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Automatically run a select statement against a remote mysql server over SH tunnel every 1 hour
Here is a quick reference of how cron works. You can run MySQL script thru .php. To run it every one hour, you should do it like this: * */01 * * * username /var/www/html/[phpFileYouWantToRun] You can either include /usr/bin/php in the command to run, or you can make the php scripts directly executable: chmod +x file.php Start your php file with a shebang so that your shell knows which interpreter to use: #!/usr/bin/php <?php // your code here Another solution is to make an scheduled jobs in MySQL directly like in this link: "How to Create Scheduled Events in MySQL"

Categories : Mysql

issues in connecting to AD server over SSL?
If you can't get TLS to work, it is unlikely that SSL will work. Are you sure that you got the right certificate and configured the keystore correctly? Based on the SSLHandshakeException when trying to use TLS, it would seem that may not be set up correctly. Check out this SO answer for some tips on how to verify that your keystore is correctly set up: http://stackoverflow.com/a/9619478/1792088

Categories : Java

Connecting to remote server with pgadmin
Specify a different local port in the script. The specified port is already in use by something else, possibly a local PostgreSQL running on port 5433. That's really just a toy wrapper around an SSH tunnel. Personally I tend to just fire up the ssh tunnel directly when I need that, or ssh into the remote machine and use psql on it locally.

Categories : Postgresql

Connecting to a remote machine through client-server
You say the other machine has an external ip address. This implies it also has a local ip address; ie it is behind a NAT firewall or similar. In this case, you will have to configure the firewall to allow communication to take place, eg by setting up port forwarding. Applications such as MSN Messenger, VOIP clients etc have elaborate mechanisms to negotiate this automatically, but they're often not very successful.

Categories : Vb.Net

Connecting to a remote database server at run time
I don't know what type of application you're creating. But you can add a key to the config file at runtime and recall it next time the application is run. System.Configuration.Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None); config.AppSettings.Settings["connectionString"].Value = "<connectionstring>"; config.Save(ConfigurationSaveMode.Modified);

Categories : C#

Problems connecting to a remote server and performing a simple db query
Log on to your database server, check the details and obtain the correct server information such as server, username and password. Once you change the server details you shoudl be ready to rock n roll. Edit post with the host name/server name and we may be able to find it for you. You'll have a phpMyAdmin page where you're hosting the site. Check the membership area or cPanel.

Categories : PHP

Connecting to a Remote Server on a different domain -- how do I enter the username and password?
According to Microsoft it should be possible. You need to authenticate against the remote domain, though, e.g. like this: computer = "..." username = "OTHERDOMAINuser" password = "..." Set locator = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator") Set wmi = locator.ConnectServer(computer, "rootcimv2", username, password) wmi.Security_.ImpersonationLevel = 3

Categories : Vbscript

Remote debugger over SSH tunnel
Ok, I have now found a simple solution to this. I installed OpenVPN server on a VMWare virtual machine on my development box. So I now have tree machines. My development machine The server in need of debugging A new OpenVPN server (virtual) I then opened up port 443 in my firewall towards the OpenVPN machine and next I installed the OpenVPN client on both the server in need of debugging and on my development machine and connected both to the OpenVPN server. I had to configure OpenVPN so that I had 2 different users (one for each client) and I also had to enable cross-user communication on the VPN. I just had to add the IP submet of the VPN to the allowed private network list. One last bit was to add an entry in the C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts file pointing the server name to the

Categories : Networking

Emacs how to use ssh tunnel to connect to remote MySQL
Take a look to 'sql-mysql-program' to "and 'sql-mysql-options'. You can bind the first to "ssh" and the second to "host mysql". If emacs does not insert 'sql-mysql-login-params' between them, you will be in the clear. If that is not the case, you need to create a script that just does "ssh host mysql" and then point 'sql-mysql-program' to that script. If you need to use both tunneled and not tunneled mysql connections at the same time, you might consider adding a new element to 'sql-product-alist' (something like "tunneled-mysql").

Categories : Emacs

How can I connect a PHP/Codeigniter application to a remote MySQL database via SSH tunnel?
I think my first attempt would be to create an ssh tunnel like this: my_dev_ec2# ssh -L 3306:localhost:3306 myuser@my_production_ec2 And then config the mysqli db to connect to localhost as if it was in the production instance.

