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High speed data acquisiton using REST Services
Using WCF yes. I'm not sure REST is the best architectural style for the type of problem you are trying to solve. I also wonder whether HTTP is appropriate. Having said that you might want to look into CORE which is an effort to apply REST in highly constrained environments like data acquisition.

Categories : Wcf

High Speed Collisions in Unity
It turns out I only needed to got to ProjectSettings -> Time -> Fixed TimeStep There you just need to raise the number by a little bit. Be careful though, if you raise the value too much it will freeze the program.

Categories : C#

Unbelievably high rate of "customer's card was declined" on subscription API
A credit card transaction has two important parts: authorization and settlement. I am not familiar with the APIs Google provide for payments but if they allow you to control these parts then you can do the authorization at the beginning of the trial period. When the authorization stage is done the credit card company reserve this amount for you from the clients account but doesn't yet charge it. After the trial period you can do the settlement and the client will be charged. If you've already done the authorization then the settlement is much less likely to fail. These two stages usually exist in order to give the business entity time to check for fraud. If a transaction is cancelled after authorization but before settlement there's little or no fee for the business entity. If the tr

Categories : Android

How to speed up java card encryption/decryption(RSA)
RSA is inherently slow, and gets slower when you use bigger key lengths. There are however things you can do to speed up RSA operations: Use a public key with a public exponent that has few bits set to 1, e.g. the fourth number of Fermat, 65537. Note that there are some attacks that can be performed on a public exponent with value 3. This only speeds up public key operations. use a RSAPrivateCrtKey that includes parameters that can be used for calculations using the Chinese Remainder Theorem. This only speeds up private key operations. If you have already generated a key pair on the card, chances are that both options have already been lifted by the chip. In that case the solution space may be empty. The only thing you can do then is to switch to Elliptic Curve cryptography (but even t

Categories : Performance

High speed, between-frame, graphics architecture for java
instead of interacting through Graphics2D you should interact direct with image data. This is my code, with my laptop can run with 20 frame/second (fullscreen) @SuppressWarnings("serial") class TestPanel extends JPanel { int w, h; private static int WIDTH = 700; private static int HEIGHT = 500; private static final Color BACKGROUND_COLOR = Color.white; private BufferedImage bImg; private Color color = Color.black; public TestPanel() { bImg = new BufferedImage(WIDTH, HEIGHT,BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB); Graphics g = bImg.getGraphics(); g.setColor(BACKGROUND_COLOR); g.fillRect(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT); Timer myTimer = new Timer(10, new ActionListener() { @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEv

Categories : Java

High clock speed vs multiple cores/CPUs in a web server
There are two different situations that we can consider: - One kind of processor that is just used for calculations for a single program. In this situation, the Processor speed is more important as the user want the ability to do quickly and efficiently. Its not the case with web server. - On the other hand the processor used for multiple programs running at the same time. ( concurrent processes) The second is where multiple cores come in handy, as each program can be assigned to a separate core, thus freeing each program from 'bottle-necking' each other. - From Intel :) Software developers can no longer rely on increasing clock speeds alone to speed up single-threaded applications; instead, to gain a competitive advantage, developers must learn how to properly design their applic

Categories : PHP

Is it possible to get "blur motion" by moving an object at high speed programatically
To get a blur effect in flash you need to apply a blur filter to it. You can create and apply this filter to an object in code and adjust the amount of blur as well. For a motion blur, you could apply filter and use the object's speed as a multiple for the amount of blur you want.

Categories : Actionscript

Socket and ports setup for high-speed audio/video streaming
I think it is better to use an object mechanism and send data in an interleaved fashion. This mechanism may work faster than multiple port mechanism. eg: class Data { DataType, - (Adio/Video) Size, - (Size of the Data buffer) Data Buffer - (Data depends on the type) } 'DataType' and 'Size' always of constant size. At the client side take the 'DataType' and 'Size' and then read the specifed size of corresponding sent data(Adio/Video).

Categories : C#

inserting zeros between the elements of vector with high performance and speed ( preferred to use STL)
The reason it is slow is because the members of the vector are getting moved multiple times. Think about the members in the last row of your image. They all have to be moved once for every row of the image. It would be faster to create a whole new image, copying just the pixels you need from the original image and adding zeros where appropriate. Here's an example: void padColumns( std::vector<unsigned char> &old_image, size_t old_width, size_t new_width ) { size_t height = image.size() / old_width; assert(image.size() == old_width*height); std::vector<unsigned char> new_image(new_width * height); for (size_t row=0; row!=height; ++row) { std::copy( old_image.begin() + row*old_width, old_image.begin() + row*old_width + old_width,

Categories : Visual Studio 2010

Why is the Phonegap sample app for accelerometer not able to show phone accelerometer data on Nokia 5800?
I got the answer at Phonegap forum. In the line: <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="cordova-x.x.x.js"></script> src should be set to "cordova.js".

