably the example above helps to isolate the problem from myprog.

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