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crossrider: store snapshot of bookmarks in local database and compare to current bookmarks list
Conceptually, you can achieve your goal by storing the previous bookmarks list in the extension's local database using appAPI.db.async, comparing it to the current bookmark list obtained using appAPI.bookmarks.getTree, and sending it to your API server using appAPI.request.post. You can use the following code in your background.js file as your starting point for handling the bookmarks lists and write your own comparison function (getChanges) as you require: appAPI.ready(function() { // Poll every 30 seconds setInterval(function() { appAPI.db.async.get('prevBookmarks', function(value) { // Load or initialize previous bookmarks list var prevBookmarks = (value) ? value : {}; // Get current bookmarks appAPI.bookmarks.getTree(function(nodes) { // Save

Categories : Javascript

What can I do that a SQL Server attached file can not delete from computer?
From the SQL side, nothing. The only thing you can do is restrict administrative access to the computer itself and set proper file permissions on the directory and files that the database resides in. If a Administrator user wants to delete your file there is nothing you, as a programmer, can do about it.

Categories : Misc

How Can I Return Exit Code To Variable On Local Computer From Script Run On Remote Computer?
I do it like this: invoke-command -session $Remote -scriptblock { mycommand } $remotelastexitcode = invoke-command -session $Remote -ScriptBlock { $lastexitcode } if ( $remotelastexitcode -ne 0 ) { "$remotelastexitcode" exit 1 }

Categories : Powershell

Programatically set the time server of a remote computer to match the control computer?
You might be better off using Group Policy to set the time server. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc779145(v=WS.10).aspx

Categories : C#

Running a jar in a computer java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError lwjgl.dll in another computer
This problem generally occurs when your jar trying to use native library of operating system.In windows it is "LWJGL.DLL". java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError occurs if the JVM cannot find this file. try to find the existence of this file in machine 2 where your jar file is not working and try to add them to path if they does not exists.

Categories : Java

Executing command ls from windows computer to linux computer
I'm certain you could do something with sockets and system calls, but it would probably be easier to use the built in facilities and/or programs available for each. If both are on the same network, you could run an FTP or SSH server program on the Ubuntu computer and connect to it via a FTP/SSH client, like PuTTY. Sending 'ls' through PuTTY would then yield what you want it to. OpenSSH vsFTPd

Categories : C#

Opening all bookmarks with a given tag at once in Firefox
Trying to answer the part where you want some pointers to create an extension for this, the best place to start should be here. If you don't want to go that route, you can always search for the tag you want, select all and "Open all in tags"

Categories : Firefox

Is it possible to create bookmarks on certain frames?
Open an .avs file in what? If you use AvsPmod, you can bookmark frames and jump between them quickly. You can also generate chapter files from bookmarks that you can then use in an actual encode (when muxed in a container like mp4 or mkv).

Categories : Misc

Clearing all DataSet Bookmarks
There is no way to bulk-delete Bookmarks for a TDataSet. You have to free them one by one. Side note: When using Bookmarks you need to be very careful, after any change (insert, update or delete) in the TDataset your bookmarks are not valid any more (often they will still work, but officially they are out of date and need to be refreshed).

Categories : Delphi

How does doGet() support bookmarks?
All the parameters of GET request are contained in the url so when you are requesting for a resource using GET request, it can be formed using request URL itself. Consider an example www.somesite.com.somePage.jsp. This generates a GET request because we are asking for a resource somePage.jsp. If you are asking for a resource, then it is the GET request. GET requests are used to retrieve data. any GET request calls the doGet() method of servlet GET requests are idempotent, i.e. calling the same resource again and again do not cause any side effects to the resources. Hence, a GET request can have bookmarks EDIT :- As suggested by Jerry Andrews, POST methods do not have the query data unlike GET requests to form the resource properly with the help of only url. Hence they are not bookm

Categories : Java

Workflow service - bookmarks not resuming
You are watching for files, you have to resume the bookmark when you see a file. Not quite. If the warning timer goes off, the other two branches in the pick are canceled so, your error timer would never go off.

