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How automaticaly import JAR files in Lotus Java Agent?


The headless designer command-line you mention in your post will take a whole Notes Database which has been stored in a source control system (and this means it has been translated to hundreds of small files instead of being one monolithic file) and then 'compile' it into an nsf. I don't think you can do this for a single agent.

If you want the jar files to be available to a single database, then I am afraid the only way is to do this manually, either into a Java Library or directly into the agent.

Another possibility which could work if you have access is writing the JAR files directly into the 'magic' paths on both your server and your notes client.


However, there are security issues involved because any code which is in this path is considered absolutely safe and will run without any restrictions. If you have a godd admin, he will definitely not be happy about this and will probably want to have a long look at your code.

If your server is at least 8.5.2 then a cool option would be to deploy your jars as an OSGi bundle (tip from Stephan Wissel, haven't done it myself)

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