Categories : Cordova

F# Immutable data structures for high frequency real-time streaming data
Suppose your dataObj contains a unique ID field, then any set data structure would be fine for your job. The immutable data structures are primarily used for functional style code or persistency. If you don't need these two, you can use HashSet<T> or SortedSet<T> in the .Net collection library. Some stream specific optimization may be useful, e.g., keeping a fixed-size Queue<T>for the most recent data objects in the stream and store older objects in the more heavy weight set. I would suggest a benchmarking before switching to such hybrid data structure solutions. Edit: After reading your requirements more carefully, I found that what you want is a queue with user-accessible indexing or backward enumerator. Under this data structure, your feature extraction operation

Categories : Database

Azure Could Computing high availoability vs NEO4J high availability?
The short answer is probably yes. Windows Azure provide you infrastructure that allow you to build high availability system, it won't make any system high available by magic. As NEO4J is state-full, each node (with only one node Azure don't give you any SLA, you instance will be down) will need to share some state and the way to do it will be dependent on how NEO4J is working. So you will need to rely on NEO4J mechanism to do it. I don't know how NEO4J is working but you won't be able to skip designing an high available architecture around NEO4J using Windows Azure infra. Cloud may be a magic buzz word that can make things append on management level, but when we are on hard real world level Harry magic wand doesn't exist.

Categories : Neo4j

quicksand sorting price values low to high / high to low
val() gives you a string, so > and < comparisons are lexographical (not numeric). Try wrapping the values in parseInt() or parseFloat(). Make sure to add appropriate error handling as well.

Categories : Jquery

Card.io usage in android. Displaying Credit card number and Expiry date
Maybe I missed it but I dont see anything wrong with the code. The problem may be in your XML so I thought I would make it easy for you. Send the user to another activity when the scan is completed. Copy this in the appropriate place. Create a new xml.file and see if this works. If you have any problems tell me. This is working fine for me. private Button scanButton; } @Override protected void onResume() { super.onResume(); if (CardIOActivity.canReadCardWithCamera(this)) { scanButton.setText("Charge"); } else { scanButton.setText("Charge"); } } final String TAG = getClass().getName(); private int MY_SCAN_REQUEST_CODE = 100; // arbitrary int public void onScanPress(View v) { // This method is set up as an onClick handler in the layout xml // e.g. and

Categories : Android

What is the difference between twitter photo card and summary with large image card?
The difference between a summary_large_image card and a photo card is what occurs when the user clicks on the image in the card: In the case of a summary_large_image card, a click on the image opens the link in a new tab (or in a browser on smartphones). In the case of a photo card, a click on the image opens a bigger version of the image in the same browser window (or displays the image full-screen on smartphones).

Categories : Twitter

How to implemet creadit card and debit card payment in salesforce
If you are not experienced with API development, paypal API details are here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/ Then the best other option is an App. I have used the connected Epos solution, which is great for taking payments from credit cards, either with the customer present (chip n pin) or by keying in the card numbers. You need to get the PayPalHere card terminal which is about $50, but it is a great all round solution. https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000000qD0GEAU

Categories : Paypal

Im trying to figure out how to deal a card from the deck in my card game class
yeah, now that i've thinked about, "hand" was empty because you fill it from "deck" that is in turn empty. Maybe you can define a method "initDeck" in deck class that fills the deck with random cards, and call it from game constructor. or maybe you already do this out of the game class, but in that case you should pass the deck to game!

Categories : Java

Java Card: How to load SIM applet to real smart card?
It might not work because the SIM application might have dependencies to APIs that are not present in the JCOP cards (for instance ETSI 102 705). But then it is worth trying. Make sure that the file format is compatible between the tools (a cap file is not always a cap file by the way; a real cap file is a zip, some tools prefer IJC files). Try using the cap file from the Gemalto tool in the jcManager. If it does not work you can try GPShell. The main challenge is to have the keys to your target, and then the right tool.

Categories : Java

Reset Smart Card pin having Muscle card applet
MSCUnblockPIN is the function to use, but you have to know the unblock value of course. The corresponding ISO command Reset Retry Counter allows variants without unblock value, but these need another kind of protection to avoid arbitrary many retries.

Categories : Security

iOS Phonegap app crashes after Card.io scans credit card
@Paul if you using latest card.io SDK just modify the CardIOPGPlugin.m file on line 101 from [CardIOCreditCardInfo displayStringForCardType:info.cardType] to [CardIOCreditCardInfo displayStringForCardType:info.cardType usingLanguageOrLocale:[[NSLocale currentLocale] localeIdentifier]] Hope it helps.

