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Limit the number of lines in XSLT item
But I want it to show only the first five lines never mind what the width of the div is, so characters limitation will not work here. You're not alone. Here are some similar questions: Is it possible to detect when text wraps? Finding line-wraps Controlling ellipsis style in CSS Multi-line text-overflow:ellipsis in CSS or JS, with img tags Defining minimum available height before floating divs? Good luck. References Yes, SOFT HYPHEN is a hard problem Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm

Categories : Javascript

Limit number of lines in text by a regular expression
I don't see why this would need any kind of lookaround. Just match only lines that contain foo: (?: ?[^ ]*foo[^ ]*){3} Notice that with the optional this might as well match a line that contains foo three times. To avoid that, use (?:(?:^| )[^ ]*foo[^ ]*){3} // or (?:[^ ]*foo[^ ]*(?: |$)){3} (depending on your regex flavour you might use different anchors for string beginning/end) If you need foo standing on it's own, just add word boundaries to it: (?: ?[^ ]*foo[^ ]*){3}

Categories : Regex

Extract the last 50 lines from an NSAttributedString
You can use substring method of AttributedString: if ([resultString length]>50) { resultString = [resultString attributedSubstringFromRange:NSMakeRange(0, 50)]; } NSMakeRange - 0 tells us where to start and 50 is length of substring

Categories : IOS

Equal spacing between lines of NSAttributedString with multiple font sizes for a UILabel in iOS 6
I have been doing something similar, so maybe you could try something like this (typed in browser, watch out!): NSMutableParagraphStyle *style = [[NSMutableParagraphStyle alloc] init]; [style setAlignment: NSTextAlignmentRight]; [style setLineSpacing:0]; for(NSString *line in linesArray) { NSMutableParagraphStyle *subStyle = [style mutableCopy]; [subStyle setMaximumLineHeight:10]; // play around with this value <----- NSDictionary *attributes = @{ NSFontAttributeName : [UIFont fontWithName:@"TimesNewRomanPSMT" size:fontSize], NSParagraphStyleAttributeName : paragraphStyle, }; [attString appendAttributedString:[[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:line attributes: attributes]]; fontSize += 10.0; }

Categories : IOS

Git total number of deleted lines and added lines for complete log
Find the hash of the first-commit-after-big-migration, or add a tag to it, and use it in your git log command : $ git log --numstat --pretty --oneline 0f5d22e..HEAD -- <filename> | awk ...

Categories : GIT

Replace lines by line number with lines from other file
One way with awk: $ match="second textblock" $ awk 'NR==FNR&&!p;$0~m{print p;p=1};NR>FNR&&FNR>1' m="$match" file1 file2 first text block #blank line second textblock all #blank line the other lines #blank line

Categories : Regex

Trying to get file with max lines to print with lines number
you can try: wc -l $1/* | grep -v total | sort -g | tail -1 actually to avoid the grep that would also remove files containing "total": for f in $1/*; do wc -l $f; done | sort -g | tail -1 or even better, as suggested in comments: wc -l $1/* | sort -rg | sed -n '2p' you can even make it a function: function get_biggest_file() { wc -l $* | sort -rg | sed -n '2p' } % ls -l ... 0 Jun 12 17:33 a ... 0 Jun 12 17:33 b ... 0 Jun 12 17:33 c ... 0 Jun 12 17:33 d ... 25 Jun 12 17:33 total % get_biggest_file ./* 5 total EDIT2: using the function I gave, you can simply output what you need as follows: get_biggest $1/* | awk '{print "The file "" $2 "" has the maximum number of lines: " $1}' EDIT: if you tried to write the function as you've written it in the question, you should

Categories : Linux

An algorithm to find number of numbers in a given limit 'l' (0 <= l <= 10^16) with atleast one occurence of a single digit number 'n'?
Assuming you mean 0 <= l < 10^16 (not <= 10^16), all integers in this range have 10 digits (allowing for leading 0s). There are 10^16 total values in this range. I'd write the problem as: Number with digit n = 10^16 - number WITHOUT digit n. So how many ways can we not choose n in the 1's place? 9 ways. How many ways can we not put an 'n' in the 10s OR 1's place? 9*9. Following this logic, there are 9^16 ways of not putting an n in any of the 16 possible slots. So your answer is 10^16 - 9^16. If you actually meant 0 <= l <= 16, that range has only one more number, namely 10^16. The leading digit of this number is 1, so if n = 1 you have exactly 10^16 - 9^16 + 1 values with a 1 in it. If n != 1 then the previous answer holds.

