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Subversion (svn) repository on NTFS partition in Linux?

I would be hesitant to do this because, as you stated, NTFS partitions don't support Unix style permissions.

The Subversion repository directory is usually owned and can only be written to by the user who runs whatever Subversion server process is running. For example, if you're using Apache httpd, and you're Apache user is called httpd, the user who owns the repository is httpd and this would be the only user with write permissions on the files and directories.

A NTFS partition on a Windows box does have permissions set correctly because the Subversion server process would use Windows permission settings. A Linux server will have problems.

Also NTFS partitions are case preserving and not case sensitive, I don't know how this would affect the Subversion server process running on a Linux box. Again, a Windows Subversion server process would be fine with this. A Linux server may have problems.

Unfortunately, I can't say for certain one way or another. I've never tried it, nor seen it done. However, there is a post on the Wandisco Forum that covers this very scenario. The user was able to get around his problems, but I would be hesitant to say that all is beer and candy from then on.

Please say you're not doing this, so you can share a file:// protocol Subversion repository among multiple users. This is a big, fat no-no. Instead, you should at least run the svnserve process, and have users accessing your repository via the svn:// protocol. It's very simple to setup svnserve -- even as a Windows service. The only problem may be that port 3620 (The Subversion server port) is being blocked by your firewall or router.

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