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.vimrc to automatically compile perl code, based on actual perl version

You have to dynamically change the Perl path in 'makeprg' based on the shebang line. For example:

:let perlExecutable = matchstr(getline(1), '^#!zsS+')
:let perlExecutable = (empty(perlExecutable) ?
'/home/utils/perl-5.14/5.14.1-nothreads-64/bin/perl' : perlExecutable) "
Default in case of no match
:let &makeprg = perlExecutable . ' -c % $*'

You can invoke that (maybe encapsulated in a function) on the FileType event, but then it won't properly detect new files that don't have the shebang yet. Or prepend the call to your autocmd BufWritePost *.pl,*.pm,*.t :make; that will re-detect after each save.

PS: Instead of all those :autocmd FileType in your ~/.vimrc, I would rather place those in ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/perl.vim (if you have :filetype plugin on). Also, you should use :setlocal instead of (global) :set.

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