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Boolean Logical Syntax and MYSQL syntax Issue

What if you split your query into two parts? Querying for one set of information at a time will make things simpler and easier to debug.

I could imagine doing something that looks like this (in pseudo-code):

query = "SELECT username 
         FROM `userinfo` `u3` 
         WHERE `u3`.`username` LIKE '%".mysql_real_escape_string($data)."%'

             OR `u3`.`email` LIKE '%".mysql_real_escape_string($data)."%'"

var result = db.execute(query);
// set to true if the above query returns at least one row
bool user_exists = (result.RowCount() > 0)
var username = (user_exists)? result.GetRow().GetField("username") : null;

if(user_exists)//user exist
    value = username;
    //user exists but skip
} // ....

(I've only replicated the functionality pertaining to your UNION's first SELECT statement; the logic associated with the second statement can be similarly rewritten.)

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