Categories : Algorithm

mysql LIMIT lines with a GROUP BY operand
I don't think there is a straightforward single query solution to what you are looking for, but depending on your data size and what you know up front about the domain there are a few options. First of all, you could use find_each instead which would still iterate over your complete set, but it would avoid loading all 8000 into memory. That would look like this: grouped_mymodels = {} all_mymodels = MyModel.find_each do |model| grouped_models[model.category_id] ||= [] next if grouped_models[model.category_id] > 10 grouped_models[model.category_id] << model end Otherwise, I think you'd need to run more than one find operation to get the top ten records for each category. If you only need some of the data from the model you could look at using GROUP_CONCAT or something el

Categories : Mysql

Substitute `number` with `(number)` in multiple lines
Let me address those in reverse. First: there's no difference between :s/foo/bar and :s:foo:bar; whatever delimiter you use after the s, vim will expect you to use from then on. This can be nice if you have a substitution involving lots of slashes, for instance. For the first: to do this to the first number on the current line (assuming no commas, decimal places, etc), you could do :s:(d+):(1) The (...) doesn't change what is matched - rather, it tells vim to remember whatever matched what is inside, and store it. The first (...) is stored in 1, the second in 2, etc. So, when you do the replacement, you can reference 1 to get the number back. If you want to change ALL numbers on the current line, change it to :s:(d+):(1):g If you want to change ALL numbers on ALL lines, change i

Categories : Vim

Java - limit number between min and max
You do not need an external library for this, try this test case: public class RandomNumber { public static void main(String[] Args) { System.out.println("random = " + randomInRange(5,10)); } public static double randomInRange(double arg1, double arg2) { double my_number = Math.ceil(Math.random() * (arg1 - arg2) + arg2); return my_number; } }

Categories : Java

Limit the number of pages
I suppose you can override mpdf class addPage method, and if the number of pages is more then you want, generate EnoughPagesException, catch it up in your code, and there you have the mpdf object with the number of pages you need.

Categories : PHP

Limit number of column
<table> <tr> <?php $count = 5; while($report && !$report ->EOF && $count > 0) { echo "<td>$name</td>"; $report ->MoveNext(); $count--; } ?> </tr> </table> Just added a simple counter to the while loop. By increasing the count you can make more columns appear

Categories : PHP

Limit number of '1' in a string using Regexp
There are possibly better versions, but this seems to do the trick: /^([^1]*1){1,5}[^1]*$/ Broken down: ^ - Start of string [^1]*1 - Zero or more non-1 characters 1 - A '1'. ([^1]*1){1,5} - This pattern occurring between one and five times. [^1]* - Zero or more non-1 characters $ - End of string

Categories : Ruby

Limit Number of Checkboxes Checked
Try this: jQuery(function(){ var max = 3; var categories = jQuery('label'); // use better selector for categories categories.each(function(){ var checkboxes = $(this).find('input[type="checkbox"]'); checkboxes.change(function(){ var current = checkboxes.filter(':checked').length; checkboxes.filter(':not(:checked)').prop('disabled', current >= max); }); }); });

Categories : Javascript

Is there anyway to limit the number of character in UITextfield to 5?
Is the delegate being called? If YES, then just try this: - (BOOL)textField:(UITextField *)textField shouldChangeCharactersInRange:(NSRange)range replacementString:(NSString *)string { if ([textField.text length] > 5) { textField.text = [textField.text substringToIndex:5-1]; return NO; } return YES; }

Categories : IOS

Limit the number of posts from Facebook API
Since string.Format(appURL) contains a Graph API request USER_ID/feed, we can add a field that specify the limit: dynamic feed = _facebookClient.Get(string.Format(appURL) + "?limit=10"); You will find more information about LIMIT here.

Categories : Dotnet

Highcharts: limit number of markers
AFAIK you can disable markers per point but you have to supply the data as objects, which can be problematic with large quantities of points: series: [{ data: [ { y: 29.9 }, { y: 71.5, marker: { enabled: false } }, { y: 106.4, marker: { enabled: false } }, { y: 129.2 }] }] Documentation here (see third item).

Categories : Javascript

Limit the Number of Posts in Wordpress
There are multiple ways of doing it. But the easiest is to hook into wp_insert_post and prevent it from working. You could force every new post to draft until they delete/unpublish an older one and when they do you can allow them to publish new one.

Categories : PHP

Limit number of JSON results
If you don't want to get all the results, don't use each, which does iterate through all the results in the first place. Simple as that. For limited and known number of steps use simple logic as: for (var i = 0; i <= 4; i++) { var item = data.feed.entry[i]; // your other stuff goes here } ...or, as other state correctly, ommit your query by 5 in the first place and then use each freely.

