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How to remove file permissions on linux from an external hard drive?
To make the partition accessible under Linux run: sudo chmod -R 777 /media/<drive-name>/ this should make the mac drive accessible for you. Changing ownership would do about the same, but you need not worry about it.

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Adding a new hard drive to xampp
If you want to sort of "span" the drive, Windows has this handy feature (similar to linux's symlinking) called mklink which you can create a folder in the current directory that is just a symbolic link to the drive. Quick and easy way to span it. I am not sure of any downsides to do doing this, other than if the drive letter changes (if external drive). That way you should not have to add or change any of your paths in the config etc. Not sure if that is what you were looking for, but hopefully it helps. Also, did you try your 3rd config you pasted? Did it not work? From what I can see, as long as permissions are fine it should work that way.

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Methods for tracking changes to hard drive
For realtime tracking when file or directory changes you can use inotify on Linux or FileSystemWatcher on Windows. Combine with rsync to get delta.

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Is there a way to read directly from the hard drive to the GPU
The GPU is not directly connected to the system RAM. There's a bus inbetween, in current generation computers a PCI-Express bus. ATA storage has a controller inbetween. There is no direct connection between memories. BUT there is DMA, which allows certain periphials to directly access the system memory through DMA channels. DMA on PCI-Express also works between periphials. Theoretically a GPU could do DMA to the ATA controller. Practically this is of little use! Why? Because of filesystems. Even if there was some kind of driver support to let the GPU access a storage periphial directly, it'd still have to do all the filesystem business, which doesn't parallelize to the degree as GPUs are designed for. Alas regarding your question: In my OpenGL program I read from the header file t

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how to shrink KVM hard drive image
Images can be sparsed, and your cp might not respect that for various reasons. I would: check the real file usage (du -sh vm.img or qemu-img info vm.img) use qemu-img convert -S to recreate a sparse image convert to qcow2 to have growing and versatile image instead

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Accessing a file on the server's hard drive
You cannot reach the file that is "above" the wwwroot folder by design. The way to do this is to a) copy the file there, b) setup a symbolic link (if on linux) or c) preferably, move / setup another web root folder. Alternatively, write a server script to dump the file contents.

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How to identify system hard drive using Win32_DiskDrive
The documentation you linked has the answer: string SerialNumber; uint32 Signature; Your management object will have those properties in it. If you're getting null for those values then the problem is that you're using a version of Windows that doesn't support them. SerialNumber ... Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP: This property is not available. In which case you have to use the Signature property, but this requires XP SP3 I believe.

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Unmount my external hard drive in bash
Searching for "Unmount Hard Drive Terminal" yields http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=842698 as the first result. >.> russlar provides a solution: open terminal, and run df -h. this will tell you all the hard drives mounted. then, run sudo umount /dev/something, where somethign is the name of the hard drive that you want to unmount. Nothing wrong with asking, but when a solution is on the first Google result, it's a little... odd.

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Remove files from a NetBeans project but not the hard drive
Solution working with Netbeans 7.3.1: right click on your project in the "Projects" window, click on "Properties", click on "Ignored folders" in the left panel called "Categories", click on "Add folder" and select the folders you want to ignore.

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Save Work Done In MS Word To A Database Not On A Hard Drive
The method you are using is extremely inefficient and I wouldn't recommend the process, but the reason that you code is failing is your length.... when you are saving your MemoryStream you are setting the length int len = Application.ActiveDocument.Content.StoryLength; but when you try to retrieve it, you are setting it int len = int.MaxValue; which would be far past the end of the data stream.

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Is three a way for a Chrome App to reach user's file on hard drive with permission?
Streaming can be done using HTML5 Video tag. Please check : http://html5doctor.com/the-video-element/ Also, you can use plugins like : http://www.videojs.com/

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Single git repo setup tracking multiple locations on hard drive
No, there is no mechanism in git for this. Git assumes that all files that it manages (the "working copy") live in a single directory (and subdirectories); there is no support for managing two separate directories in in repo. So you'll have to somehow keep everything in one directory, probably as subdirectories HTMLTemplates and theme or similar. You could use two git repos, but I'd strongly advise against this. A single repo should contain a whole "project", i.e. everything needed to build one piece of software (excluding things like external libraries). If you split your project across two repositories, you cannot usefully branch and merge (because you'd have to do it in both repos simultaneously), you cannot easily check out old versions etc.. To solve your problem, I see a few poss

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Change my current working directory in Python to my external hard drive.
You are correct. >>> 'E:CollegeProject3dlife-gc-2013-dataset-hhi3dlife-gc-2013-dataset-hhi' 'E:\College\Projectx03dlife-gc-2013-dataset-hhix03dlife-gc-2013-dataset-hhi' Double the backslashes, use forward slashes, or use a raw string.