Categories : IOS

Varnish High DB Connections In High Traffic
Mostly spiking backend connections has little to do with your varnish configuration but alot to do with the cachability of your site. Are there cookies that prevents you from caching efficiently? You can chose to strip them or remove all but chosen ones, there are examples for both on the varnish site. Do a varnishstat and check your hit rates during peaks. Is it a good cache hitratio? Is it the same as during low load? If it's the same or higher in low load it's easy to work on improving it at any time. Do a varnishtop -i txurl to see what requests are the most frequently sent to backend servers. Maybe it's some URLs that are just not cached due to faulty headers? Maybe some pages can be cached longer? Maybe some parts of the pages can be cached with ESI? Make sure your varnish is not

Categories : Mysql

How do I get R to read high dimensional data?
Try this: x <- read.csv("YOUR_ADDRESS/dorothea_test.data", header=F, sep=" ") dim(x) # [1] 807 2887 Actually the size of this data is not very big for R, you can easily process it with a normal PC or laptop.

Categories : R

High chart -fill pie data with xlst
Could you show example of your XML? Or setup jsFiddle sample? In general, your data shouldn't contain any NaN's or strings. Also, here you are setting one series: series: [{ name: 'Allowed', data:[] }] and then adding one more: options.series.push(seriesOptions); So you are covering one series by another.

Categories : Xslt

R: High-level data matching between 2 tables
If I understand the question correctly, this is the solution: x <- structure(list(SNP = c("rs2932538", "rs10488631", "rs12537284", "rs3764650", "rs10479002", "rs6704644", "rs2900211"), Gene = c("ENSG00000007341", "ENSG00000064419", "ENSG00000064419", "ENSG00000064666", "ENSG00000072682", "ENSG00000072682","ENSG00000072682"), Pval= c(5.6007, 7.7461, 4.5544, 12.3401, 5.0141, 6.2306, 9.9022)), row.names= c(NA, 7L), class = "data.frame") x SNP Gene Pval 1 rs2932538 ENSG00000007341 5.6007 2 rs10488631 ENSG00000064419 7.7461 3 rs12537284 ENSG00000064419 4.5544 4 rs3764650 ENSG00000064666 12.3401 5 rs10479002 ENSG00000072682 5.0141 6 rs6704644 ENSG00000072682 6.2306 7 rs2900211 ENSG00000072682 9.9022 x1 <- x[!(duplicated(x$Gene) | duplicated(x$Gene

Categories : R

Series Data for column high chart
chart.addSeries({ data: [32, 43, 42], index: 0, zIndex:1 }); Live Demo

Categories : Javascript

How to access specific raw data on SD card?
You want to read data from sd card.So do something like this.. File dir = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(); File yourFile = new File(dir, "path_of_your_file"); And then you can read the file like.. fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(yourFile); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(fileInputStream)); String readString = new String(); while((readString = br.readLine())!= null){ //readString has your data }

Categories : Java

Card.io SDK gives partial credit card number
Josh from card.io here. The sample code you're probably looking at reads: - (void)userDidProvideCreditCardInfo:(CardIOCreditCardInfo *)info inPaymentViewController:(CardIOPaymentViewController *)scanViewController { // The full card number is available as info.cardNumber, but don't log that! NSLog(@"Received card info. Number: %@, expiry: %02i/%i, cvv: %@.", info.redactedCardNumber, info.expiryMonth, info.expiryYear, info.cvv); // Use the card info... [scanViewController dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; } Note the comment above the NSLog call. What is being logged is info.redactedCardNumber. You want info.cardNumber instead. See the header files, which are pretty well documented, for more details. The older version of the SDK is has been publicly deprecated for nearly a

Categories : Iphone

Coordinate Id of same card that is read by two different card readers
Its rather hard to understand just exactly what your wanting, but in the bottom you state: 'in other words, i want to convert this array of bytes to corresponding hex code'. You can perform that operation like so: public static string ByteArrayToString(byte[] ba) { StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(ba.Length * 2); foreach (byte b in ba) { sb.AppendFormat("{0:x2}", b); } return sb.ToString(); } Just pass in your Byte array and the result will be your hex conversion in string format. Edit: This will probably yield the same results, but try this: byte[ ] bytes = {0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 255 } Console.WriteLine( BitConverter.ToString( bytes ) );

Categories : C#

Card holder's name in APDU commands (ICC Card)
Reading the card holders name and other info on a chip & pin card is not as simple as you might think. It's not as simple as just one straight forward APDU , there are several more steps you have to go through first. First you need to perform an application selection. How you do this, depends on your card and your terminal. There are 2 standard ways. 1) Application file selection 2) AID Scanning For type 1, you typically call a known file name using the select file apdu (NOTE: I'm not going to implement full apdu sentences in what I type here as there is just too much data to try and represent, if there is enough attention to this post then I might do a blog entry) The file name to select for most EMV standard cards is '1PAY.SYS.DDF01' or '2PAY.SYS.DDF01' for contactless ca