Categories : C#

how to open all bookmarks of a folder using vimperator?
It can done by adding bookmark using any category, -folder or -keyword or -tag or -title Goto the page you want to bookmark. then, :bmark -tag tagname Now, you can open all bookmarks of a same category by :bmarks! -tag tagname

Categories : Firefox

iOS: How to keep track of the bookmarks the user makes?
It would make the bookmark by range. That way, if you want to bookmark by the contents of the entire page, you can save the range of the visible text (detailed here), or you could bookmark by a smaller selection of text. Either way, you'll be storing the bookmark in the form of a NSRange. Then when it comes time to jump to the bookmark, you can simply use UITextView's scrollRangeToVisible:. [textView scrollRangeToVisible:<#(NSRange)#>];

Categories : Iphone

Bookmarks float in Visual Studio
Resharper bookmarking system is really nice. You can create a bookmark by ctrl+shift+#(1,2,3 etc) then you can jump to it by pressing ctrl+# (Very handy stuff). About it being heavy, you should disable all resharper features, especially the intellisense stuff, autocomplete things, code analysis and all that. Maybe your work pc can handle it after all.

Categories : Visual Studio 2010

Powershell and Microsoft Word bookmarks and cells
As agreed in comments, there are some tips based on Word-VBA for active document. Hope this will help to make a step forward. Before A) to add information in the cell below cell where your storage bookmark is located: Sub text_to_cell_below_bookmark() ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("storage").Range.Next( _ wdCell, _ ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("storage").Range.Tables(1).Columns.Count _ ).Text = "your storage information in the cell below" End Sub After B) to add additional row below the cell with bookmark: Sub additional_row_below_bookmark() ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("storage").Range.Tables(1).Rows.Add _ ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("storage").Range.Tables(1).Rows( _ ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Storage").Range.Information(w

Categories : Function

get list of logged on users on remote windows computer from a list computer
It (csv file) should be formatted as follows: computername server1 server2 server3 'Computername' is the column name. This can be derived from the code snippet as the Foreach-Object refers to the ComputerName property.

Categories : Windows

Hg equivalent of "git log master..HEAD" when using bookmarks as lightweight branches?
Git log man-page (with link to Git revisions man-page) defines range specifications like that as follows: <rev1>..<rev2> Include commits that are reachable from <rev2> but exclude those that are reachable from <rev1>. It also say about order: By default, the commits are shown in reverse chronological order. Given this specification, the Mercurial revset reverse(ancestors(.)-ancestors(<bookmark>)) should be sufficient. On a closer look, this revset actually follows the specification down to the letter. It shows in reverse order the commits reachable from the current working copy's parent excluding those reachable from the given bookmark ("master" in your case). I consider Git's syntax a shorthand for this specification. You can do the same (creati

Categories : GIT

iOS iPad archtecture for vertically scrolling book app with bookmarks
I have created the same kind of e-book once, called Afili Lugat. My approach was using javascript method: element.scrollTop to get the scrollbar position and keep that position under a SQLite database with a name for the bookmark. For this e-book I struggled with font size because it was changeable. When a user changes the font size the scroll position was not correct anymore as the page length increases/decreases. So I was keeping the font size in the SQLite database. So I was loading the page, changing the font size and scroll the page to offset value that I was getting from element.ScrollTop using window.scrollBy(0,<offsetvalue>); Hope this helps. Uygar

Categories : IOS

Twitter Bootstrap Navbar Causing Bookmarks Not To Work
Reading your symptoms it was obvious that the problem was with duplicate ids on your elements, after checking your website markup I confirmed it, you used the same id attributes from your content in your affix nav list items, I don't think the ids in the affix are actually needed so just remove them and you should be fine. /*Remove the ids from the affix nav*/ <li id="biblical-studies"></li> <li id="career-discipleship"></li> <li id="discipleship-training-schools"></li> <li id="secondary-schools"></li> <li id="seminars"></li> <li id="summer-programs"></li>

Categories : Wordpress

How to access bookmarks from theme's Velocity template in Liferay?
Assuming that you have bookmarkId available in theme, you can use the following snippet in your velocity template of the theme #set($bookmarksEntryLocalService= $serviceLocator.findService("com.liferay.portlet.bookmarks.service.BookmarksEntryLocalService")) #set($target_bookmark = $bookmarksEntryLocalService.getBookmarksEntry(bookmarkId)) More info can be found in the following link http://www.liferay.com/community/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Access+to+Liferay+services+in+Velocity

Categories : Java

How do I programmatically access bookmarks in Opera and Mozilla browsers for android?
Yes you are right, it will give SecurityException as in manifest of Firefox this permission i.e. org.mozilla.firefox.permissions.BROWSER_PROVIDER is declared with signature protection level, and system will not grant this permission to your application since your application's signature is different from that Firefox signature.