Categories : Javascript

How to limit number of accociations in Rails
Besides validations, you could also use a custom method for adding child objects: def add_player(player) if players.count < 2 self.players << player else raise 'Too many players' end end This does enforce the limit when adding players using this method, but not when accessed directly via association, e.g. obj.players << player.

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Limit the number of attempts in Android
As AnujMathur_07 told you can use SharedPreferences which are pretty easy to use, but there is a but, if the user goes to the application data and suppress them, he will be able to send 4 new message etc. So maybe you can use database which is not so easily deleted or, easily you can create a text file where you write something when the user send the last message .

Categories : Java

Limit number of images - Paperclip
For the first part of the problem you have, i would suggest you use rails built-in counter_cache method. Your picture model would thus become: class Picture < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :imageable, :polymorphic => true, counter_cache: true has_attached_file :image end Also you would need to add a column called pictures_count to the User model. This way in your controller you could check if the count is upto 5 records and therefore inform them that they have uploaded the maximum allowed. if @user.pictures.size == 5 #sorry no more uploads For the second part of the problem. Is the form action pointed to the new/create action or to your update action. If pointed to the new action a new record would be created but if pointed to the update action then it should change

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Appengine - Limit the number of instances
My app is currently having only litte number of traffic, so paying even a little dollar is a matter to me. After learning and trying so many option on how to optimize the instance class. I found the following setting that gives me a lowest cost on running application with Billing Status Enabled on Google Appengine. I use F1 Class to set Frontend instance. Here i the code in yaml version. instance_class: F1 automatic_scaling: max_idle_instances: 1 # default value min_pending_latency: automatic # default value max_pending_latency: 30ms I use B1 class to set Backend instance. Here i the code in yaml version. instance_class: B1 basic_scaling: max_instances: 1 idle_timeout: 10m And here is the code to put in appeengine.web.xml (if compiling java with maven) <threadsafe&g

Categories : Google App Engine

Dataconfig - is there a limit on number of sub-entities with in an entity?
I have not come across a limit to sub entities. However in your case it looks evident because if you remove 1 entity it works. I would suggest you to join the query somehow or use a view.

Categories : Solr

Is there a limit on the number of WHERE conditions in a SELECT statement?
No, But read here: The maximum number of bytes in the text of an SQL statement is limited to SQLITE_MAX_SQL_LENGTH which defaults to 1000000. You can redefine this limit to be as large as the smaller of SQLITE_MAX_LENGTH and 1073741824.

Categories : SQL

How can I limit the maximum number of selected CheckBoxes?
Try this: int count = 1; int maxnoofselected = 1; @foreach (var project in Model.Projects) { if(count <= maxnoofselected) { <input type="checkbox" id="@project.Name" name="Projects" value="@project.ID" title="@project.Name" checked="checked" /> <label for="@project.Name">@project.Name</label><br/> @count++; } else { <input type="checkbox" id="@project.Name" name="Projects" value="@project.ID" title="@project.Name" /> <label for="@project.Name">@project.Name</label><br/> } } If count is less or equal to maxnoofselected (i.e. your number) then check box will be checked otherwise it will be unchec

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

Limit number of Rows inserted into a Table
Create a Trigger before Insert on That table. In Trigger you can check for count for records that same table has. Check this link for Creating Trigger.

Categories : SQL

How to limit number of concurrent threads in Python?
For example, I have a directory with many files, and I want to process all of them, but only 4 at a time in parallel. That's exactly what a thread pool does: You create jobs, and the pool runs 4 at a time in parallel. You can make things even simpler by using an executor, where you just hand it functions (or other callables) and it hands you back futures for the results. You can build all of this yourself, but you don't have to.* The stdlib's concurrent.futures module is the easiest way to do this. (For Python 3.1 and earlier, see the backport.) In fact, one of the main examples is very close to what you want to do. But let's adapt it to your exact use case: def process_all_files(d): files = glob.glob(d + '/*') with concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=4) as exe

Categories : Python

OData - Limit the number of related entities
Not with OData v3. OData v4 has support for this. The syntax would look like, ~Customers?$expand=Orders($orderby=OrderID&$$top=5) Refer to the V4 draft here. You could always do it with multiple requests though with OData V3. Using the $batch feature would let you do it in 2 requests, get all customers first and then build a $batch request with GET ~/Customers(id)/Orders?$orderby=CustomerID&$top=5 for each customer in the first request.