Categories : Misc

python asyncore not keeping up with high data rates
I found the answer to this question. Asyncore is not to blame in this case. The code provided in the question is making bad use of the buffer interface. All I had to do was replace the last line in the handle_write method with the following line: self.buffer = self.buffer[sent:] This solves the problem

Categories : Python

Is there a high resolution ERwin data model (.emf) viewer?
This has a lot to do with the display properties of the stored display. Before you generate you EMF file. Go to each stored display and set each one to normal zoom level, then generate you picture. If you move to Erwin R9 the generation of HTML reporting like the old Report template builder is back!!

Categories : Misc

High performance pivot grid for pre-aggregated data
PivotTable-like frontends that allow slice and dice data exploration are in general associated with OLAP technology. Some of those frontends target one specific server, using a proprietary data model, and some others implement the standard: MDX queries over XMLA transport. But when OLAP technology was designed 20 years ago, doing it in real-time seemed unthinkable. One consequence is that the XMLA standard has no support for updates in a cell set. Actually it practically forbids it because of the static representation of cell sets and cell set axis. ActivePivot can push real-time updates into an OLAP result set and it exposes a (proprietary) streaming API to subscribe to those updates. The ActivePivot Live frontend was in the first place written to leverage those real-time updates, prese

Categories : Wpf

SIM card contacts in ContactsContract.Data.CONTENT_URI
If you want to all Contacts from Sim Card then try below Code: private void SIMContacts() { try { String strPhonename = null; String strphoneNo = null; Uri simUri = Uri.parse("content://icc/adn"); Cursor cursorSim = this.getContentResolver().query(simUri,null,null,null,null); while (cursorSim.moveToNext()) { strPhonename =cursorSim.getString(cursorSim.getColumnIndex("name")); strphoneNo = cursorSim.getString(cursorSim.getColumnIndex("number")); strphoneNo.replaceAll("\D",""); strphoneNo.replaceAll("&", ""); strPhonename=strPhonename.replace("|",""); Log.i("Contact: ", "name: "+strPhonename+" phone: "+strphoneNo); } } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } }

Categories : Android

How to send high rate of data ~30-100Hz to web server and/or bluetooth
A websocket sounds like a very good solution - keeping the socket open will avoid the overhead of setting up and tearing down a connection every time. Have a look at http://autobahn.ws/android - I've only tried it briefly, but it seems to work very well.

Categories : Android

Azure VMs high-availability setup for data disk or storage
Have a look into Azure Blob Storage - don't worry about disks etc, just let the Azure fabric handle the data redundancy and scalability for you! Here's an "all you need" introduction to WIndows Azure Storage:

Categories : Azure

High volume of data in Memory in azure worker role
The only issue I can see is that your lists' underlying arrays may end up on the large object heap, and since they reference your cached data, it will be garbage collected more seldom than normal objects. I can't imagine you'll run into trouble if you're not replacing the data very frequently, but it's something to keep an eye on. Also, .NET 4.5 has improvements in this area, so you'll want to try to run under that CLR.

Categories : C#

Best Restful WebService in Java for API Development for high volume data?
You have multiple choices, all the frameworks are very light and able to handle requests at a good request per second rate. I have used jersey and resteasy, both of them have no performance bottlenecks. Probably the reason is that they don't do much except intercepting all the incoming request to their servlet and forward them to the appropriate mapped class. You will gain from the object to JSON or vice-versa mapping functionality as a bonus from these frameworks. But you need to be careful with the business logic you will be writing, to get the desired performance. As I mentioned, there are no substantial overheads with any of the mentioned frameworks.

Categories : Java

PHP Download file, limit max speed and calculate downloading speed
How about (re)adding that sleep(1); thing to the WHILE loop? From what I can see the script outputs the file almost all at once (as fast as it can) and there's nothing that pauses it so it can actually limit the download speed. That way you will know that each second you send just 64kbytes (or whatever) and even though you can't be sure that the user can in fact recieve this much data/second (whoa, so fast!), it could be a bit more precise than what you have in there now. Or am I getting this wrong?

Categories : PHP

When to use low < high or low + 1 < high for loop invariant
If your invariant is that the target must lie in low <= i <= high, then you use while (low < high); if your invariant is that the target must lie in low <= i < high then you use while (low + 1 < high). [Thanks to David Eisenstat for confirming this.]

Categories : Algorithm

show only one series data in High charts in start of drawing/load
I think I found solution visible: false in series, updated my jsfiddle series: [{ name: 'MyHiddenLine', data: [1,2,3], visible: false },

Categories : Javascript

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