Categories : Google Chrome

Document-scope, Security scoped bookmarks for file packages
I asked about this elsewhere and was told: ...we didn't implement support for it because it's complicated and there have been very few requests for it. So that's that, you can't create this kind of bookmark because it's not implemented. I also filed a bug with Apple but the response just quoted the docs at me (i.e. telling me stuff I already knew and had mentioned in my report) before closing it. So, as of now and probably for the foreseeable future, this is not possible.

Categories : Osx

Ping remote computer from another remote computer and get result back
According to Windows IT Pro (referred in Microsoft TechNet): PsExec displays the process's exit code and returns the exit code as its own exit code. So, your batch should work. Put ECHO ErrorLevel=%ERRORLEVEL% after PSEXEC ... just to get sure. To disable outputing, append >NUL 2>NUL or >NUL 2>&1 to PSEXEC ... command-line. Without /f as you used (where did you get it???)

Categories : Windows

Delete multiple rows by sql statement "delete from tableName" whereas TRIGGER "After Delete" had applied on that
Either set @roid=(select ReachOutID from deleted(nolock) where deleted.NotificaionType='reachoutlike') Or set CACHE_Reachout.LIKEcount= (select [dbo].[getReachout_Notification_Count](@roid,'like') ) where CACHE_Reachout.ReachOutID=@roid is returning more than 1 row of data. Raj

Categories : Sql Server

Bookmark Folder Manager (Creating folder in bookmarks)
You can ask the user to create a folder for you, and get the id for folder by using the uri: com.android.browser/bookmarks/folder . Note that I tried to change the uri to add a folder but it dod not allow me to, so you will need to ask the user to create it for you an then you can access it. Also there is no column folder in Browser.BOOKMARKS_URI so you will need to use the uri I gave above

Categories : Android

rails / bootstrap delete link issue: data-method delete not working
based on this answer Delete link sends "Get" instead of "Delete" in Rails 3 view I added <%= csrf_meta_tag %> in header, which fixed the issue

Categories : Ruby On Rails

MySQL PDO delete users older than 2 days, delete content from other tables with user_id
Ideally, you'd define things with a FOREIGN KEY constraint, and define an ON DELETE CASCADE, which automagically will delete all that related data for you. If that's not possible for some reason (stuck with a MyISAM table for instance), you could simply JOIN the related tables (yes, you can delete from more then 1 table at once). If it's your first time doing that, do it on a testdatabase, and certainly not in production.

Categories : Mysql

SQL Delete Request spend significant time in "Index Delete" even if it affects 0 rows
I've found joins to be much more performant that subqueries. Try this delete t from Entity t inner join Entity tt ON tt.Id=t.Id where t.Revision <= x and tt.Revision > t.Revision Also, ensure you have an index on Id and Revision.

Categories : SQL

Oracle delete query taking long time to delete the records from the table
The fastest way to delete the table might be DROP TABLE test_table command, and recreate the table using CREATE TABLE... command. DROP TABLE... will drop the table immediately. Well, actually it will move the table into recyclebin. You should PURGE RECYCLEBIN if want to completely remove the table. Other way to delete the data in the table is to use TRUNCATE TABLE.... This is a little slower than DROP TABLE..., however, much faster than DELETE FROM.... Since there's no way to rollback the data after you truncate the table, you should be careful when you use TRUNCATE TABLE.

Categories : SQL

Trying to delete members via a listbox - how to call my delete function passing the member's id?
When you populate the ListBox, place ID of the member as the value of the ListBox items using the DataValueField property. listbox.DataValueField = "id"; Then you'll be able to use SelectedValue to get ID of the member to delete. var memberId = Convert.ToInt32(listbox.SelectedValue);

Categories : C#

Delete a record successful, but it delete all records in the database in windows forms 2
You can do it like this example code: string query = "DELETE FROM [Record] WHERE ID = 9"; Or from some control for example: string query = "DELETE FROM [Record] WHERE ID =" + idTextBox.Text; Update for SelectedRow: deleteButton.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.DeleteRecord); private DeleteRecord(object sender, EventArgs e) { foreach(DataGridViewRow row in DataGridView1.SelectedRows) { int rowIdToDelete = row.Cells[ID].Value; using (OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(connectionString)) { string query = "DELETE FROM [Record] WHERE ID = " + rowIdToDelete; conn.Open(); using (OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand(query, conn)) {

Categories : C#

Delete a record successful, but it delete all records in the database in windows forms
You are removing the data grid row : (dataGridView.Rows.RemoveAt(dataGridView.CurrentRow.Index);) but you are not using any information from that row to create a WHERE clause in your query. You need something like `DELETE FROM tablename WHERE RecordName = 'RecordToDelete'.