Categories : PHP

send reports to remote sonar from dev@cloud jenkins through an ssh tunnel
SSH tunnelling is the way to do this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/access-your-mysql-server-remotely-over-ssh/ Sonar should not require any special adaptation, apart from connecting to localhost Couple of issues with this approach: I don't use cloudbees, so don't know if you have the required access for setup of an ssh tunnel. Performance... Sonar uses JDBC to talk to it's database and is very chatty. Even without SSH expect to see a serious degradation in the amount of time it takes to complete the Sonar step

Categories : Jenkins

Error unable to connect to remote server when upload file to remote server
Using the FTP protocol requires a dedicated FTP server software running on the remote machine. FTP cannot access network drives without it. If you just want to access files on your network, start with this SO question: Copying files to a mapped drive while user is not logged in (scheduled task) For security reasons, I strongly recommend a few steps before: a) Do not open root shares like C$. b) Create specific shares on your "remote" server, where you grant access only to users for that specific purpose. Further reading on FTP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Transfer_Protocol

Categories : Vb.Net

Connecting to remote tty using perl
If you can connect to the remote host via SSH, you can also get your Perl script to run on the remote host. Maybe as a daemon. Then each script talks to the devices via local ttys, and they could talk to each other over TCP or UDP sockets, using a protocol you define.

Categories : Perl

Connecting to a remote database from Azure Websites
Are you using the default MySQL Database from Web Sites? If so, could you be hitting an issue with the maximum concurrent connections? The default database allows up to 4 concurrent connections. If you want to upgrade to a larger database you can do so from the provider ClearDB

Categories : Mysql

Connecting to remote machine without username/password
You have to use interop to use the Credential Management API in .NET: http://www.microsoft.com/indonesia/msdn/credmgmt.aspx

Categories : C#

connecting to SQLSERVER database without remote connection
I guess I somehow need to force the other company to allow remote connection with us. Am I wrong? Very wrong, you hardly ever need remote connections to a database. An HTTP service in front of the database is the way to go. Would you otherwise hardcode the database credentials in the application you distribute and hope the T-SQL TCP port is opened for outgoing traffic in the user's firewall? since i dont know any of the table names this is nonsense Then ask them for a diagram. even if I write a .net web service or web application is it possible to publish it over an ftp? Of course, why not?

Categories : Dotnet

Connecting directly to remote MySQL database in iOS
You need to create a web service that will expose a set of APIs that are then use by your iPhone app to push/pull data. You may then choose to cache the data locally (on the iPhone) in a sqlite3 database. The most common data transfer formats are JSON and XML.

Categories : Mysql

Connecting to remote MySQL from local machine
I'm not sure why they would say not to add - that's the local machine, which means that people from the outside can't access it. So you have skip-networking turned on and you're connecting through a local UNIX socket? Are you sure it didn't say not to add anything other than Do you have SSH access? If so, you can easily use SSH tunneling so that you'll only have to connect locally with a command like ssh -L 3307:localhost:3306 -N yoursever.com Then you connect locally on your home machine to port 3307 (you can make this 3306 but you said you develop your database locally as well, so in that case you'd need a different port). Then the packets go through SSH and magically appear at the database, looking as though they had come from the same machine. The security th

Categories : Mysql

connecting a remote django app to postgresql on openshift
You can do a reverse port forward from OpenShift to your other server OR you can port forward from your server to the OpenShift server - but there is no direct DB access. Direct access would require exposing your database to the outside world and is generally considered bad security practice

Categories : Django

Glassfish, EC2, Swing Application not connecting to @remote interface
You should still be able to add an entry to your hosts file for your eIP - have you tried that? EC2 instances all have a public IP and a private 10.X.X.X address. The eIP replaces the public IP address and is fixed (until you disassociate it). The alternative with AWS, which will allow you to have a fixed private IP too, is to deploy to a VPC. Amazon have some very good documentation on VPCs. What you're getting, in a nutshell, is comparable to a local network, so you can just pick your CIDR block and create subnets, for example Now, when you launch an EC2 instance, you can launch into that VPC subnet and choose the private IP. Along with your eIP, you now have both IP addresses (public and private) set permanently, unless you decide to change them yourself (for whatever re

Categories : Java

Connecting to remote services from multiple threaded requests
Since memcached have syncronous protocol you should not write next request before you got answer to prevous. So, no other thread can chat in same memcached connection. I'd prefer to make thread-local connection if you work with it in "blocking" mode. Or you can make it work in "async" manner: make pool of connections, pick a connection from it (and lock it). After request is done, return it to pool. Also, you can make a request queue and process it in special thread(s) (using multigets and callbacks).

