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Trying to reach my openfire server through my android client
  • SERVICE - is the "Server name" of your openfire instance, it should be talkative.com.
  • HOST - it is a public DNS name of the server machine, e.g. xmppclient.talkative.com
  • PORT - 5222 in the default setup, check this port should be open to public network.

If you have access to DNS configuration of talkative.com, you can add SRV record _xmpp-server._tcp.talkative.com pointing to xmppclient.talkative.com:5269 (if you want to add your server in federation with other public XMPP servers) and _xmpp-client._tcp.talkative.com pointing to xmppclient.talkative.com:5222. This is a perfect setup, in which case Smack ConnectionConfiguration requires only

ConnectionConfiguration connConfig = new

And all other parameters it will detect automatically via DNS.

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