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Associate elastic ip with instance on another account

To my understanding it is not possible to associate Elastic IP with instance on another account. I am an AWS user and I have also just researched the question in the AWS forums at:


Options that you MAY have available are workarounds, which might include things like:

  • If you are using a domain name, then get a new AWS account with a new EIP (Elastic IP) established, then switch the DNS of the domain name to point to the new EIP.

  • If you are referring to the original EIP in code, set up the new account with the new EIP, and change the code that is referring to to the EIP to refer to the new one.

  • You might establish a subnet between the two EC2 instances, similar to what is being done at this link http://fortycloud.com/interconnecting-two-aws-vpc-regions/ though it could be harder to do this when the EC2 instances are in two different accounts. But this line of thinking may get you somewhere depending on your scenario.

Please let me know your scenario, and I will be glad to suggest other workarounds. What is the kind of task you are trying to accomplish? A few calls? Passing some data back and forth? Or running a full website? If your scenario were known, then it might be possible to suggest a more appropriate approach. Thanks and good luck with your project!

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