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in Backbone, is it possible to tell fetch that it if it reads content that is content-type:'text/plain' to read it as JSON
Backbone uses jQuery.ajax under the hood for the ajax requests. So you need to use the dataType: 'json' options to specify how jQuery should treat the response when you are calling fetch: yourCollection.fetch({ dataType: 'json' });

Categories : Backbone Js

A missing or empty content type header was found when trying to read a message. The content type header is required
Thanks Vitek Karas MSFT for your suggestion. The issue is sovled by installing the latest version of WCF Data Services 5.6.0. and thanks to Maikel who tried in on our dev and was able to solve the issue.

Categories : Web Services

A message body reader for Java class java.util.List, and Java type java.util.List<>, and MIME media type text/html was not found
I deleted all generated classes and all restful classes and the GroupUClient then the program works without problems. change from public ChatuserClient() { com.sun.jersey.api.client.config.ClientConfig config = new com.sun.jersey.api.client.config.DefaultClientConfig(); client = Client.create(config); webResource = client.resource(BASE_URI).path("entities.chatuser"); } to public ChatuserClient() { com.sun.jersey.api.client.config.ClientConfig config = new com.sun.jersey.api.client.config.DefaultClientConfig(); client = Client.create(config); webResource = client.resource(BASE_URI).path("entities.service.chatuser"); }

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Send an html email error content type or mime type
I have tested this example in my web host and it works perfectly : <?php $from = "xxxxx@gmail.com"; $subject = "Confirm Your Email"; $message = "<html><body>"; $message .= " <center> <b>You are reiciving this email because you Signed up at Alphaladys.com</b> <br> <font color="red">Thank You, $name</font><br> <b><a href="alphaladys.com/?71860c77c6745379b0d44304d66b6a13=emailVerify&key=$key">Confirm Your Email</a></b><br> </center> <br><br>© 2013 Copyright | AlphaLadys.Com | All rights reserved. "; $message .= "</body></html>"; $headers = "From: " . $from . " "; $headers .= "Reply-To: ". $from . " "; $headers .= "MIME-Version: 1

Categories : HTML

MVC WebImage OutputCache results in content type of text/html
OutputCache overrides the ContentType. You can fix this by deriving a class from OutputCacheAttribute like so: public class ImageOutputCache : OutputCacheAttribute { public override void OnResultExecuting(ResultExecutingContext filterContext) { base.OnResultExecuting(filterContext); filterContext.HttpContext.Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"; } }

Categories : C#

the content type 'application/json; charset=utf-8' was not the expected type 'text/xml; charset=utf-8'
You need to use the WebServiceHostFactory, instead of the regular ServiceHostFactory in your code. That will configure the endpoint with the appropriate binding (webHttpBinding) and behavior (webHttp) to honor the [WebInvoke] attribute. <serviceHostingEnvironment > <serviceActivations> <add factory="System.ServiceModel.Activation.WebServiceHostFactory" relativeAddress="./wsccc1/wscccService.svc" service="service.wservice"/> </serviceActivations> </serviceHostingEnvironment>

Categories : Json

How to parse HTTP request with a missing content type in Express/ NodeJs, by assuming a default content type?
You have a bunch of options including manually invoking the express (connect, really) middleware functions yourself (really, go read the source code. They are just functions and there is no deep magic to confuse you). So: function defaultContentTypeMiddleware (req, res, next) { req.headers['content-type'] = req.headers['content-type'] || 'application/json'; next(); } app.use(defaultContentTypeMiddleware); app.use(express.bodyParser());

Categories : Javascript

Dexterity Content Type DateTime Issue & How to modify Content Type Values
not sure about the dateTime issue, but check out indexes, indexing and custom index to figure out setting titles and description. to set your title for instance @indexer(IFormName) def titleIndexer(obj): return obj.valueFromForm grok.global_adapter(titleIndexer, name="Title")

Categories : Misc

ListItemVersion content type read in SharePoint2010
I understand the question, and have seen this bug. Unfortunately, SharePoint 2013 seems to have the same bug (namely that the ContentType field is not populated in SPListItemVersion). The ContentTypeId field does seem to be populated, so as a workaround, one can hardcode tests against the ContentTypeId.

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Make Sublime Text treat