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How to import multi-module project in IntelliJ IDEA?

You probably wouldn't be able to group them into one single project in idea but you could have multiple projects for sure:

in your project/Build.scala:


  val baseDependencies = Seq(
    "org1" % "dep" % "latest.integration",
    "org2" % "dep2" % "version"

  val modelDependencies = baseDependencies ++ Seq("org3" % "dep3" %

  val appWeb = play.Project("app-web", "1.0", baseDependencies)

  val appModels = play.Project("app-models", "1.0", modelDependencies, path
= file("modules/models"))

  val app = play.Project("app", "1.0", Nil).aggregate(appWeb, appModels)

In this case, you'll have a regular app called "app-web", a module appModels under modules/models without the project directory and regular confs like application.conf, and an aggregated app called "app".

When you start the play console you could switch to certain projects by typing "project (name)". For example you could type "project app-web" and then "idea" to generate the app-web project solution for idea. You can also switch to project "app" where all commands entered under it will be applied to all sub-projects.

For more, check the documentation here: http://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.2.x/SBTSubProjects

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