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Concat video files of different resolutions using FFmpeg

For merging videos you need to work with the same resolution, you should scale the 640x480 video or compress the 1280x720, it is up to you. I would recommend you compress the bigger one it is faster.

Moreover, for merging videos you need a media file with audio and video part. You can create a silence audio with the same duration of your video and after you can add it to your video. Videos should be merged with audio.

ffmpeg -ar 48000 -t 60 -f s16le -acodec pcm_s16le -i /dev/zero
-ab 128K -f mp2 -acodec mp2 -y silence.mp2

ffmpeg -i video_without_audio.mpg -i silence.mp2 video_to_merge.mpg 

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