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Python upload an Image form my hard drive and show it on a canvas wideget.
There's a handy module for that: tkFileDialog! import tkFileDialog tkFileDialog.askopenfilename() The function will return the path to the file for you and theres a variety of options you can set here

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My Apple MacBook hard drive crashed - provisioning profiles lost, is there a way I can still update my app?
Create a new certificate if needed then create a new set of provisioning profiles. Install the updated profiles and update your apps to use the new profiles. That's it. Not that big of deal other than spending 30 minutes redoing this stuff.

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How do I bind a WPF Image element to a PNG on the local hard drive using a relative filepath derived from a DB?
You need to use custom value converter to convert strings to images if you want to load files from the file system. Image.Source, when a string is passed, expects a file name from resources. You can find implementation of a such converter here: Display an image in WPF without holding the file open.

Categories : C#

Serial Communication gets back wrong answer when something is running in the background (like browsing the hard drive)
Note: serialPort.Write(string) is a non-blocking store into the output buffer. That means the following won't guarantee you've even finished writing your request before you stop listening for a response: serialPort.Write(request); Thread.Sleep(50); _shouldStop = true; You could add: while( serialPort.BytesToWrite > 0 ) Thread.Sleep(1); // force blocking but it's ill advised. One thing I'm wondering. There is only a single serial port here. Why do you want many different threads to work with it when you could manage the entire serial port interaction with a single thread? (Or at worse, 1 thread for input 1 thread for output) To me it makes a lot more sense to store up requests into a queue of some kind and then peel them off one at a time for processing in a single threa

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Need Apps Script to Copy a File(s) from my Local Hard Drive to a Google Sites Folder
You have to write an UI to that allows the visitor to the site to upload the file. See https://developers.google.com/apps-script/reference/ui/file-upload for an example.

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Windows: How to symlink drive to another drive?
No, mklink isn't going to do it for you. What you need to do is to create a virtual hard drive (VHD) and copy the client's data to it. (Or modify the export script, which is the best thing to do.) I used Windows 7 to test my instructions below. Start-> run-> diskmgmt.msc (accept all defaults... I'm not doing anything special below) From the menu bar select Action -> Create VHD Choose the location and name the file (which will be the vhd) and specify the size and click OK. Right click on the Disk # (underneath will be Unknown and the size and "Not Initialized"). Select "Initialize Disk" & click OK Right click on the black bar of the unallocated disk space and select "new simple volume". A wizard opens up an on the second page it lets you assign the drive letter. Complete the wizar

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Install multiple packages on linux (like pip install -r requirements.txt)
Put the list of packages in a text file(say test.txt) with package names separated by spaces, like this - python ruby foo bar then you can just install with apt-get like this - sudo apt-get install $(cat test.txt)

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Do i need to install mono on every Linux PC to run .NET application on Linux platform?
"can I run a mono application on a machine that doesn't have mono installed": no; the same as you can't run a java application on a machine that doesn't have java installed. And at the same time (to both): yes. There are tools that attempt to make this work, but they tend to be fiddly and a bit unreliable. However, it should also be noted that several (not all, by any means) distros ship with mono by default.

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[Qt][Linux] List drive or partitions
You need to use platform specific code. And, please, read the docs! Returns a list of the root directories on this system. On Windows this returns a list of QFileInfo objects containing "C:/", "D:/", etc. On other operating systems, it returns a list containing just one root directory (i.e. "/").

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Postgres ODBC Drive scripted Install
Use the stand-alone MSI installers from the psqlodbc download directory rather than trying to do the install yourself. It's easier than using the EnterpriseDB installer to install just psqlODBC. msiexec /i the_driver.msi /qn /quiet will do a silent install without displaying any user interface.

