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Insert a date, Highlight/move a row when date is added and highlight in another sheet

A few places to start at regarding Events, Triggers and Spreadsheet handling:

I have scripts that upon editing a row record in a particular column of that row the time it was edited and in another column the username (email address) of the user editing. This script was originally in a couple of different libraries and I tried to paste the relevant portions into a single script and generalize it to the extent possible. I have not tested as it appears here -- I hope I copied everything: https://script.google.com/d/1qVLXiKZA8SAgOoW2BAcOCtQ2bXeCNz6oRed8bN9YOOPpvdI0HzAdxeC0/edit?usp=sharing

Since this script also accesses the user's email address it must be explicitly authorized by each user before it works properly. It is for this reason that the main functions is called onEditDelegate() that must be added manually to the onEdit trigger instead of being called onEdit(). If you don't need the username, you can remove that part and it will be easier to install the script.

You can also extend this script so that when all the necessary info is entered the script copies the content of the row, deletes it from the spreadsheet and pastes it at the bottom of the sheet.

Similarly the other points you mentioned can be achieved using triggers/events.

Good luck!

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