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point virtual host to different internal address

Not quite sure I'm understanding what you're getting at. You've obviously got a vhost on port 80, but how you're accessing it is unclear:

a) You're somewhere "outside" your network, and the url in your browser is


and you want that request transparently rewritten, so that the browser receives the page hosted at



or b) the other way around?

If it's a), then you've got your proxypass/vhost stuff reversed. You'd need to set up a <VirtualHost *:10002>, to serve up port 10002 to your external users. And then a proxypass to redirect that traffic to the equivalent :80 site. Plus still have a port 80 vhost to handle those internally-redirected requests.

If it's b), then it should be working, though you'd still need to set up a <VirtualHost> for port 10002.

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