Categories : C++

Exception connecting to Remote Solr Instance (407 error)
HTTP code 407 implies Proxy Authentication Required, you need to set authentication information while making connection to server via HttpClient: httpclient.getCredentialsProvider().setCredentials( AuthScope.ANY, new UsernamePasswordCredentials(username, password)); solrServer = new HttpSolrServer(solrUrl, httpclient);//with credentials you may like to check similar discussions: Solr - instantiate HttpSolrServer with Httpclient Solr 4 with basic authentication

Categories : Java

Trouble connecting the cassandra database via remote access through JAVA
I could ping the machine. But I could not access the machine using telnet in windows. The servers is linux machine. Do you have any idea ? Your firewall is blocking off the telnet port and probably the rest of the ports cassandra needs. You need to add an exception telling the firewall to open port 9160 (the client port). 9160 is the only port you really need to have open unless you want remote jmx management etc. To add an exception to your linux firewall: iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 9160 --syn -j ACCEPT And if you want to save the state: service iptables save

Categories : Cassandra

Can I migrate remote SVN to local disk without exporting dmp files on remote server?
You can dump only latest revision range with the -r switch. svnadmin dump REPOS_PATH [-r LOWER[:UPPER]] [--incremental] [--deltas] and then you can load this increment in the new repository. Reference: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.7/svn.ref.svnadmin.c.dump.html Example: http://www.vioan.ro/wp/2007/07/31/dumprestore-for-subversion-repository/

Categories : Svn

Issues connecting to wso2 esb management console's features/services - esb version 4.5.1
First check, you have any data base connections,will that data base is shutdown. If it ok then, again go to the www.wso2.org then download the new zip file, and shift all services to that server. Check with data base woking or not, then start the server. Hope this will help you,any doubts let me know..

Categories : Wso2

Remote PHP Debugging with Netbeans and XDebug (remote server)
Remember you need to set the Path Mapping in the Debugger tab inside Netbeans Options. Another little big problem I was having when trying to connect from NetBeans remotely was the SSH tunnel. You have to creat it for the port xdebug will work on, 9000 usually. If you experience network problems for a moment, the tunnel might "break" silently and NetBeans will be stuck in the holy "Waiting for connection..." state. In putty, you can right click and Restart Session, but this won't work. You will need to close the putty window and re open the session for it to work again. Hope it helps!

Categories : Misc

Can I use the Integrated Security option in a connection string if I'm connecting to a remote machine that's not on a domain?
Integrated security will only work when the machines are on the same domain (or a different domain with a trust) this is because SQL server has to contact a domain controller to authenticate a windows logon, which it can only do if it is a member of a domain. Just being connected to the LAN is not enough as although the machine may be able to physically connect to the domain controller, it will not be able to authenticate users against it.

Categories : Sql Server

sqlsrv error while connecting to mssql server 2008 on windows 2003 server
Two ways to try, first to check if the Native driver has the right version - is your server really a 32bit Version and not 84bit? The other thing is, to check if the extensions are actually loaded. To check that, create a file like "phpinfo.php" and put it in you folder for .htdocs. <?php // show phpinfo file phpinfo(); ?> The easy way is to search for it in the phpinfo-Page with Ctrl+F and "extension=php_sqlsrv_53_ts_vc9.dll"

Categories : PHP

Batch File Connecting to Server and execute program install on connected server
Here's a little code to help you connect to the SQL server and interrogate the SQL version. @ECHO OFF SQLCMD /? > nul 2> nul IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ECHO.SQLCMD not found on this machine & PAUSE & GOTO :eof SET SQLCmdLine=SQLCMD -b -w400 REM use something like the next line for NT authentication; second line for SQL authentication REM for NT SET SQLCmdLine=%SQLCmdLine% -E -S "YourServerName" REM for SA SET SQLCmdLine=%SQLCmdLine% -U "YourSQLUserName" -P "YourSQLPassword" -S "YourServerName" SET Database=YourDatabaseName REM I will use NT Authentication for this example SET SQLCmdLine=%SQLCmdLine% -E -S "(local)" SET TestSQLCmdLine=%SQLCmdLine% -h-1 -d "%Database%" REM this will get the SQL version %TestSQLCmdLine% -Q "SELECT @@VERSION" | FINDSTR /v "rows affected" REM this will

