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Should simultaneous HTTP connections to a new HTTP 1.1 server create one connection or several connections?

If 2 HTTP requests are made to the same server at the same time from fresh, e.g. GET /image1.png

If the requests are made by the browser simultaneously (and there is no HTTP proxy server), then there will be two connections made to the server (unless http pipelining is enabled). Per the wikipedia article on pipelining,

Out of all the major browsers, only Opera based on Presto layout engine had a fully working implementation that was enabled by default. In all other browsers HTTP pipelining is disabled or not implemented.

Internet Explorer 8 does not pipeline requests, due to concerns regarding buggy proxies and head-of-line blocking.

Mozilla browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey and Camino) support pipelining, however it is disabled by default. Pipelining is disabled by default to avoid issues with misbehaving servers. When pipelining is enabled, Mozilla browsers use some heuristics, especially to turn pipelining off for older IIS servers.

Konqueror 2.0 supports pipelining, but it's disabled by default.

Google Chrome supports pipelining for HTTP in the stable release as a non-default option (starting with version 18). There is no support for pipelining HTTPS yet.[11] As of version 26, the flag to enable HTTP pipelining in Chrome has been disabled.

So, probably two connections.

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