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VBA code crashing Excel if closed early

For non english languages, you could use .FormulaLocal or .FormulaR1C1Local. Developer reference says "Returns or sets the formula for the object, using R1C1-style notation in the language of the user. Read/write Variant".

However, I strongly recommend not using the above, as it will mean it won't work if the macro is run on a different language version. Instead, better practice is to use English in conjunction with .Formula and .FormulaR1C1. This will still open as French in a French version, as Excel automatically displays formulae text in the relevant language.

For example: (I use "FALSE" only as an example - the below is true for formulae too like "=SUM(A1)", and of course, if you really want to set a boolean value then please don't use string "TRUE"!)

ActiveCell.Formula = "FALSE"

Ok - Locale independent - This will be a FALSE boolean value displayed as FALSE in English and displayed as FAUX in French, but in both cases it is a Boolean value

ActiveCell.FormulaLocal = "FAUX"

'Bad - Locale dependent! - This will be a String "FAUX" if the macro is run on an English version, but a boolean FALSE if run on a French version

ActiveCell.Formula = "FAUX"

'Locale independent, but probably not what you want - This will be a String "FAUX" in all languages

You should not hard-code referring to a sheet by something like "Feuil1". This is just a string name, and Excel will not adapt for the User's locale. Instead, when you add a new sheet, immediately assign it to a worksheet variable, then use that.

For example:

'Bad: it might work if the workbook is made on a French version
but it won't on English and vice versa
Worksheets("Sheet1").Activate 'also bad

With Worksheets.Add
.Name = "Results"
End With
'or (for use outside a With block)
Set resultsWs = Worksheets.Add

As for the rest - I am afraid I do not know what your question is. It is probably crashing sometimes because you are using lots of cut/copy - if it is a very large worksheet or with lots of formulae that recalculate each cut/insert this will take a long time. Unless you need intermediate calculations, disable calculation and screen updating at the start and only re-enable at the end (using Application.ScreenUpdating = False, and Application.Calculation = XLManual)

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