Categories : C#

Form KeyDown event method for Delete key occuring on clearing textbox content using Delete key
One way of doing this is to check if the text control has focus. If it does, then go ahead and ignore the keydown press. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.containercontrol.activecontrol.aspx

Categories : Vb.Net

KnockoutJS: Delete multiple items using checkbox and one delete button
You can achieve this by adding new array to your vm for storing selected rows. Bind it to checkboxes using checked binding: function ViewModel() { var self = this; self.items = ko.observableArray(["One", "Two", "Three"]); self.selectedItems = ko.observableArray(); self.deleteSelected = function () { self.items.removeAll(self.selectedItems()); self.selectedItems.removeAll(); } } ko.applyBindings(new ViewModel()); <div data-bind="foreach: items"> <input type="checkbox" data-bind="value: $data, checked: $parent.selectedItems" /> <span data-bind="text: $data"></span> <br/> </div> <input type="button" value="Remove Selected" data-bind="click: deleteSelected" /> Here is an example: http://jsfiddle.ne

Categories : Javascript

Why is "local delete, incoming delete upon update" of a directory a conflict?
I started digging in to this, and I think it may come from the fact that SVN is not entirely sure whether the delete is a simple delete, or actually a move (a copy, and a delete). From the documentation, it states: Because a move in Subversion is implemented as a copy operation followed by a delete operation, and these two operations cannot be easily related to one another during an update, all Subversion can warn you about is an incoming delete operation on a locally modified file. This delete operation may be part of a move, or it could be a genuine delete operation. So it sounds like to be safe, SVN warns you instead that you should update. Of course, it could ignore the delete "conflict", and simply copy over the newly moved folder, but I think some metadata may perhaps be los

Categories : Svn

Delete all foreign key data on delete of primary or vice-a-versa
If you are not able to use FOREIGN KEYS (ie using MyISAM tables) I would create a TRIGGER for this. Example for first one below ... you will need to make one for each table that's cascading. DELIMITER // CREATE TRIGGER `pDeleteTrigger` BEFORE DELETE ON `PrimaryTable` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN DELETE FROM `SecondoryTable` WHERE NEW.`p_id` = `SecondoryTable`.`p_id` END // DELIMITER ;

Categories : PHP

Gradle delete task failing with "unable to delete file"
It sounds like JIRA issue Gradle-2244 : Unable to delete file/directory, and then a subsequent clean will succeed. From the last comment: After some research, it appears that this may be due to a bug in the Windows JDKs (incl IBM). Ant uses a strategy of forcing a GC after a failed delete and then waiting a small amount of time. Given that this appears to be a successful strategy for Ant, we have adopted it. This issue is marked as fixed in version 1.1-rc-1. Presumably the behaviour you observe is "the fix", which a workaround for a JDK bug. So I'd guess that this behaviour may occur in later versions of Gradle.

Categories : File

Delete button not returning correct values to delete query
If i understand correctly you will have n (n being number of records) declarations on the hidden field id. This will probably only take the last one. So to get this working, you need to make sure the correct hidden field is selected. Either add this to the delete function, of create fields with the id incorperated.

Categories : PHP

Mysql before delete trigger, prevent delete if no where clause?
That's really a mistake a developer should only make once... but, here's the correct fix if you believe it needs to be system-wide. No cleverness required. (Also, triggers in MySQL are FOR EACH ROW so the answer to your question is "not really" although you could hack it with clever use of a session variable or two). MySQL has a system variable called sql_safe_updates. mysql> SET GLOBAL sql_safe_updates = 1; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) Disconnect and reconnect so your session picks up the new global value. mysql> delete from t1; ERROR 1175 (HY000): You are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without a WHERE that uses a KEY column When using the command line client, you can temporarily enable this setting just for your session w

Categories : Mysql

Delete multi level in cakephp ( chain delete )
All the model records that are associated with Branch can be deleted by using $this->Branch->delete($id,true); I think if you want to remove the deal records on deleting of branch records then your model Branch should be associated with Deal model. Just try to add like this Branch Model var $hasMany =array( 'Dealbranch' => array( 'className' => 'Dealbranch', 'foreignKey' => 'DLB_BR_ID', 'dependent' =>true ), 'Deal' => array( 'className' => 'Deal', 'foreignKey' => 'your_foriegn_key', 'dependent' =>true ) ); or you may try like this Update: According to your requirement here Deal is child of Dealbranch and Dealbranch is child of branch your model associations should be like this. deal b

Categories : PHP

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