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How to reset DOM state to the initial state (when page was firstly received?)

Because how JavaScript works (objects are not copied but passed by reference) initial_state var has just stored the reference to the DOM document. When the DOM document is updated your initial_state var will reflect those changes because it's just a reference which is just pointing at the DOM document, and not an object "on its own".

To obtain a copy of an object which is a "real" object and not just a reference to the first object, you need to clone.

If you use jQuery you can clone by using extend function

// for simple cloning
var initDoc = $.extend({}, document);

// for deep cloning
var initDocument = $.extend(true, {}, document);

If you are not interested in using jQuery.extend() please take a look this related question on cloning object in JavaScript.

Most elegant way to clone a JavaScript object

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