Categories : Misc

Nginx - Limit number of letters in subdomain
I can spot a couple of syntax errors in your code: Nginx uses curly braces { } to specify internal directives so when you are using {0,2} it is trying to read that as a directive - you would need to double quote to avoid this; After your $ you should have a { to open up the directive for your location statement. However the biggest problem is that location is not related to subdomains - what you're looking for is server_name in the stage above location. Read more about server names in the documentation. note: this is untested code; I'd try something like the following: server { listen 80; # We require the expression in double quotes so the `{` and `}` aren't passed as directives. # The `w` matches an alphanumeric character and the `{7}` matches at least 7 occurren

Categories : Nginx

How to limit maximum number of items in category in yii?
Here is the example of custom rule for the class Page, provided that parentId attribute is the nullable foreign key to parent page, which sets to null if the Page has no parent, i.e. it is Main Page. class Page extends CActiveRecord { const MAINPAGES_LIMIT = 10; public function rules() { return array( ... array('parentId', 'mayNewMainPageBeCreated', 'on'=>'insert'), ... ); } // custom rule validator public function mayNewMainPageBeCreated($attribute, $params) { $count = Page::model()->count("parentId IS NULL"); if ($count >= self::MAINPAGES_LIMIT) { $this->addError($attribute, "Can't create more Main Pages"); } } }

Categories : PHP

PHP SimpleXML limit number of shown items
Same as you do it with the database records: Get the total amount of "records" and use an offset and a number of items per page. If you have 200 records and 10 items per page start and you're at page 2 you would show entry 10 to 20. So you have to iterate over your "records" and count them. If the count is between 10 and 20 show the record.

Categories : PHP

Limit the number of rows returned - mysql
[LIMIT {[offset,] row_count | row_count OFFSET offset}] You pass row_count=32. Check manual.

Categories : PHP

How to configure ThreadPoolExecutor to limit number of threads
executor.execute(new RecieveThread(threadCounter.toString())); No, this isn't how the ExecutorService classes work. You are submitting a thread as if it is a Runnable. So you end up with a Thread class that actually isn't a thread. The pool threads are just calling the RecieveThread.run() method. You should submit your small Runnable or Callable classes to the ExecutorService thread-pool instead. Maybe a "task" to submit to the ExecutorService is a MessageSendRecieve? It's hard to tell from your code. For example, he's a small simple job class that I use as an example: public class MyJob implements Runnable { // you can construct your jobs and pass in context for them if necessary public MyJob(String someContext) { ... } public void run() { // p

Categories : Java

How to limit number of characters to paste in the text box?
You can achieve this by the following way. Set maximum length of the text box as 22 textBox1.MaxLength = 22; In the text change event do the following private void textBox1_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (textBox1.Text.Length == 10) { textBox1.AppendText(" "); } } This will automatically enters to next line after 10 characters

Categories : C#

How to manually limit number of post in WordPress?
This post can help - http://digwp.com/2009/12/limit-posts-without-plugin/ There are two methods, one is to take a variable and loop it till your desired limit and keep incrementing it. Here is the code snippet for the same. <?php $i = 1; while (have_posts() && $i < 6) : the_post(); ?> <h1><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h1> <p>?php the_time(); ?></p> <?php the_content(); ?> <p><?php the_tags(); ?></p> <?php $i++; endwhile; ?> <p><?php next_posts_link(); ?></p> <p><?php previous_posts_link(); ?></p> <?php else : ?> <h1>Not Found</h1> <p>Silly monkey.</p> <

Categories : Wordpress

Limit number of rows added to 10 in 'Add Row' function
You could add a check for how many rows already exist at the beginning of your function, and bail out if it's at or greater than 10: if ($('#addOnDay tr').length >= 10) return; Actually, since you already check the count to do the zebra-striping, just add an additional check: $(document).on('click','#addAddOnDay',function(){ var rowCount = $('#addOnDay tr').length; if (rowCount >= 10) return false; var rowClass = (rowCount + 1) % 2 == 0 ? 'rowEven' : 'rowOdd'; ... });

Categories : Javascript

Limit the number of google recaptcha characters
There is no way to limit the number of characters of Google ReCaptcha. If the user can't find a captacha because it's too messy, too long, he can ask for another captcha, and that's how it works. Moreover, reducing the number of character would just reduce the effectiveness of ReCaptcha. If you really want something easier, you have to look for something else or create your own captcha system.

Categories : Magento

Limit number of thread in Play 2.1 framework
The setting you have forgotten is parallelism-min which defaults to 8. But before you go and change that one please consider not using the default dispatcher for this purpose: restricting it to two threads may well break the system. I’d recommend configuring a specific dispatcher to be used for your futures.

Categories : Scala

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