Categories : SQL

permission and timeout issues connecting to local northwind database in C# entity data model
Found a suggestion here by Peja Tao. Maybe that will help. http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/8cdc71eb-6929-4ae8-a5a8-c1f461bd61b4/provider-sql-network-interfaces-error-26-error-locating-serverinstance-specified

Categories : C#

MySQL connection over SSH tunnel - how to specify other MySQL server?
Solved it! The thing was to connect to the correct server when creating the tunnel itself - should've seen that one coming. ssh -f user@ssh.example.com -L 3307:mysql1.example.com:3306 -N Then mysql -h -P 3307 worked as intended. :)

Categories : Mysql

Cannot pull remote repo (also permissions issues.)
It seems like git changing file permissions is causing the issue. Try git config core.filemode false in the remote repo (see this question for more info).

Categories : GIT

Creating remote Drb server (for use with pry-remote)
You can just use binding.remote_pry(host_string, port_number) In your code to bind on host different from localhost. And use pry-remote -s host -p port to connect to this host from another computer. But pry-remote opens only one listening socket, so your colleague can only has access if you are not connected yet.

Categories : Ruby

Facing issues while running remote java program through RSE pluggin in eclipse
I would fire up Wireshark to examine exactly what is going over the wire. As it is, you are flying blind in a snowstorm. With Wireshark, you might still be in a snowstorm but at least you won't be flying blind.

Categories : Java

Unable to make remote connection to Ms Sql Server 2008 R2 in windows 2003 server
MSSQL 2008 has a utility called a "Surface Area Configuration Manager" that actually blocks the TCP port to external network interfaces, by default. Check that out, and I'm betting it will solve your problem.

Categories : Sql Server

SMTP client returning "unable to connect to remote server" - Amazon SES server
There were three issues at hand: 1: The email address it was being sent from was not verified with Amazon, and neither was the recipient (verification of recipient only needed in sandbox mode) 2: The out port I was using, 587, is blocked by my company, which seems to be common practice 3: Using async can only be done when you specify the page uses async in the aspx "header"

Categories : Amazon

Server Code HTTp POST to remote server; Javascript API call
use the $ajax() function from jquery use urllib and urllib2 to access external resources from python. Call these libraries from within your view function Here's an example for the $ajax function: $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: '/htmlApi/sendSms/', data: { 'phone':'+12412354135', }, success: function(data){ $("#ajaxDestination").html(data); } }); here's an example of a view function that posts data to the remote server: def verify1(request): u = request.session['user'] u.phone_number = request.GET['phone'] u.save() apiUrl = "http://www.XXXXXXXXX.net/api/send.aspx?username=XXXXXXX&password=XXXXXX&language=1&sender=XXXXXX&mobile=" + request.GET['phone'] + "&message=" + 'ghis' + " is your verificatio

Categories : Javascript

after working in local server, how to move OpenERP on a remote server?
This is not a generally accepted way of doing customization in openerp. Ususally, you should make a custom module that implements your customization when installed on the OpenERP server installation. Are you using Windows or Linux? The concept here is to move all of the server addons files to the upsite server, including a dump of the database which can be restored on the upsite server. Here's how. First click the Manage databases at the login screen, Do a backup database and save the generated dump file. Install openerp o nthe upsite server (*major versions must match). Copy the server addons folder, and upload to the upsite server's addon directory. Restart openerp service. Then restore the dump file from your backup location. This is basically how you can mirror a "customized" open

Categories : Python

server code HTTP POST to the remote server - Django
Ajax CAN do cross-domain calls, but the other domain must allow you to do so by using CORS. However, if you really just need to reflect an external API from your own domain, you can set your web server to reverse proxy the relevant endpoints of the external API. This will be much more performant than proxying through Django. You can even use your web server to add authentication details into the proxied request. Apache Docs Nginx Docs

Categories : Javascript

creating pdf on server gives error : Unable to connect to the remote server
Ignoring iTextSharp for a moment, try this following code on your production server, obviously replacing the URL with your problem URL. using(var w = new System.Net.WebClient()){ w.DownloadData(@"https://siteurl.com/pdf/11111111.png"); } If this gives you an exception then your server is having a problem talking to the host specified. Sometimes, NAT/Firewall rules have problems using external resolution for internal resources. You might need to update local DNS or add an entry to a local hosts file to resolve this. If the above doesn't give you an exception let us know and we can troubleshoot further.

Categories : Dotnet

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