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How to Install Matplotlib Basemap Module on Windows 7 with WinPython (or any Python stack install)?
I use windows. And my installation failed with official guidance, too. Finally I installed Basemap using the following method. Although I am not sure if it will go right for you, I just offer mine. First of all, you must have pip in your computer. (It is much easier to install, compared with Basemap and other things. And it can be used to install many useful packages.) Then go this great link: http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/ And download the file named "basemap‑1.0.8‑cp27‑none‑win_amd64.whl". Remove the .whl file to directory "C:Python27". (Maybe you installed your python in different disk, then change it accordingly.) Open terminal. (Use cmd or Git Bash or something else.) Use command: pip install basemap‑1.0.8‑cp27‑none‑win_amd64.whl

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How can we use Linux from a small storage pen drive? Does it work on micro-controllers also?
I generally hear that LINUX OS can be downloaded on flash, pen drive (floppy disk?) etc. How > we can do that? If you can't get it to work on your own, you can buy a ready made Linux on a USB drive from a site like http://www.osdisc.com or http://www.cheapbytes.com Not all PCs, especially older PCs, can boot from the USB Drive. Even some newer PCs are beginning to ship with security features that can interfere with booting code. When it does work, you have to find out the proper way to boot the USB drive. You might have only a few seconds during reboot to enter the right key, or it will boot Windows (if Windows is installed). The key to get to the BIOS Boot Menu might be delete or escape or F10 or some other key (varies with PC motherboard manufacturer). A message on the screen

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Write C++ on Windows but use Linux System calls through a Linux emulator
You've already tagged your question with Cygwin. That seems like the best solution for what you want. Cygwin is basically a collection of programs which emulate a GNU/LInux environment through the use of a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API layer providing substantial Linux API functionality. Here's the link to the documentation for its API Edit: Most of the Cygwin source code that I've looked at is written in C++ and makes system calls using MS Windows API to do provide the *nix emulation. The source is well written and very readable (even to to a non-C++ programmer such as myself). I think using Cygwin would be a good transition from programming on Windows to a GNU/Linux environment.

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Having a hard time with Ruby on Rails on Windows 7
Any particular reason for going with Cygwin? It's not the answer you probably want, but a much easier way would either be using Rails Installer if you really need to be on Windows. The other free and useful option is to download Virtual Box, install it, and then install a copy of Linux. Linux Mint is a really easy distro, or the old standby Ubnuntu.

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How to get the total size of hard disk of Windows machine?
Look at GetDiskFreeSpaceEx(), which has an lpTotalNumberOfBytes output parameter. It is subject to per-user disk quotas, though. If you need the raw byte size of the physical disk, use CreateFile() to open a handle to the desired disk and then use DeviceIoControl(), specifying the IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO control code, to get the disk's total byte size.

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windows azure virtual machine hard disk backups
Azure attached disks, just like the OS disk, is stored as a vhd, inside a blob in Azure Storage. This is durable storage: triple-replicated within the data center, and optionally geo-replicated to a neighboring data center. That said: If you delete something, it's instantly deleted. No going back. So... then the question is, how to deal with backups from an app-level perspective. To that end: You can make snapshots of the blob storing the vhd. A snapshot is basically a linked list of all the pages in use. In the event you make changes, then you start incurring additional storage, as additional page blobs are allocated. The neat thing is: you can take a snapshot, then in the future, copy the snapshot to its own vhd. Basically it's like rolling backups with little space used, in the event

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Is there a way to avoid using hard-coded resw keys with the windows store app ResourceLoader?
You can use the T4 template below to automatically generate a C# wrapper around your resw file. This means you have no need to litter your code with magic-string resource keys to access translations from C# - all your keys are then known to be valid at compile-time, rather than run-time. The template generates the following code: internal static class Translation { public static ResourceLoader ResourceLoader { get; private set; } static Translation() { ResourceLoader = new ResourceLoader(); } public static string MyFirstString { get { return ResourceLoader.GetString("MyFirstString/Text"); } } } This is generated by the following T4 template: <#@ template debug="false" hostspecific="true" language="C#" #> <#@ assembly name="System.C

