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failed to execute goal gwt-maven-plugin:2.5.1: gwt module name not found in project sources or resources (works in eclipse but maven install fails)

As you suspected, the issue is that your gwt.xml file is not present in the JAR. And as you might have read in the other question, that's because it's in src/main/java and not declared as a <resource>.


  • either declare resources (*.java and *.gwt.xml files, possibly others if you use ClientBundle or UiBinder) as <resources>

  • use gwt:resources or gwt:source-jar

  • or build a source-jar with the maven-source-plugin and add it as a dependency (along with the "normal" JAR) to your GWT project:


(note: <classifier>sources</classifier> also works, in place of <type>java-source</type>, but using the <type> is more correct)

See also http://mojo.codehaus.org/gwt-maven-plugin/user-guide/library.html (which is quite obviously not complete)

BTW, do not use <inplace>true</inplace> unless you fully understand the implications. I've yet to find a real use for that property.

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