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How can I get the name of the drive on which the Windows is setup?
Press Windows + R Type cmd In the console, type set You can see the enviroment variables Probably you'll see something like SystemDrive So you can simply use System.getenv("SystemDrive")

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Git installation in USB Drive that works in both OSX and windows?
Use a normal git repo on the usb drive. Use UTF-8 as encoding for all the files to make sure that you won't get any problems with that Before you go to your windows machine, make sure that you have checked out the branch that you want to work on. Use the checked out files and work with them. Back at your mac, you can commit and push and do whatever you like. OR Use your smartphone as usb drive. If you have Android, you can install botbrew on it and use git on your mobile. With that you can do your git operations while at your windows pc.

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Read a .csv into pandas from F: drive on Windows 7
I cannot promise that this will work, but it's worth a shot: import pandas as pd import os trainFile = "F:/Projects/Python/coursera/intro-to-data-science/kaggle/data/train.csv" pwd = os.getcwd() os.chdir(os.path.dirname(trainFile)) trainData = pd.read_csv(os.path.basename(trainFile)) os.chdir(pwd)

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Auto formatting all drive in windows
You cannot delete or format the system and boot partitions from a running Windows. All other partitions can be deleted or formatted using diskpart with a script, e.g.: C:>type script.txt select volume 3 delete volume exit C:>diskpart /s script.txt Copyright (C) 1999-2008 Microsoft Corporation. On computer: FOOBAR Volume 3 is the selected volume. DiskPart successfully deleted the volume. Leaving DiskPart...

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C# "Inject" drive to Windows explorer
For those who don't have any bad intentions and to answer the main Question: Yes, there is a way to "Inject" a virtual Drive by using the Win32 API: [DllImport("kernel32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto)] private static extern bool DefineDosDevice( int dwFlags, string lpDeviceName, string lpTargetPath);

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how to install linux OS from iso
First question; Yes this is possible, you'll want to burn the ISO to a USB stick, then boot from your USB stick. Lubuntu will have an easy installation wizard from the live USB. Here's a great guide for it. Second question; You will not be able to do it directly with that CD, as having Vista as the main OS is a prerequisite for that CD to work. If you have a Vista installation CD laying around, then you can install that first, then do the Win7 upgrade.

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How to Install XMPP on Linux 32-bit OS
Yes you can install XMPP with any of of your favourite links you mentioned to understand how XMPP works A small overview is below and for more details you can see http://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc3920.html & http://ceit.uq.edu.au/content/how-xmpp-works-step-step XMPP is not wedded to any specific network architecture, to date it usually has been implemented via a client-server architecture wherein a client utilizing XMPP accesses a server over a [TCP] connection, and servers also communicate with each other over TCP connections. The following diagram provides a high-level overview of this architecture (where "-" represents communications that use XMPP and "=" represents communications that use any other protocol). C1----S1---S2---C3 | C2----+--G1===FN1===FC1 The symbols are as follows

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What is TCPMon and How to install it on linux?
TCPMon is a utility that allows the user to monitor the messages passed along in TCP based conversation. It is based on a swing UI and works on almost all platforms that Java supports.It has originally being part of Axis1 and now stands as an independent project. Download and Install on Linux: 1.Download the zip package from Apache TCPMon release 2.Go to you download directory and copy the zip file to your preferred destination 3.Open terminal and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the zip file 4.Type in the terminal "unzip tcpmon-1.0-bin.zip" and unzip it type "cd tcpmon-1.0-bin/build" and hit enter type "chmod 777 tcpmon.sh" and hit enter 7.finally type ./tcpmon.sh That's it

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How to install Tomcat7 in Linux
'Typically' tomcat gets installed at /usr/share/tomcat7/ on ec2, Put your app there. Hoping u r on ur machine, how can u access a public machine using "localhost"? Verify in server.xml that tomcat is listening at 8080 -unless you have changed it, it should be In security groups, for inbound add a rule to allow traffic at 8080, its disabled by default On your dashboard, after selecting the instance, get the public IP Use this IP to access your app (or just he default tomcat page)

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How to find default drive of windows using batch file
This is stored in the variable %SystemDrive% echo %SystemDrive% But you probably want to use %SystemRoot% instead which includes the drive and the directory: echo %SystemRoot%

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